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And so in the end, almost everything returned to normal. Only most because as London had predicted, things couldn't return entirely to the way they had been before. How could they? Most of the world's leaders hadn't seen it necessary to hold onto the old rules and regulations, not to say that there were no repercussions for breaking the rules in the first place. But all paperwork and tedious meetings aside, everyone seemed happier with the one rule they were forced to follow now gone. All around the world, a sense of contentment had settled.

Poland and Warsaw..

".. So then I totally saw red and called him out on it." Poland's eyes shifted up briefly from Warsaw's fingernails which he was diligently painting hot pink. They sat cross legged in front of each other on his bed where they had found themselves almost every day since the rule had been abolished. "Anyway so long story short I'm not allowed to talk about shopping at meetings anymore. Oh or ponies."

Warsaw shook her head. "Why would you get so mad Poland? You coulda gotten in huge trouble.."

He sighed. "Like, I don't even know what came over me! It was so bad."

"Well don't do that anymore. They might take you away from me again. And I bet they make it worse than before and stuff!" She bent down in an attempt to force him to look at her. "Promise you won't do that again."

"Yeah, yeah. Of course I promise. Sneaking around again would totally suck." He touched one of her nails gingerly to test that the paint had dried. A smile lit his face and he finally looked up. "All done."

Warsaw examined his work. "You did them perfect!" She tackled him into a tight hug and they fell back onto the bed.

"Well what'd you expect? I have had like, plenty of practice." He laughed as she snuggled into his chest.

Suddenly the phone rang loudly on the end table beside the blonde nation's bed. He rolled his eyes then reached out and picked up the receiver and held it so Warsaw could listen in.

"Hello?" He asked, inspecting his own fingernails as he did so.

"Poland? We need to speak to you and Warsaw, assuming you are together, as soon as you're available. Is that alright?" An official sounding voice came through the speaker.

"Totally. We're all done here. Be there like.. As soon as we can." With that the valley boy dropped the phone back onto the table. "Ready?"

Warsaw nodded then hopped off the bed and smoothed out her hair. "Whenever you are." She answered with a cheery smile.

"Hm.. And then after we could like, go shopping or something." He stood and tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"Yes, yes! Let's get this meeting over super-fast!" Warsaw took his hand and dragged him out of the bedroom. With that, the pair who no longer had to sneak their friendship left Poland's house hand in hand, chattering happily about clothes and ponies.

China and Beijing..

Beijing had taken full advantage of the newly presented opportunity to get to know her nation. When she wasn't in meetings or stuck doing paperwork for her boss, she was at China's house. She found they had more in common than either could have ever imagined. They had a shared love of cute things and pandas of course.

"Beijing?" His capital had taken his panda and slipped away down one of the hallways in his house. "We have to go soon aru, we don't have time to play right now unfortunately."

"Aww.." The girl appeared back from around a corner with the panda on her back. "I forgot we had to get things for lunch."

China laughed. "But don't be sad! We'll cook fast and then do something fun, aru. How does that sound?"

Beijing smiled. "That sounds great Mr. China."

Austria, Vienna, Hungary and Budapest..

"Please stop watching me write. It's making me uncomfortable." Vienna looked up at Budapest from the neat notes she was taking in the notebook she always had in her bag.

"But you're just so cute when you're concentrating." The light haired capital grinned and leaned towards her. "What're you writing anyway?"

Vienna clenched her jaw and set her pen down angrily.

Upstairs, Austria's fingers froze on the keys of his piano, and glanced towards the closed door of the music room and shouting and a loud crash drifted from the lower level of his house. He chuckled quietly as he turned back to his piano. "It sounds as though they're fighting again."

Hungary, who sat on a couch across the room, looked up from her book and over at the aristocratic nation. "Should I go stop them?"

"No, let them go." Austria's fingers returned to the keys. "It's sort of entertaining to listen to them I think."

His female companion laughed. "Oh you're terrible."

Greece, Athens, Turkey and Ankara..

".. And THAT, Ankara, is why Greece is an idiot and why I am better in every way. You got it?" Turkey was busy explaining as he and his usually boisterous capital sat on a grassy hill watching Greece, who was working on excavating something.

"I guess I kinda see." Ankara wrapped her arms around her knees as her nation chuckled to himself.

"You see Turkey? Not everyone is as stupid as you. Even your own capital seems to be having a hard time with it." Greece said coolly, earning a quiet laugh from Athens who sat on a partially excavated set of stairs, drawing something in a sketchpad she held on her lap.

