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Begins in the plane during chapter 22 of New Moon

Rome to Atlanta.

I sat in the large leather seat of yet another first class trip. I was unhappy with the amount of comfort that was being given to me. I didn't want to sleep. I couldn't sleep. I had to stay awake. There were a multitude of reasons why I didn't want to fall into a restless sleep. Firstly, Edward was safe. He was back, what that meant I wasn't certain, but he was here, with his arms around me. This also meant that Alice was safe, and I would be returning home to Charlie, however angry he would be at me leaving with only a note to sate his worries. Second, I was terrified that if I closed my eyes, nightmares would plague my already crazed mind. The last few days had exhausted me physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I asked the stewardess for a coke I was met by a disapproving gaze from Edward. I just shook my head and told him my fear. He let it go.

There were a million questions running through my head that I didn't know what to say. I could hear Alice on the phone behind us, speaking most likely with Jasper, but it was so quick and muted that I couldn't make it out. Alice and I had left Forks in such a haste I didn't know what I would be returning home to. In fact I hadn't known if we'd even be returning. However, here we sat on the returning flight from Italy. I was trying to calm myself down enough to stop the tears that had refused to stop falling since I broke down in the Volturi hall. Luckily it was somewhat working, be it my will power, or I had cried myself dry, I wiped the last tear from my heavy eyes. I looked up at Edwards face for the first time since leaving that horrid place. He had dark purple circles around ink black eyes.

"Are you alright, Bella?" he spoke his voice laced with concern. I just stared back at him listening to his voice. My memories and imagination had done no justice to his or Alice's voices or features what so ever. I smiled a weak smile and replied "I'm fine, now. You look thirsty. Are you alright?"

"I've felt worse." He shrugged "I'm more relieved than anything else." He spoke gently now. "Bella, I'm so sorry. I feel like such a fool if I hadn't"- I cut him off.

"Edward, please don't blame your self for this. This is not your fault. If I had not jumped off that cliff Alice would've never had that vision, Rosalie would have never told you I'd died, and you would've never gone to Italy. If it's anyone's fault it's mine. I'm sorry for not thinking clearly. Things have just been sort of…difficult." I winced at my lame excuse for why I jumped in the first place. I had not been intent on killing myself that day, I just wanted that memory, or illusion or whatever it was, to greet me again. However I didn't think I'd ever tell him that. He looked at me with sad eyes but we didn't speak anymore.

Hours passed and we landed in Atlanta we rushed to the gate for our connection to Seattle. Making it on time, due to the two vampires tugging me along, we took our seats. It was still a late night flight but a slightly more crowded plane, Edward sat to my left and Alice to my right. They started speaking quietly and quickly, I wasn't sure about what, because by this time my eyes were starting to close and I was comfortable between them. I pulled my feet up to my chest and shifted so my back was pressed up against Alice and Edward held my hand firmly. I then let sleep take me over as their musical voices lulled me into a dreamless sleep.

I was jarred awake by the plane touching down. I noticed they had moved me so I was now sitting up, but Edward has his arm around my shoulders. I looked up into his onyx orbs and he stared back.

"We're here." He spoke softly then looked to Alice. I turned my head and saw her staring out the window at the cloudy day. She turned her head to me and gave me a weak smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"I never thought I'd be so excited to see so many clouds and so much rain." she spoke gently. I was about to ask her what's wrong when the pilot came over the intercom.

"Welcome to Seattle, those of you moving on with us to Vancouver, Canada please remain seated and have your passports ready for the flight attendants to check over. Those of you making your final stop, thank you for choosing American I hope you enjoyed the flight."

We waited for those getting off to do so. Then Edward and Alice rose at the same time with me following a few clumsy seconds after. We got off the plane and entered the bridge to the terminal. I shivered slightly at the change in temperature from Atlanta and the plane. I hadn't thought about needing a coat being far too wrapped up in other things. Edward looked at me worriedly; not wear a coat himself. Alice looked at me and took off her coat and handed it too me. Both Edward and I shot her a thankful look she simply gave me another sad smile and nodded.

When we reached the terminal there were a few people waiting in the line to board the plane and head to Vancouver. Edward put his arm around my shoulder and began to steer me around the families and businessmen and women alike. I looked around to see where we were going and only noticed that both he and Alice had their gaze set in one direction. I followed it and only saw the crowed. We continued walking and Alice started picking up the pace impatiently, Edward and myself shortly behind. That's when I saw them. The five concerned statuesque faces of their family.

Carlisle looked the calmest; however he visibly relaxed as his eyes set on our trio. Esme still looked tense as we neared them, and when Alice reached them she enveloped her daughter in what would have been, a bone crushing hug for a human, but was merely motherly affection for Alice. When they let go Edward and I were standing amongst them Carlisle gestured to a more seclude corner of the terminal and the family moved quickly. There were far less people here and it was a little more dimly lit. There were only a few people in seats out of earshot whom were, as I surmised, sleeping.

