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Unforeseen: Not felt or realized beforehand; unexpected.



Chapter 1: The Lord's Favorite


"Come on Eric! Go! I dare you!"

The young man sent his friends a dirty look. "Are you nuts? I'm not going there! It's the creepiest place in town!"

Indeed, the dilapidated building on the piece of waste ground always looked haunted, even during daytime. Worse was nighttime, though. How did he let his friends goad him into coming here again?

A cat screeched somewhere and he jumped in fright, his friends still laughing despite their own unsure faces. "Shut up guys! This isn't funny anymore! I feel weird!"

One of the other boys looked at him as if he had a second head. "What're you talking about, man?"

Eric shivered. "I feel as if someone's watching us, in the shadows, I mean. Don't you think they're moving strangely?"

"Eric, man, there's nothing wrong with the shadows. Do you need your head checked? Look." The unsupportive friend walked a little further to a tree's shadow and stuck his hand in it. "See? There's nothing in the- ARGHH!"

The others first thought he was joking but then they started to panic.

"Something's holding my arm! I can't take it back!"

The apparently real struggle made the others flee in fright, the boy Eric screaming "I told you this place was haunted!"

Whatever was holding the last adolescent by the arm quickly relinquished its hold and he ran away after his comrades, not even looking back to see what could have frozen his arm like that.

Everything stood still for a few moments and then the shadow lengthened, split in two and receded, leaving behind two deathly pale, yet oddly beautiful men. The one with glistening dark brown hair snorted in contempt. "Stupid humans. I thought they'd never go away."

His blond haired companion stayed silent and walked up to the decrepit building, leaving the other to cuss and follow. As soon as they stepped on the threshold, the powerful illusion vanished from their gaze and in the ruin's place stood a large mansion-like structure with an ancient yet sturdy air.

The brown haired being whistled as the other pushed the doorbell. "He certainly doesn't spare any expenses for his parties, doesn't he? But this place isn't as wild looking as ours back home."

The blond rolled his eyes in disgust at his –companion-. "That's probably because he has more style, class and tastes than your master."

"What was that? You stupid little French bat! I oughtta-!"

"Tais-toi, imbécile! Quelqu'un arrive à la porte. Je ne veux pas me faire renvoyer chez moi avant même l'avoir vu. Quelle honte ce serait pour moi! Ugh, les Américains…"

The door opened slightly and while the brown haired man bristled, he kept his silence.

A pair of dark eyes belonging to one huge looking doorman gazed at them shrewdly. "…Yes?"

The blond rasped his throat. "We would like to see your Master concerning a letter he received not too long ago, if he is here?"

"Is he expecting you?"

"No, but I believe he would not make us leave when we come from so far away just to speak with him."

"Do not presume to know what my Lord would or would not do!" The doorman grunted nastily but let them step inside, however reluctantly. "Follow me. Do not touch anything. Keep your thoughts to yourselves and we will get along splendidly."

The American Vampire hissed at the bulky guard but otherwise kept his mouth shut as instructed. He wasn't in his territory, so better not anger the Englishman. The duo of visitors could hear muffled music through a set of reinforced double-doors but they weren't lead there, but upstairs instead.

They stopped in front of a carved wooden door and the doorman just left them there, going back to his post.


Both sent each other a look and they pushed the door open, holding themselves with a little more poise. After all, their actions reflected on that of their own Masters, and they would not make fool of themselves in front of the Vampire Lord governing over England.

He stood tall, his back to them, showing thigh long silver hair clasped in a low ponytail, an indication of his lengthy years spent on this Earth. Turning around from the window, they found his face to be deceptively young and handsome looking. Both emissaries couldn't help but shudder imperceptibly when they dared a rapid gaze directly in the older Vampire's eyes: they were like pure onyx, with no discernable pupil. All in all, he really was striking, even to another Vampire's eyes. They bowed low.

"I can already guess the reason of your visit. You have probably already guessed my response. After all, my lack of reply to both your Masters' letters must have spoken by itself. So why bother sending emissaries to trouble my peace?" His voice flew to them like sweet honey, calm and collected.

