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Chapter 5: A Lesson Well Learned

Harry, to Edward's amazement, didn't react to the sudden threat. Instead, what he glimpsed from the others face revealed nothing more than an expected meeting. "To whom do I have the honor of talking to?"

The Wizard got a sharp poke in the back in response, which made the Vampire growl in warning. The long knife resting against Edward's neck brought forth a few drops of blood, which both surprised and angered Edward. Never had such an ordinary looking weapon been able to cut through his marble like skin before.

"Silence, Wizard! We have observed this Vampire's coven for many years now and never have they discovered us. In response we have never felt the need to threaten them out of our territory. So explain to me how you dared to allow him, a mere regular Vampire, the gift of Magic-Sight? Now he will tell his family and they will start to hunt magical creatures on our own territory!"

Harry winced then the spear at his back poked him again but he reacted quickly and turned his head to look behind him. One good look sent the Centaur reeling back, the spear at his side once more. "Well, well, isn't this a surprise?"

Harry smirked slightly and wiped non-existent dust from his clothes. "I would be much obliged to answer if you could release my Vampire friend here. I promise he will not be a threat to you or to your lifestyle." Harry said while gazing straight at Edward's golden eyes.

The latter nodded seriously. "I won't abuse the gift that was given to me in an act of trust. My family has lived off of ordinary animals for years and our lifestyle isn't going to change because of this."

The sharp knife slowly retreated and Edward could now look behind him. His eyes widened at the huge humanoid creatures, 'Centaurs', his mind provided, in front of him.

Harry stepped beside him and gazed more calmly at who appeared to be the leader of this herd of Centaurs. "I'm sorry to have intruded on your territory without asking you first, but you must know the main reason why I'm here."

The leader stroked his small goatee while the others behind him made themselves comfortable, while sometimes stealing a glance or two at the Wizard in wonder.

Harry was somewhat taken aback by how calmly they were acting compared to the Centaurs of the Forbidden Forest. Maybe it was the contrast between the level of darkness present in it. Here, hardly anything seemed to be a menace and before today nothing had come to disturb their peaceful ways; before Harry gave a Bitten Vampire, a dark being, the gift of Magic-Sight.

"I have a strong idea about the reason of your presence. It's not everyday anyone has the honor or the misfortune to be in Harry Potter's company, especially since you had disappeared from the Wizarding World for quite a while."

"And it's not every day that a fallen foe suddenly comes back to life to mock me after I thought him dead for good."

The Centaur sneered. "Fenrir Greyback is indeed the lowest of the low. Consider us allies, but I will not endanger my herd for nothing."

Harry nodded with a small smile. "I didn't need as much; only for you to warn me if you see him or hear anything about him."

"This I can do. Anything to rid our forest of his presence. It seems our problem is settling up just fine." The strong half-being walked up to Harry, towering easily over the small Wizard, and offered his hand to seal the unwritten agreement.

Harry shook it confidently while Edward stayed very silent and observed everything around him with a keen eye, deciding that in a moment like this it was better to keep his mouth shut.

"We have a deal, then. I am Nikolaos but you may call me Nicholas. Everyone here does except the Elders, my Sire was pretty old fashioned."

"Call me Harry, then. It's nice to know I'll have a few spare eyes to look around for any sign of Greyback." He motioned for Edward to come, which he did without losing a beat. "This is Edward. If ever I should not be available, know that you can rely on him to pass on any messages." The Vampire bowed his head and nodded. Nicholas acknowledged him and they parted ways.

Once they were left alone, Edward rasped his throat, trying and failing miserably to look at anywhere but Harry. "So…"

"So…" Harry repeated, amused by the Vampire's sudden shyness.

"Well, are you hungry? It's dark outside, way passed supper time."

Harry waved his wand and the time appeared in red lettering. "Hm, I am a little hungry. What do you propose we do? You don't eat human food so I guess I should head back to the Headquarters."


