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The overwhelming number of voices speaking all at once created an almost visible wall of sound, leading an assault on Washington DC's ears. The brunette winced and closed her eyes, as if to protect herself from the attack on her eardrums. She ruffled her already messed up boyish hair and reluctantly opened her pale brown eyes to examine the individuals that sat around the conference table in front of her.

It was a mash-up of emotions, to say the least. Some of the individuals were beyond frantic, crying and yelling out for answers she didn't have. Others were angry, taking a more hostile approach to gaining the information they were seeking. Others still were stoic, obviously trying hard to keep whatever they were feeling about the situation buried deep below their oddly calm exterior.

"So come on DC, what's the meaning of all of this?" A young blonde sitting under DC's left elbow said loud enough to gain the attention of those gathered at the long table. A finger twisted itself in her thick blonde curls. She arched one of her dark eyebrows and looked up expectantly at the other with slightly pursed red lips. "Please enlighten us. I'm certain we're all listening."

"That's what I was trying to do before the shouting match started London." DC hissed at the blonde defensively.

"No good keeping us in the dark now." A light haired young man folded his arms across his chest. "Spit it out, we don't have all day."

"Yes, if you have information on the current situation, please share it." This time a young dark haired woman spoke, with a nervous edge to her light voice. She leaned over the table and twisted her hands together.

First Berlin and then Vienna had spoken and despite the slight edge to their demeanor, were two of the calmest individuals at the table.

DC clenched her fists lightly and stood up. "Right, well the thing is that I don't really actually have any more answers then the rest of you.. Right now.." She trailed off as the very blonde woman in a smart blazer and heels at the other end of the table quickly covered her bright pink lips. "Aw, come on Warsaw. Don't do that. You're make up is gonna run.."

"But you have to have the answers! Why else would we be here?" She wailed suddenly. "Madrid what are we gonna do!" She collapsed into the man to her left with a few shaking sobs.

"Way to go hotshot." The dark haired young man awkwardly patted Warsaw on the shoulder after his first initial flinch away from the crying girl.

"If you don't have answers then why are we here." Stockholm crossed her arms, voicing the thought on everyone's mind. "This is a gigantic waste of all of our precious time, everyone agrees?"

Several others nodded and murmured quietly.

DC sighed through her nose, but dug immediately into the pocket of her dark wash jeans.

"What are you getting now? What is that, hm?" Paris leaned back in her chair with an indignant huff that ruffled her perfectly styled bangs.

"Are those the answers you've been keeping from us?" Moscow muttered quietly, lowering his voice and earning a snicker from Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn who sat around him.

DC held up the crumpled piece of paper that had been in her back pocket. "Not exactly a solution, but an idea I worked up-"

"An idea doesn't solve this you idiot!" Ankara hopped to her feet and glared down the conference table. Her chair clattered loudly to the floor behind her and she narrowed her eyes behind her thick rimmed glasses. "Why are we here!"

"Losing them." London commented as arguments again erupted from the gathered individuals, on both sides of the table. She inspected her carefully manicured nails.

"And faster than usual too." Ottawa added with an apologetic smile. He looked up at the brunette with pale eyes and away from his laptop where he was taking careful notes of the disintegrating meeting. "What do you suggest now?"

DC sighed. "No other choice but to demand some respect I guess."

"Oh no. Please just sit down and think of something else." The previously silent Tokyo set a hand over his eyes with an embarrassed sigh.

"Why-" Beijing was suddenly cut off as DC hopped onto the table and cleared her throat dramatically.

"Alright listen up everyone!" She successfully gained everyone's attention as she strolled to the center of the table, her flats clicking against the hard wood and set her hands on her hips as she came to s stop in the center of the conference table. "I'm not letting any of you leave until you at least listen to what I have to say. This is a serious crisis here people! Not like any of the other times we've all been forced together. This time we don't have any other choice, and we have a real opportunity to save the day here. Don't you see?"

A collective sigh passed around the conference before Helsinki coughed and offered a friendly, if not wary, smile. "What have you got in mind then DC?"

"That's more like it." DC nodded and took a few steps backwards towards her seat at the end of the table. "Now, for whatever unknown reason someone, or something, is targeting our nations. Without them, us capitals don't stand a chance on our own. We need our nations, just like they need us."

"Which is less than helpful DC." Bern huffed, keeping his dark grey eyes trained on Warsaw, who's nation Poland had gone missing earlier that day and sparked the meeting where they could discuss actions.

"The question still stands at what is there to do about it." Amsterdam narrowed his gaze at the brunette still standing on the table. "Do you have the answer to that?"

"That's what I was getting to before everyone started talking again. My plan is simple enough." She assured them, stepping down onto her chair and off the table and turning to everyone. "We just need to find our nations and stand together against whatever is targeting us." She grinned as silence settled between the capitals.

"Have you lost what's left of your mind DC!" London exploded, smacking her in the side of the head.

"To be together with our nation is suicide and a danger to them as well as us." Berlin spoke rationally. "Any attacker could take us both out in one shot. It would be catastrophic! Suicide!"

"I'll admit DC. You have had some terrible, and I do mean terrible, ideas in the past but this has got to take the cake." Vienna pinched the bridge of her nose against her fast approaching headache. After a moment she straightened out her glasses. "I won't put Austria in danger this way. We're all in enough of that as it is."

"No, no wait! Just hear me out! I know how dangerous it is, but what choice have we got?" Desperation filled her voice as her hands became actively involved in her argument. "The only chance we've got is if we stand together, otherwise our nations will keep disappearing and we won't have any idea why! And I don't know about all of you, but I'm worried sick. America has never made me worry like this." She sank into her unused chair, chewing nervously on her lip. "We don't have any other option unless you guys have a better idea.."

An uneasy murmur filled the room. As much as they didn't want to admit it, they knew she was right. They didn't have much of a choice, and no one had anything better in their notes.

"I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but I agree with Washington DC. We stand a better chance as a team then on our own and I know she's not the only one who's worried." London filled the silence reluctantly. "I vote for a monumental leap of faith."

One by one, and with great reluctance, the personified capital cities gathered in the conference room agreed to the risky plan. Another uneasy silence settled as they considered their next step. Whatever it was there was no guarantee of safety, but they knew it was better than nothing and there was a comfort in knowing if the worse happened they would at least know what had the nerve to try and kidnap their nations.

"What's our plan of attack then DC. This was your idea after all." Paris looked nervous as the capitals turned. "Where do we begin?"

"Find our nations?" She gave them a shaky smile.

"We're doomed." London shook her head as their plan was set in motion.

I figured since I didn't know.. I would put a list of all the capitals and their countries. :]

~Washington DC./America, London/England, Tokyo/Japan, Vienna/Austria, Ottawa/Canada, Beijing/China, Copenhagen/Denmark, Helsinki/Finland, Paris/France, Berlin/Germany, Warsaw/Poland, Moscow/Russia, Bern/Switzerland, Madrid/Spain, Stockholm/Sweden, Ankara/Turkey, Rome/Italy, Amsterdam/Netherlands, Vilnius/Lithuania, Riga/Latvia, Tallinn/Estonia, Cairo/Egypt, Budapest/Hungary, Havana/Cuba, Athens/Greece~

Those are the big ones I may or may not be using.. If I missed any you don't know let me know and I'll let you know :] The last thing I want to say is I wasn't planning make this a romantic story because I'm not good with that kinda stuff.. But you never know. That's all for now!