"Lord Gabriel, this is no small matter! Whoever is leading this pack of Werewolves is moving quickly and made considerable damage in the Vampire ranks. My Masters Castor and Pollux already lost several of their best guards and some muggle villages they were governing over were completely destroyed. It was a massacre! No one was spared, even the children." The French emissary pleaded in perfect English.

The silver haired Vampire turned to the window again, his face unreadable. "Then why are Castor and Pollux asking for my help? This is France's matter, not mine."

"The pack moved too fast and changed territory altogether, Lord Gabriel. They are now wreaking havoc in the United States and somehow they learned to hide from us very well. We can barely detect their presence."

"Yes, and attempt at tracking them was another disaster. We arrived too late. They attacked a small village under my own Lord's protection and ransacked it completely. Some people are reported missing. There was blood everywhere; we had to burn the whole place down just to hide the evidence from prying muggle eyes. We were able to track them a little this time because of the scent of blood until they washed in a river farther up. But one of our Seers saw a small town in a vision; Forks is the name and probably their next destination, if not it still plays a role in this matter. So if we can anticipate their arrival…" The American stopped, hope in his voice.

"Again, why should I lend my help? Aren't two Vampire clans enough to get rid of the menace?" The Lord watched their reflections in the window.

The blond one bowed his head. "Quite frankly, sir, we have no idea what we're up against. There hasn't been a war between Vampires and Werewolves in France nor in the Americas for quite a few centuries, now. But you have dealt with stray Werewolves here in England the last few years. In fact, the largest concentration of Werewolf clans is found here in England, so my Masters believe that this menace comes from your country. With all due respect, Lord Gabriel," The French Vampire added when he noticed a slight twitch in those dark eyes, "At least we should try to identify the Werewolf Leader and if he doesn't come from England, we shall leave you and yours alone."

The next moment was spent in silence, the atmosphere thick as they waited for a verdict. "I have to speak with someone first before I agree to this."

Music blared to life as soon as the Vampire Lord opened a second set of doors leading to an indoor balcony. The duo looked down from the ballroom where roughly a hundred Vampires danced the night away without a care in the world. The watched as the Lord glided down and maneuvered easily through the parting crowd where an individual danced alone without anyone touching him.

He was a small figure, small by their standards, with long dark hair. As the person was about to turn around the Elder was already in front of him, starting to dance sensually to the music's beat with his partner. A few words were exchanged, they couldn't hear because of the loud music, but apparently whatever was said displeased the other because he let go of the Lord and stopped dancing.

Gabriel quickly caught up as the young man was about to leave and said something else that made the boy finally nod with a droop of his shoulders. The Lord hugged, actually hugged!, the other and with a few steps and a jump he was back in the messengers' presence.

The duo caught intense green eyes looking up at them before their owner disappeared behind another door downstairs.

"You can tell your respective Masters I will be there in two days time with a guest. I'm assuming they put up a temporary shelter in this town so I expect to have a private wing for both myself and my guest, no questions asked."

They bowed low. "Your conditions will bet met, Lord Gabriel. Thank you for your support in this matter."

The same doorman silently reappeared behind them and as they looked back the silver haired Elder was already gone. "Come. I will bring you back to the entrance."

"Tell me," the American began as they set off, "does your Master have a mate, or perhaps a pet? Because we saw him talk to and hug a boy on the dance floor, and he acquiesced to go only after talking to whoever it was."

The guard sent him a look from the corner of his eyes. "Ah yes, he's the Master's favorite, but not a pet nor a mate. More like a cherished friend. But he's human, mostly."

"A human! In here with Vampires! And he's not getting bit?"

The reply was a dry but amused chuckle. "You either didn't see him fully or you don't know British history. If the Master doesn't kill whoever touches Him first, He will."

"What? A human, kill a Vampire?"

The French Vampire's eyes widened slightly. "Un Sorcier?"

He got a smirk in return.

"But how could a Master like Gabriel become friends with a Wizard, of all people?"

He received no answer for they arrived at the main entrance. The door was opened for them. "Just prepare whatever was asked of you."

Then, the door closed and they were left on the front porch, the illusion covering the building again.

"Je n'en reviens pas."

A snort. "You can say that again."


Two days later, Gabriel and his protégé were ready to go. "You packed everything you need?"