If Edward could have blushed at his outburst he would have. He calmed himself and continued. "We can go to a restaurant. I'll just say I've already eaten."

He could have invited Harry to his home, Esme would have been ecstatic to cook him something with the food they kept in the house as decoy, but he wanted to spend more time alone with the wizard before having to share him with his inquisitive family. Call him possessive but he felt as if he had to prove himself to the green eyed young man in front of him.

Harry smiled. "Alright then. We'll do what you want."

Edward turned around and motioned for Harry to get on his back once more. The wizard did so, highly aware of how gently Edward seemed to hold his thighs, almost as if afraid to hurt him. He found it quite endearing and squeezed the Vampire's shoulders in return, putting his head right against those hard muscles near the other's neck. Edward shivered in want and barely held himself from turning his head to kiss the human senseless. "Hold on tight now."

Harry nodded silently and they were off.

"Is this the place?" Harry looked around the quaint looking restaurant and Edward nodded, taking the others hand in his and opening the door with the other.

"Yes. It's not usually very crowded, so we'll have some privacy at least, and the people aren't as nosy here than at the town's diner." He led Harry to a table far back and they both ignored the few people who ogled at Edward Cullen for actually taking someone out to eat, alone without his family.

"Wow, I guess you're a rare sight in this part of town, Mr. Cullen." Harry teased but sat down as Edward pulled out a chair for him.

Edward, feeling a little daring, bent down to Harry's eye level and put a hand on the other's back, whispering breathlessly in his ear; "You're the rare sight here, Mr. Potter. I must say I don't quite like the way they are thinking of you, even if most things are true."

Harry's heart almost jumped in his throat and he whispered shakily back, looking sideways straight into the Vampire's smoldering dark golden eyes; "and what are they thinking about me that you would find true, Mr. Cullen?"

Edward's hand that was lying innocently on Harry's back felt so good all of a sudden. And his eyes, Merlin, his eyes. They were almost burning a hole right trough his.

Edward approached Harry's form as close as he dared in a public place, close enough to actually feel the other's heat against his cold body and his shaky breath on his face. Harry was nervous, nervous and excited and breathless…all because of him! Edward Cullen! The Vampire almost shook in want and momentarily closed his eyes to savor the moment.

"They say you are beautiful. And mystifying. And kind. And amazing. And sexy…"

"Oh?" Is that what they think of me?" Harry's eyes lowered, becoming a very dark shade of green. "Or is it what you think of me?" he whispered, gazing surreptitiously towards Edward's lips, a move which the suddenly hungry Vampire didn't miss. But he wasn't hungry for blood.

Edward closed the distance between them slowly, so agonizingly slowly! and was about to touch his cold lips to Harry's pink ones when someone behind them rasped their throat. Edward quickly stood upright with amazing grace and let out a barely repressed growl before he took the menu from the prying waiter. "We'll call for you when my…friend will have decided on what to eat."

The waiter knew a dismissal when he heard one and quickly made himself scarce. Something in Edward Cullen's eyes meant serious harm to his person in those few seconds of interaction.

Harry rasped his throat and quickly took the menu as Edward moved around the table and sat down. He gripped the plastic menu with force, trying to calm his poor heart from beating at a hundred miles per hour. The only other time when he actually felt elated and free like this was when he went out to fly with his Firebolt.

Edward stayed oddly silent for the rest of the time. His eyes, Harry noticed, had darkened quite a few shades since their banter. Edward would have to feed again soon.

But the silence was comfortable and Harry quite enjoyed the pasta he had ordered and the bickering that ensued between them over who would pay the tab, which Edward won, to Harry's great annoyance, when the Vampire used his speed to slap a few bills on the counter covering both the tip and the charging price. Yet he quickly forgot about it and laughed in joy as soon as he got on Edward's back again, running at impossible speed towards the Headquarters.

They arrived way too soon to Edward's opinion but it was worth it just to see Harry laugh out loud. When the human got his bearings back silence ensued between the two of them. "I had a great time, Edward. Thank you for tonight." Harry finally said softly.