Turkey growled and hopped to his feet. "You want to say that again?"

Greece paused and looked over his shoulder, before resuming his digging. "Not particularly."

With that, the masked nation marched up to his neighbor. Already in a rage, he began shouting and trying to provoke a fight. Greece however remained fairly calm, which only seemed to make Turkey angrier.

Athens slipped to Ankara's side and cleared her throat. "Want to go get something to eat?"

"Yeah that sounds good."

Netherlands and Amsterdam..

Amsterdam stepped off her mo-ped and slipped off her helmet, in order to shake out her hair. She made her way up to the door of Netherland's house. With a quick glance up and down the street, she rang the bell.

After a short shuffling behind the door, the tall blonde nation emerged from a haze of smoke. He looked down at her and cocked his head to the side.

Without saying anything, she held up plastic baggy and shook it a little. A sheepish grin appeared on her face as he eyed the contents of the bag and his hard gaze softened. Netherlands managed a small smile and the pair disappeared into his home.

France, Paris, Britain and London..

The brunch that Britain, France and each of their respective capitals found themselves at was awkward to say the least. The routine visit between the four had quickly turned sour as France found in necessary to bring up some of the things he had done the night before. An awkward and tense silence had soon followed.

Paris hadn't been able to stop laughing since her nation had stopped talking. Britain was attempting to burn a hole through the man with the acidic glare he had mustered. London had buried her face in her hands in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. Then of course the source of the uncomfortable situation, France himself, was grinning as if nothing happened.

"You frog. Don't you have any decency at all?" Britain snapped as his brain finally allowed him to form words.

"Oh don't be so angry Angleterre. You look so much cuter when you aren't angry." He set a hand on London's knee with a smirk in the other nation's direction.

"Please don't touch me.." London managed to grumble into her hands.

Paris wiped at her eyes to get rid of the tears that had formed there before they spilled over and ruined her artfully applied mascara. "Oh I am so sorry London. I just never though you would-"

"Don't repeat it." Britain's tone was sharp as cut her off.

France only gave a wolfish grin and crossed his arms, obviously impressed with himself.

After a moment, Paris smiled and made an attempt to change the topic. "Well your hair looks nice today London. Usually you don't do anything to it at all. It's a nice change, no?" She pointed to the English capital's perfect blonde ringlets.

Britain sighed then nodded. "Yes I agree. It looks very nice." He lifted his teacup to his lips in order to take a sip, now that his rage had seemingly subsided.

"Yes well, France did it this morning. I figured he owed it to me after messing it up so badly last night." London answered before she could stop herself. She cringed after the words tumbled from her mouth and didn't look up from her lap to see the damage she had caused. Instead she curled further down towards her legs and groaned quietly.

Britain spit the tea he had just sipped all over the table in front of him. France erupted into a new fit of laughter and leaned back in his chair. Paris giggled as well, but put a sympathetic hand on London's shoulder.

"Kill me now, just kill me now.." London muttered the two nations broke into an increasingly violent argument across the table.

Paris only gave her one last reassuring pat. "You'll be fine, but you must promise to tell me all the dirty details later mon ami. For now though, this fight can only get better, don't you agree?" She relaxed back into her chair in order to watch the nations, who had both stood in order to shout at each other.

London peeked up through her fingers at Britain and France, before groaning again and leaning over to hug her own legs. "Please just kill me now before I die of embarrassment anyway."

Switzerland, Bern, Lichtenstein and Vaduz..

A sunny day meant an afternoon off for the neutral siblings and their semi reluctant capitals. Liechtenstein had planned a picnic and had cooked all the food for the group. The capitals however were less than enthusiastic. Vaduz was working on finding any excuse to stay indoors, including but not limited to bugs, allergies and the chance of a thunderstorm. Bern on the other hand had mountains of paperwork to finish. However, the ever sweet Liechtenstein succeeded in persuading everyone. Switzerland of course was powerless to his little sister's suggestion of course, and the capitals caved shortly after.

They laid a blanket on a sunny hillside and set out their picnic. Bern closed his eyes and lay back into the soft grass. He took a deep breath as a warm breeze ruffled his hair and for a rare, fleeting moment, he let himself relax.

All of the Nordics..