His answer was a sigh and a quiet "yes."

Gabriel stepped behind the Wizard and gave him a one armed hug. "Harry, do you really wish to stay here? I won't say no if this is what you truly want."

"No, it's okay. Getting away from Britain will do me some good anyway. I just didn't think I'd be stuck searching for Werewolves again. I thought It'd be over with what happened with Greyback and all…" he stopped, voice wavering slightly.


The sun of a bitch that had killed Remus in the final battle.

Dear, gentle, caring Remus. His last link to his parents, and his last chance to finally have a resemblance of a family.

A family.

He almost snorted. He thought he had that for a while when he was still recuperating form his severe wounds at the Weasley's house. But when Ginny pressured him too much and he kept refusing her advances, she'd snapped and said it was expected of him to marry and have children to continue the Potter line and that everyone already expected them to be together, Molly agreeing to her daughter's statement.



He'd had enough of this word to last him a lifetime. He apparated away, even in his deplorable condition, only to reappear Merlin knows where in front of an old Manor, bleeding everywhere before he lost his grip on reality and lost consciousness.

That was how he came to be under Gabriel's protection. Granted, he almost became Vampire food before the Lord hissed a command to his blood-driven subjects to leave his bleeding form alone before he picked Harry up himself and cared for him until he woke up again.

From there on out they learned to trust each other and now Harry lodged within Gabriel's home, enjoying the Lord's parties a few times a week. Dancing took his mind off of things, especially morbid details of his past. The Yule ball had been a disaster, but this was different altogether. He hadn't set foot in the Wizarding world since.

He missed Hogwarts, greatly missed it, but the comforting presence of the Elder Vampire kept his mind away from such matters. His face was probably stamped on all the newspapers but he didn't read the Prophet anymore with all the rubbish they published on him in the earlier years.

Now he found himself going to the United States of all places, and looked up to his friend's amused face. "…What?"

Gabriel's lips quirked up. "Done daydreaming?"

"Sorry. I got lost in the past again."

Gabriel waved it away and summoned a gigantic shadow before urging the Wizard to hang on to him tightly. "I know where we will live for the next few days or weeks. It will be easier to just Shadow Jump than take a muggle plane; just hold onto me, I will do the rest."

Harry nodded and watched the shadow wrap around them until it gobbled them up and he could see nothing else than darkness. When he reopened his eyes and Gabriel finally let go of him, they were in a lavishly decorated room leading to two separated bedrooms.

"That was fast. Aren't you tired? We did travel a long way in mere seconds." Harry voiced his concern.

The silver haired undead shook his head. "Only an Elder can do such a feat. A fledgling would probably kill himself or stay stuck in the shadows forever if he tried. Though I must admit I wouldn't do that twice in one day. It is most taxing. You must be tired. Choose a bedroom and go rest. I will go meet the other Lords to be debriefed on the current situation and I'll come back to tell you what's going on."

Harry nodded. "I'm taking the bedroom on the left. I'll see you in a couple of hours, then."


Everyone stopped talking when they heard him enter. The guards bowed and gestured to a seat in front of the other Elders and then they left the room.

"Gabriel, it's been a while. I wish our reunion would have taken place in other, more pleasant circumstances, though."

Gabriel nodded to the dark haired American Lord.

"Asmodeus, how are you?"

The American's lips quirked up. "Good, considering what's happened in the last few days."

Gabriel sat down and watched his comrades. Asmodeus appeared as young as ever, even if he was only a couple centuries younger than himself. Castor and Pollux, the twin Lords of France, nodded to him and stayed silent. These two were part of a small handful of Vampires older than the British Lord.

"Oh?" His curiosity was piqued. "Have I come too late?"

"Un peu, oui. The renegade Werewolf pack attacked a tribe of native Shape-Shifters living in this area." Castor began, his voice sinuous.

"They killed two and gravely injured another before escaping. But we think they are still in the area, hiding in the dense forest surrounding this town." Pollux finished, his voice more rough than his brother's.

"There's more, isn't there?" Gabriel asked after a few seconds of silence.

Asmodeus nodded. "Yes. As main reigning Lord over America it is my job to know of everything that's going on in all the states. Now, we might have a little bit of a problem. Not only do native wolves Shape-Shifters reside here, there is also a small coven of Muggle Vampires living on the other side of town."

