Norton – The Grid

"Move out of the way, he's starting to rezolute!"

Programs shuffled to and fro within the I/O tower, going about their functions with precision and speed. A new program written by the system master Sam Flynn himself was being uploaded onto the Grid. He materialized in the chamber, covered in the most advanced battle armor the tower programs had ever seen, even more advanced than those used in the Games. He had thick pauldrons adorning his shoulders, thick guards over his thighs and upper arms, and a symbol on his chest composed of a shield and two curved arrows.

"I am Norton, antivirus program." he said, stepping out of the databeam and into the chamber. He looked around and noticed the room was shaped like a giant cone, coming to a point in the ceiling and then extending upwards as a huge pipe. A huge beam of energy surged from the ground up through the pipe, pulsating with data.

"What are your primary functions, program?" asked the program at the desk. She was curt, but polite, and was uploading Norton's data onto his Identification Disc.

"Primary functions are: Eliminate all viral and malicious threats on the Grid, and to search for the program known as Tron."

Everybody in the room stopped briefly for a moment upon hearing "Tron". They all looked slightly confused and perhaps even a bit nostalgic, as if trying to remember an old friend from a long time ago.

"Here is your Identification Disc. It will be your weapon and everything you know or do will be stored on it," she narrowed her eyes at him in a half-glare, "Do not lose this."

"I will not lose my disc. Thank you, program."

Norton walked out of the I/O tower, completely taken aback with awe at the mere size of everything. On the Grid before him, he saw massive towers with streams of blue light running up them, highways with lighted grids, programs traveling on Light Cycles, th-

"I'm guessing you're the one that just got rezzed up?"

Norton spun to his left, nearly drawing his disc from it's socket on his upper back.

"Take it easy, I'm just a program who likes talking to the new ones."

"My apologies. Do you know where I can find a program named Tron?"

The program's eyes seemed to burst out of his skull.

"Look man, if you're looking for him, good luck. I never met him, nor saw him, only heard stories. He was a Security Program, kind of like yourself, who fell during the coup of CLU back on Grid 2.0. Things are different now, don't you worry, but no one has seen Tron since."

Norton was skeptical that the program before him knew absolutely nothing. He kept darting his eyes away from Norton, suggesting nervousness and/or lying.

"Are you sure that's all you know?" Norton straightened his back a little, making himself appear slightly taller than before. He figured he was given this function to appear more aggressive in situations where he needed to induce fear in order to obtain information or to ward off hostile programs.

"Well, there was a rumor once. Back on Grid 2.0, there was this guy in the Games, Rinzler. He always had a full helmet on, never saw his face, but he was a personal bodyguard for CLU. Rinzler fought with not one, but two discs. It was amazing to watch, even if he was one bad dude. The point is, he had a little "T" on his chest made out of small squares, which is something that Tron had too. I have never met a program with markings like that. Well, until now, that is."

Norton looked down at his chest and could barely make out his insignia, but he knew it was there.

"Thank you for your help, I shall go to the Sea of Simulation. My functions tell me that was the last place this "Rinzler" has been seen."

Norton walked away as the other program quickly about-faced and disappeared into a dark alleyway. He put the cloak he was wearing into a dumpster and knocked on the backdoor of a building. The ground below him retracted and he began lowering on a platform-elevator, the ground sealing above him as he descended.

"If that's the best the Users can create to detect viruses, then this whole system might fall easier than I expected."

The platform came to a stop inside a cavernous room filled with terminals and various storages. In some held vehicles, such as Light Cycles, in others were disguises and weapons. The program walked over to one of the terminals and pushed a button.

Within seconds, Edward Dillinger Jr's face appeared on the screen.

"What do you have for me, EXEcutor?"