Having the entire Nordic family together in one house was something like bringing every member of a very dysfunctional family together and sticking them all into a small room. Finland smiled fondly from where he sat in a chair along the wall of the packed dining room. His fingers scratched at Hanatamago's back absentmindedly, as the tiny dog sat happily in his lap. He watched as the nations and capitals argued like siblings forced to get along for the holidays.

Norway and Denmark were at each-other's throats, which wasn't shocking. Helsinki and Copenhagen were tying, unsuccessfully, to convince Iceland to let them dress up Mr. Puffin. Iceland was completely ignoring them, and munching on a bowl of pretzels that had been set in front of him. Stockholm and Reykjavik had Sweden backed into a corner as they tried to get him to speak more than two words at a time. Oslo stepped briefly from the kitchen in an apron and oven-mits. She opened her mouth as if she were going to ask something, but after surveying the dining room she rolled her eyes and disappeared again into the kitchen.

Finland laughed. "Better go help out." He thought as he stood from the seat. Hanatamago hopped down to follow closely at his ankles.

"Fin.." Sweden tried as the girls in front of him giggled.

The cheery blonde continued on his way to the kitchen with a smile. "Oh you're fine. I'm going to help cook."


"Come on Mr. Sweden. Don't be shy!" Stockholm smiled and set a hand on her nation's arm.

"Please Mr. Sweden?" Reykjavik set her hands on his other arm.

The tall blonde let out a breath. "I'm not shy, just can't think of anything to say.."

Russia, Moscow and the Baltics..

It was snowing again. Russia watched the lazy flakes drift down from the grey sky towards the thick blanket of white already covering the area visible outside his window. He sighed and fogged up a portion of the glass in in front of him. "Hm." He hummed disapprovingly.

Moscow looked up from the letter he was busy typing on his laptop. To be entirely honest, he had forgotten Russia was standing so near-by so he only barely flinched when his nation made the small noise. "Is something wrong Mr. Russia?"

The large nation sighed again then took the seat across the small kitchen table from Moscow. "Nothing really, only I wish General Winter weren't so mean. I'd like to see the sun every once in a while. Sunflowers don't like to grow in the cold."

The Russian capital seemed caught off guard for a moment, and then smiled softly. "Well maybe we're due for a vacation. Somewhere sunny does sound really nice."

Russia remained silent as if considering the suggestion, before smiling back. "Maybe we could all get kidnapped again, da?"

"Th- That's not exactly what I meant Mr. Russia.."

"Mr. Russia?" Vilnius stepped out of the kitchen with Tallinn and Riga close behind her. "Dinner's just about done. We all worked super hard." She wiped her hands on her apron and smiled. Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia peeked out through the door frame warily to see what Russia's reaction would be.

"Should we set the table?" Lithuania asked.

Russia didn't answer right away. But after the short silence, a rare genuine smile lit his face. "No you keep on cooking. Moscow and I will set the table."

Latvia paled a little. "Are you.. Sure Mr. Russia?" He asked in a trembling voice.

"Oh no problem at all." He stood and made his way to the cupboards as Moscow shut down his computer. "Besides, a nice big dinner is good for everyone once in a while, da?"

"Yes, I suppose your right." Estonia agreed before the group escaped back into the kitchen to finish cooking.

Canada and Ottawa..

Ottawa cleared his throat awkwardly to get his busy bosses attention. "Uh.. I'm done for the night sir. I'm going to head home okay?"

His boss waved his had dismissively and spun around in his desk chair so his back was facing the capital. "Sorry what was that?" He asked into the blue tooth headset that was currently attached to his ear.

The Canadian let out a breath and readjusted the computer bag on his shoulder. "Alright, see you tomorrow." He mumbled before slipping out of the office and into the hallway. His phone buzzed loudly in his pocket and made him jump. He fumbled for a second to get the device out of his sweater pocket.

"Yo, Ottawa! Finally got a second to myself and I thought I'd see how you're doing man! I'm going on vacation!" The message form DC and had a picture attached of her and America holding what looked like plane tickets with huge smiles on their faces.

"Wonder where you get to go, lucky." Ottawa said quietly as he responded to the message. His eyes were glued to his phone and he failed to see the person stopped directly in his path and as a result, ran into Canada's back and fell to the floor.

"M.. Maple Ottawa I'm so sorry." The nation turned and hurriedly helped his capital to his feet. "You're not hurt are you?"

"Oh I'm fine. It was my fault anyway. I should have been looking where I was going but I got a message from DC." The Canadian held up his phone embarrassedly.