"And they're not killing each other?" Gabriel was mildly surprised there. He knew of the Muggle Vampires governed by the Volturi in Italy but had never encountered one before. Most of the Vampires in Britain were Magical ones.

"There's the problem. They did create a treaty hundreds of years ago and were relatively able to live in separate peace but…"

"They're blaming the Vampires for the attack, right?" The silver haired man finished.

Asmodeus nodded. "We were able to calm them down once we met them and quickly explained the situation but I must admit it didn't go that smoothly. We have to thread carefully; they don't like having other unknown Vampires on their territory."

"Are they magical?"

"Non, I don't think they quite know what we truly represent and what we meant by Werewolves. They like to think they are, but aside from the shape-shifting ability I didn't sense any real magic in them. They aren't true Werewolves," Pollux added. The French Vampire took a sip from his drink.

Gabriel sighed and sat back more comfortably in his chair, massaging the bridge of his nose. "And the other Vampires? What did they say about all this? Did they contact the Volturi?"

"Those bastards in Italy? They might already know of this but they know not to interfere in our matters. We are, after all, their betters. But I was rather surprised at the reaction of the Patriarch of this little coven. He was somewhat eager to help, if a little wary at first. His…children weren't so forthcoming at first but he did manage to calm them down. All he wants is for the peace to come back between the clans and for the killings to stop. He doesn't truly realize what's happening either, I think."

"Thank you Asmodeus. Now all we need to know is who is leading this uncontrollable pack. We might need to have a look at the victims."

Pollux snorted in a very humane way. "It's good enough that they're tolerating our presence in this town, now you think they'll let us have a look at their dead pack members? Us, Vampire Elders? They don't even tolerate the resident Vampires on their territory."

Gabriel smirked victoriously, as if knowing something the others knew not. The other Lords looked at him apprehensively.

"Gabriel?" Asmodeus started, "What are you thinking about now?"

"Oh, they'll let us have a look at their dead, don't worry. They won't have any other choice if they want to know who actually did it. Wolves are very protective over their pack members, be it Shape-Shifters or Werewolves. And whoever said WE would be the ones looking at the victims?"

Castor spoke up, his voice soft like little bells chiming in the wind. "You seem to know a lot about Werewolves' habits. Wouldn't this have anything to do with your guest, who, from what I smell on you would be a Wizard?" He inhaled strongly. "A –powerful- one at that?"

Something clicked in the others' eyes and they followed Castor's example. "Hm, a young one, too. Smells really sweet. But there's a mixed aroma in it, like Werewolf and Vampire, too. What the hell did you do?" Asmodeus was shocked.

Gabriel shrugged. "He was part of a Werewolf's pack before said Werewolf was killed in the War against Voldemort. He somehow ended up half-dead on my doorstep and to help him heal faster I gave him some of my blood to drink. I figured if anyone could handle an Elder's blood it would be him. Harry was never like everybody else."

Castor groaned and put his face in his hand when he finally realized. "You brought Harry James Potter, of all people, here?"

Gabriel smirked when he heard Asmodeus cuss in shock.

Pollux shook his head, but smiled. "Only you, Gabriel, only you. But I've wanted to meet him for a while now. I think he most certainly isn't like the other Wizards I've crossed path with."

"I'll be happy to tell him that. Now it's getting late, gentlemen. I will retire to my quarters. We have a meeting with the Shape-Shifters to plan tomorrow-"

"And with the Cullen clan, too. I doubt they will like to be excluded from this," Pollux quipped, "after all, the safety of their secret is also in jeopardy."

The four Lords shook hands while they continued to think about their plan of action.



-"Tais-toi, imbécile! Quelqu'un arrive à la porte. Je ne veux pas me faire renvoyer chez moi avant même l'avoir vu. Quelle honte ce serait pour moi! Ugh, les Américains…" Shut up you idiot! Someone's coming at the door. I don't want to have to go back home before seeing him. How humiliating this would be for me! Ugh, Americans...

-"Un Sorcier?" A Wizard?

-"Je n'en reviens pas." I don't believe it.

- Un peu, oui. A little, yeah.


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