Edward wrangled his hands together as to not suddenly take hold of the poor boy but that didn't stop his feet from carrying him even nearer the other. "You're welcome, Harry. I hope there will be a next time." He answered with a low and possessive growl.

God! What was it about this young man that made him become such an uncontrollable beast? And not in the blood-sucking way, though that would also be delightful. He turned around before he lost control of himself and was about to walk down the porch's large staircase when Harry called out to him.

"You never did answer my question!"

Edward looked back at him with a raised eyebrow as if saying "which question?"

Harry fidgeted, a small rosy hue taking over his cheeks and a devilish but shy look crossing over his features. "About who truly was finding me beautiful, mystifying, kind, amazing and…se-" he breathed out and didn't have any time to finish his phrase when Edward growled and slammed him against the door, taking care to put a hand behind the human's head less he fractured his skull at the impact.

Harry saw stars for a few seconds and he looked up at Edward's face just as the other's bent down. Their lips brushed for a few moments and they parted. They gazed into each other's eyes in complete silence for an agonizingly long minute before Edward crushed their lips together once more, dying to get a better taste of heaven.

The hand that had been holding the back of Harry's head fisted carefully but strongly in his messy black hair and Harry did the same, trying to get a better hold of Edward. His legs were shaking so much he didn't think he would be able to stand for much longer. Somehow Edward felt this and wound his other arm around the Wizard's waist, holding onto him dominantly so that their bodies were snug against one another.

As soon as Edward felt an opening he licked his way inside the other's heavenly tasting mouth and took complete possession of him. Harry's legs finally buckled from under him and only Edward's hold on the Wizard prevented him from falling on the porch. He whimpered into the desperate kiss, his hands clinging to Edward, and it was that sexy little whimper that got Edward his bearings, or part of them at least, back. He laid one last lick on Harry's sweet lips and made sure the other could stand on his own –with a big sense of pleasure, at that!- before he let go and backed away less he did something they would both regret this early on in their relationship.

Harry was leaning with his back touching the door and his heavy gaze landed on the Vampire's equally smoldering one, disappointed and yet thankful that Edward found the will to pull back. "I…" He tried to brush his hand through his rebellious black locks.

Edward painfully smiled even as his eyes took on a very black hue. "Will I see you tomorrow?"

"I don't know…Depends on what the Lords have decided upon…Probably…I hope so…" he finished, hope lacing his words.

Merlin, and here he had hoped to take this, whatever this was, slowly! Who was he kidding? That one kiss had sealed the deal. He couldn't even describe it. It had felt like flying, like living, like dying, like finding something thought lost forever, like finally finding the last piece of the puzzle, like…like finding his purpose in life.

Unknown to him the same thoughts were rapidly running through Edward's head. "Alright. Have a good night, Harry."

Harry closed his eyes, savoring his name passing through those domineering lips. "Good night Edward. Say hello to your family for me and be sure to feed enough."

When he reopened his eyes Edward was gone but he smiled to himself, knowing that the Vampire had heard him and would do as asked.

When Harry opened the door he was met by the American Lord Asmodeus. The Elder grinned lasciviously and gave him a look-over, making a show in inhaling loudly. "Hm, someone had fun today. Don't you smell lovely this evening! But it seems the little Cullen boy didn't satisfy you fully. I could…take care of your problem for you, little green eyes. It would be my pleasure."

Asmodeus glided beside Harry and bent down to inhale at Harry's uncovered neck. He found himself at wand-point not two seconds later, and with a set of glowing green eyes looking up into his own. The Vampire laughed and backed away when sparks started to shoot from the Wizard's weapon.

"Oh, such a shame, then. I would have loved to play with you. Maybe later, yeah?" He disappeared in the shadows without letting Harry any time to reply.

The other few Vampires who had witnessed the display parted way for the angry Wizard who went upstairs to his quarters. "Bloody Asmodeus!" He muttered, waving absentmindly at a passing Pollux, who also inhaled sharply as soon as Harry walked by him.