Canada nodded. "Yeah I got a message from America. Says they get to go on a vacation or something. I can never read his messages though, so it could mean anything."

The capital smiled as they began to walk then closed his phone and returned it to his pocket. "Want to go get something to eat?"

"That sounds good. Hopefully somewhere is still open." He checked his watch and then winced. "We'll find something."

And so the pair headed out in search of a restaurant that was open at the ungodly hour they had finally finished all their work.

Everyone else..

If things had been hectic anywhere else, DC had been feeling it three times as hard. True to her word, she had taken the blame for the entire fiasco. But in exchange for everyone else's freedom, hers was taken away. She had been loaded down with paperwork, filing, cleaning and anything else the less then sympathetic government big-wigs didn't feel like doing.

DC was currently struggling down a hallway towards her office with a stack of papers balanced precariously in her arms. She had a million and one things finish, but had been told this fresh stack was urgent and had to be gone through as soon as possible. With a loud sigh, she pushed her office door open with her hip and slammed it behind her with an overly aggressive kick. She made her way across the forever cluttered space and dropped the pile onto her desk with a heavy thud.

With an exasperated groan DC collapsed into her chair and her forehead hit the desk. If the people who worked for her boss were trying to make sure she had no free time at all, they were succeeding gloriously. She hadn't seen or spoke to anyone in months, with the exception of an occasional text message.

A soft knock on the door made her look up from her wallowing. "Oh, Mr. President!" DC hopped to her feet in an attempt to make herself look presentable. "Excuse the mess.."

"It's fine. Just relax." He chuckled as he closed the door behind him. He stole a glance around the office and shook his head. "They're really running you ragged aren't they."

"And understatement Mr. President. I haven't slept in a week. What do you have for me?" She tried to smile as she sank back into her chair and began to sift through the new additions to her desk. "Something you want me to read over?"

"Oh this?" The president looked down and the folder he held in his hands. "No nothing like that. This is just something I think you and America have earned." He stepped forward and set it on top of the papers she was looking at.

DC met his gaze briefly. "What is it then? A bill that's only a hundred pages long?" She joked as she opened up the manila folder and read over its contents. Her expression quickly changed to one of pure disbelief. "Are you serious?"

"Completely. I think you've earned a little, 'diplomatic retreat' let's call it. More than anyone else around here." He smiled warmly.

Her eyes fell back to the contents of the folder and then returned to her boss. ""Are you sure this isn't a-"

"It's not a joke at all. In fact, there is a plane standing by, ready to go whenever you and America are ready." He opened the door to her office. "Oh, and DC?"

"Hm?" She forced her eyes away from the folder, still shocked at the act of pure kindness from her boss. He was still smiling warmly from across the room.

"You're welcome."

As soon as the door shut behind him, DC scrambled to get her phone out of the drawer in her desk and dialed.

"Dude DC, I can't talk. You know I gotta million and one things to take care of here-"

"I know, I know, but drop it all. You aren't gonna believe what just happened America."

And so it came to be that DC found herself in Italy's kitchen, hauling in bags of ingredients they had spent all day buying at an outdoor market. Italy was planning some kind of seafood pasta for a party at his house. America had set up a grill outside and was cooking hamburgers, with Germany, Prussia and Spain all looking on. They were laughing and drinking beer. America seemed to have let the stress of all the work he had left behind melt away and it did DC's heart good to see him laughing. Out in the living room, Madrid and Berlin were listening to Rome go on and on about some meeting she should be getting ready for. Finally, the Italy brothers and DC had taken up the kitchen in order to cook the meal for the evening.

"Well what do you want me to help with? Make it something easy because seriously, I burn water.." DC admitted as Italy helped her tie the strings of an apron behind her back.

"Tch." Romano rolled his eyes as he poured some oil into a pan and set it on the stove. He grumbled something under his breath that sounded less then friendly.

Italy ignored him and smiled brightly. "Don't worry! That's why you have me! I'll teach you everything I know okay?"

DC laughed a little and stole a glance out the window at America, who waved his spatula at her and took a sip of his beer. She shook her head before returning her attention to Italy, who had stood beside her with a cheese grater and a block of cheese.

"Ve~ There's lots to be chopped but you can grate the cheese first. That's easy right?"

"If I need help with it I'll call you over, sound good?" DC took the grater and went to work on the counter next to where Italy had started expertly chopping vegetables for the salad. She watched him for a moment, then smiled and went to work herself.

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