As soon as we had moved, Esme then gripped Edward in the same bone crushing hug as Alice. Then Carlisle did the same to each of them. After Esme and Carlisle hugged Edward both their gazed shifted to me and Esme gave me a, slightly less dangerous, hug, Carlisle doing the same. When I looked over at Alice I saw that she was standing with Jasper's arms around her shoulders and she leaned into his embrace. I looked away from the sight quickly. I looked back to Carlisle as he began to speak.

"I am so pleased that the three of you have returned unharmed." His voice was as smooth as it ever was with no betrayal of his calm exterior. 'Words seem to fail me as of this current moment. There are some things we shall need to discuss, I'm sure, however that can and will wait." He turned to face me at this moment. "Bella, thank you. Thank you so much for bringing Edward home safe." He said and I felt if he could he would be crying right now, as the emotion shone in his warm golden eyes.

"We cannot express in words or by any other means of thanks, exactly how much we appreciate you bringing Edward and Alice home." This time it was Esme who spoke. I felt my mouth drop open at the sound. Her usually tranquil voice was breaking with emotion that would not fall from her eyes. Not only that but the words themselves, as they sunk in, made no sense to me at all.

"Huh?" was my brilliant response. I knew I looked similar to a fish with my eyes and mouth wide. I was shocked. How could they be thanking me when all of this was my fault to begin with? I was just about to voice this when Carlisle spoke again.

"I'm sure you don't feel as if you've done anything to help Bella, but understand this, had you not gone to get Edward, had you not been the one to stop him, both of my children, and your life for that matter, would have never again seen past the walls of Volterra. I'm sure one of them told you this?" he said as I studied his face that held nothing but honesty and thankfulness. I still stared at him dumbfounded.

"How-I-I mean…" I started but I was having some trouble with finding the right words, "How can you be thanking me? I don't understand. If it weren't for me, for my brilliant idea to take a header off a cliff, none of this would've happened. You'd all still be living your lives somewhere else. I don't get it, please don't, don't thank me. I don't deserve it." My words rushed together in a loud whisper as my strained voice wouldn't allow for more. Tears started stinging my eyes as I looked at the faces of every one of the Cullens. All of them had the same thankful expressions on their faces, with a myriad of other emotions mixed in, depending on the Cullen. That's when I noticed Rosalie, looking down at her feet. She out of them all, Esme included, looked the absolute worst.

She looked like if she had the ability she would be sobbing like I was earlier. Her face was sullen and the purple underneath the honey eyes betrayed her attempt at calm. She looked utterly beaten and shameful. She looked into my eyes as soon as the last word past through my mind as if she'd heard every thought. However there was no anger, or animosity like there usually was, it was shear sorrow. I didn't think it was possible, but my eyes somehow got wider, and my already shattered heart splintered into dust.

"Bella…" she began solemnly but was interrupted by Carlisle.

"Perhaps this isn't the best venue for discussion. Shall we?" he said with a hint of sorrow in his voice. I looked up at Edward who was glaring at his blonde sister. I thought I heard the beginnings of a growl coming from his chest when Alice put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head. The rest of the family started walking towards what I assumed was the entrance to the airport. Esme waited behind.

"Edward, you and Bella go with Alice and Jasper? Carlisle and I will follow with Emmett and Rosalie." He nodded and steered me behind Alice. It was then that the wave of exhaustion hit me like a freight train. I yawned hugely and rubbed my eyes. "Come Bella, let's get you home. You'll stay with us today." Esme spoke. I was grateful; I didn't want to have to deal with all these emotions, exhaustion, and Charlie in one day.

As we made our way outside I was thankful for Alice's fashion forward outlook, that you'll always need a coat. I hugged it tighter around myself as I took in the deliciously sweet scent of chamomile and honey that was left behind on the soft fabric. Esme gave me a gentle but firm hug and a kiss on the forehead before whispering another "Thank you" in my ear and heading to Emmett's Jeep which was parked behind the Volvo. Jasper got into the driver's seat and Alice the front passenger. Edward lifted me into the back seat and slid in after me. He then rested me on his lap.

I shifted slightly trying to find a comfortable spot. I looked at him apologetically and slid off his lap. "I'm sorry, it's cold." I murmured. He nodded and asked Jasper to turn up the heater. As the car warmed up, my heavy lids started to flutter closed. I hadn't known how tense I was until my body relaxed. As my eyes were fluttering for the last time I noticed the soft music coming from the radio, and waves of calm and thanks flooding the car. I smiled slightly at the direction Jasper was seated in front of me, but I doubted he saw. The last thing my eyes saw was Alice turn her head in my direction and smile.