Gabriel was in their small living room when Harry entered their private quarters. Not a lamp was lit up; Gabriel didn't need the light to see perfectly and anyway, the moon's shine was illuminating the room through the slightly open window. Harry sat down in a huff on the comfy couch and by his muttering Gabriel deduced he had had an encounter with the boisterous American Lord… And apparently someone else as well, if the lust he smelled coming from the Wizard was anything to go by.

His eye ticked. That Cullen boy moved fast, a little too fast for his taste…but if Harry liked him that much…At least the heir had the decency to stop himself before whatever was between them could go further and out of control, like actually biting Harry in their tryst. He'd have to have a talk with that Childe about this little biting problem. Maybe try to find a solution. Biting could be such a pleasurable act, especially during mating, he didn't want to deprive Harry of this amazing experience.

Harry was still innocent, untouched and unmated. If he hurt his protégé in any way he would make Edward Cullen pay dearly for it. Oh, Harry had already known physical pleasure courtesy of himself during a few feedings but he had never touched the Wizard even if it was sometimes too tempting. He'd caressed the boy sensually of course, he was a Vampire ergo a sensual creature, but he had never strayed to the young hero's most private places; this privilege was reserved for Harry's chosen mate. 'Lucky Cullen boy'.

He got out of his musing and got up to take a hairbrush on a nearby table and sat back down beside Harry who had, by now, finished his ranting. He startled the youth by taking him by the waist and placing him in his lap effortlessly, back facing his de-armored torso. "You had a rather busy evening, I gather. Your smell is overpowering. I take it Carlisle Cullen's first Childe made quite a strong impression on you."

He knew Harry was blushing prettily even if the boy was facing away from him and, to relax the atmosphere, he started to brush Harry's long hair.

"Hmm…" Harry closed his eyes while the Vampire Lord worked his magic on his hair. He so loved it when Gabriel paid attention to him like that. It was most relaxing.

"I gifted him with magic-sight when we went into the forest near the school. We met the Centaurs and everything went according to plan. Then he took me to a nice little restaurant in town…"

"So, had fun with the little Wizard?"

Edward scowled when he was met with Emmett's boisterous comment first step into the Cullen household. His dark haired brother snickered at Edward's tight lipped expression. Then, the muscled Vampire took in Edward's nearly black eyes and whistled, making the others come into the room. "Wow, he really did test your limits. Didn't you feed not too long ago?"

Edward merely shrugged.

Carlisle lifted his son's chin to get a better look at his eyes, his face set in worry. The heir shrugged his face away from his father's grip; Carlisle's concerned voice sounding in the back of his head.

"Yes, yes, I'll go feed later. Don't worry about me." He answered the silent question.

Carlisle and Esme shared a relieved look and the mother hugged her son. "I'm happy you finally found someone, dear. I hope you'll invite him to dinner here soon! I would like to get to know him better if he's to be part of this family!" she chirped, Alice nodding enthusiastically behind her. Jasper was simply content in thinking about the fact that the Wizard's smell didn't activate his bloodlust like it did when he was around ordinary humans. Rosalie sniffed but didn't think anything particularly bad about Harry, contrary to all the negative mental debate she had when Isabella was around.

No one, bar Emmett's previous jeer, of course, commented on the faint smell of lust, his and Harry's, still present on Edward's skin. Poor Edward had finally found someone worthy of all the love he had to give, they weren't about to pester him until he cracked, and knowing Edward's rather short temperament he could be gone for days if they pushed him too much, even months, before he decided to come back home.

"So, how did it go in the forest?"

Alice's question brought all eyes on the golden haired Vampire. Edward's eyes, usually so aloof, started to shine with life. It momentarily startled the rest of the family. "We went deeper into the forest because he wanted to show me something after he put, what did he call them again?...ah yes, wards around. He put his hands over my eyes and did something…and then I could see everything!"

