Kurt's ears rang at the loud noise of the bowling ball colliding with the pins at the end of the lane. Blaine cried out loudly.
"Another strike!"
Kurt rubbed his temples and tried to look annoyed, but he could feel himself grinning from ear to ear. Though the loud, obnoxious setting of the bowling alley gave him a massive migrane, and he knew the slice of pizza he'd just eated hesitantly would go straight to his hips, he knew that he should be happy. He and Blaine were on their first real date, complete with a hug when Blaine picked him up and hand-holding over the cheap Formica table top at which they ate the greasy bowling-alley pizza.

Kurt's thoughts were interrupted by Blaine's voice.
"Kurt? It's your turn, Kurt!" Kurt stood up and walked towards the lane. Kurt hated bowling. He hated the noise, he hated the bacteria-covered bowling balls, and most of all, the hideous shoes. If it had been anyone but Blaine who suggested going bowling, he would have laughed in their face, and directed them to the nearest shopping mall. Kurt picked up a small yellow ball daintily and tip-toed up to the line, to avoid any embarassing falls in front of Blaine. He swung back slightly and dropped the ball onto the wooden lane with a deafening thud. The ball bounced once and rolled slowly into the gutter. The ball stopped about a third of the way down the lane. Kurt felt the blood rush to his cheeks. How embarassing. While Blaine had been throwing strikes all night, here was Kurt, not even able to get a gutter ball.

Blaine laughed and walked towards Kurt. He put an arm around Kurt's waist and chuckled.
"Having a little difficulty?" He asked teasingly. Blaine looked around to make sure none of the bowling alley employees were watching, and quickly dashed towards the yellow ball in the middle of the lane. Kurt smiled at his swift and sophistocated style of running, but before he could comment, Blaine slid across the polished wood and fell straight onto his behind.

Kurt couldn't help but to laugh. He walked slowly out to where Blaine lay on the lane, both the boys laughing hysterically now. He held out a hand as Blaine struggled to get back onto his feet. He was almost standing upright when his left foot gave out, and he fell back down where he began, this time taking Kurt down with him. Normally Kurt would be mortified at such a public display of embarassing behaviour, but laying on the ground with his limbs tangled with Blaine's didn't seem so bad.

After a few long moments of laughter, both boys were able to get back onto their feet. Standing on the centre of lane #2 and still chuckling, Blaine caught Kurt's eyes. As Kurt looked into Blaine's deep brown eyes, time seemed to go in slow-motion. When Kurt felt Blaine's smooth lips touch his, he completely forgot all of his surroundings. The crashing of balls colliding with pins, and the electronic beeping of a nearby pinball machine slowly dissappeared. Kurt knew that this was supposed to be his first kiss. Not a cute but dumb blonde girl who had root beer flavoured lip gloss and kept trying to touch him. Not some Neanderthol who smelled like sweat and pencil erasers, pinning him up against his locker and smashing his lips against Kurt's. Just this.