Rosalie's perfectly shaped eyebrows swam up. "Edward, we're Vampires. We already have perfect eyesight." She drawled.

No one really paid attention, though.

"No, no. He did something to my eyes; he called it magic-sight. Apparently the other world, the magical one, has protective shields and wards all over the place. There are things hidden even in plain sight, even from us. I actually got to see a Unicorn! And Centaurs! They were so huge…"

Alice's eyes shone in excitement as he told his tale. Jasper was literally beaming from all the positive emotions in the room so not even Rosalie's skeptic eyes bothered him. After a while Carlisle pushed Edward out so he could go feed. The rest of the family dispersed and went to do their own things. Esme wanted to continue a painting she had started a few weeks ago, Carlisle had a few reports to write for his job, Alice and Jasper went back to their room and Rosalie and Emmett copied the aforementioned couple after the gorgeous blonde pushed the television's remote control out of his hands.

The night was silent.

Edward licked his lips and got up from his bent position over the now drained mountain lion. He breathed in slowly, now calm after a good feeding, and couldn't help but replay his day again in his thoughts.

When he opened his eyes again he was almost surprised to find himself standing a couple of meters away from the same front porch he left a few hours ago. Apparently, lost in thought as he was, his legs still worked perfectly. His brain just hadn't caught on to the fact that he had run here as soon as he'd started to think about the wizard.

'Well, might as well try to find his bedroom…Just to see if he's okay,' he justified in his head.

There were no Vampires other than him around, which he thought was strange, but the mansion was probably very well guarded against ill-intended intruders. There was a couple of lights open on the main floor and only one on the second. Jumping up a tree and feeling like a wayward kid by doing exactly what he had done when he was with Bella, he spied inside the lit up room, careful about not being seen.

The window was closed so fortunately he wasn't going to be discovered by scent. He scowled when he saw Asmodeus milling about in the room. Not in the least interested in the American Lord and his nightly rituals, he was about to jump down in disappointment when a movement two windows on the left caught his attention. There was no light in the room except for the moon's glow and he changed branches to get a better look through the slightly opened window.

He swore his heart jumped out of his ribcage when he finally saw who he had been searching for. 'Harry…' His beautiful little Wizard was sitting comfortably on Gabriel's lap, retelling the day's events with a smile as the Vampire Lord brushed his hair tenderly, sometimes humming to something Harry said.

Edward bit down on his lips to quell the horrible jealousy he felt at their connection; how could he feel jealous when all Harry talked about was their outing at the restaurant and how nice Edward had been, and how gentlemanly he'd acted? The beast inside him hummed in satisfaction and in his elation he shifted slightly to get a better look at his intended.

However, this slight movement, combined with the soft wind shifting his scent around, unknowingly brought his presence to Gabriel's attention.

Edward did vaguely notice Gabriel's hand stopping for a few seconds but quickly restarted to brush Harry's hair as if nothing was wrong. Edward almost swore and slid into the shadows. He stopped breathing. But Gabriel never once looked up and his facial expression did not change. The Cullen heir relaxed and continued to watch the precious moment, confident that he would not get caught sneaking around when he had no true business here. 'Not yet, but soon…'

He made sure his thoughts were completely mind-reader proofed, not that they weren't before, and he continued to brush his protégé's dark locks.

'Daring little Cullen heir…Brash Childe overstepping his boundaries, sneaking around, spying through windows at night to get a glimpse at happiness.' Gabriel thought as soon as he smelled the intruder outside.

He did not once look up and continued to patiently listen to Harry's love-induced words. Yes, even if Harry didn't know himself yet, he could clearly hear the love in his voice as he talked about Carlisle Cullen's first son.

'Maybe I should teach him a lesson…while also teaching him about what he's missing and what he could have if we find a solution…But first let's make him suffer a little and watch as a true Magical Vampire brings pleasure out of this little green-eyed wonder. Show him that what he thought would be enough to be completely happy isn't, and what is thought to be good can become mind-blowing.' Gabriel reflected deviously.

He gave a few more brushes to Harry's dark locks before he put the hairbrush aside.


The Vampire shushed him gently and started to knead his shoulders and neck. Harry all but collapsed against him and let out a small moan of content, to the Vampire's pleasure. "You're always so tense, my young friend…let me help you with that," he breathed out in the Wizard's ear. He worked those sore muscles until Harry let out a groan that, if he didn't have that much self control, would have tented his pants. Having the boy completely molded to his front wasn't helping in the least but he managed.

Edward, on the contrary, had to put a fist in his mouth to quell his jealousy and the lust-filled growl that wanted to come out.

After finding and smoothing out the knots in the youth's shoulders Gabriel started on his arms, and then his hands. Harry was, by now, complete putty in his hands and he couldn't help but lick a sensuous path from his shoulder blades, up his neck and nipping on the unresisting boy's ear. The moan that came out of Harry wasn't one of content anymore, but of desire.

Harry couldn't help but think about what happened back on the porch with Edward and his hard-on came back full blast. Gabriel noticed and smirked against the youth's neck, breathing on it softly. "I know what you're thinking about…It's painful, isn't it?"

A small incomprehensible moan was his answer. "Want me to take the hurt away?" He teased.

Harry snickered softly. "Is this your subtle way to tell me you're hungry?" He laughed then moaned as the Vampire nipped his neck sharply in response, but without breaking skin. "Cheeky little boy…Tell me you want it…"

Harry wiggled in his hold and Gabriel had to concentrate on the actual act of breathing to get his mind out of the gutter. "Little tease! Tell me…" But Harry stayed silent. He changed tactics and started to massage the young man's legs, starting from his knees and slowly, very slowly, going up his thighs. Harry let out a small whine and Gabriel stopped him from wiggling this time with a firm hand.

"Argh! Damn you!" He moaned. "Bite me!"

Not really knowing if it was a permission or an insult but not caring in the least –hey! It was what he had wanted to hear!- he licked a path down the desirable neck and bit down.

Harry choked on a gasp and moaned loudly, coming in his pants in seconds, back arching beautifully, eyes shut tightly in bliss, fisted hands shaking...Just trying to hold onto something as his world shattered.

Gabriel let out a purr as he started to drink his companion's lifeblood and stared right out the window where he made immediate eye-contact with a very surprised Edward. He smirked in his mouthfull as the Cullen heir disappeared as quickly as the wind and then his eyes rolled in the back of his head as Harry sagged against him and he got drunk on the powerful Wizard's blood.

Edward ran. He ran as if the devil was on his tail just to get that image out of his head. It didn't work, though. It was burned there forever. He suddenly stopped, taking in a mouthful of air as if his very existence depended on it. He couldn't help it.

Gabriel had seen him.

And Gabriel had proven his point.

He was left panting and jealous. Incredebly jealous. Not so much of Gabriel, Edward had spied on them and he got what he deserved for it, but of the gift the other Vampire had in the ability to control the bite and making the youth feel this way.

Just by looking into the other's ageless eyes he knew the other appreciated Harry too much and wouldn't touch him more than that. This had been a lesson. A lesson that Edward still couldn't lay with Harry yet. Oh, they could make love, of this he was certain, but it just wouldn't be enough, wouldn't be complete. He needed, yearned for the ability to bite Harry. They just had to find a way.


Back in the moonlit room, Gabriel let go of Harry's neck with one last lick and took the limp boy in his arms. He put him in his bed and slowly proceeded to peel his clothes off, clean him gently with a wet cloth, and then dress him in a pair of soft pajamas.

He couldn't help throwing one last look at the sleeping boy, the corners of his mouth lifted in amusement. He only hoped Edward would keep quiet about what happened. If Harry somehow got wind that the Cullen heir had seen him get bitten by Gabriel and coming all over himself in abandon, he would be mortified and then curse Gabriel's balls off in retribution.

Gabriel mused that if it happened, it would be totally worth every painful minute of it.


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