Riviera : The Seven Diviner

Card 1 – Reunion

"Is anybody home?" Ein asked as he knocked on Fia and Lina's house. It's been a year since they sealed all the Accursed, and now Ein decided to pay a visit. He remembered the time when he first come (or the better word – fell) to Riviera, when he met four extraordinary girl who helped him sealed the accursed and defeat Hector, one of the Seven Magi.

When he thinks about the Seven Magi, his mind would remember of his betrayal to them, his fight with and against Ledah, who was now still pledge himself to the Seven Magi (seriously, even Hector). And worse of all, he remembered of Malice, who was tricked to give her life to Hector. He looked at his diviner, Einherjar. Sometimes he feels that his Einherjar was the weapon of justice, while other times Einherjar to him is a cruel killer weapon. However, he had sacrificed his wing for that sword, so there's no point in throwing it away.

"Ein !" Lina opened the door and found he who she missed the most. She cannot hold her feelings – her happiness after Ein came. She jumped and hugged Ein. She still wore the attire she always wear. Ein don't know wether she only has that kind of attire, or that is the only attire she has, which he finds annoying. However, Ein also engulfed in joy. Lina was a good companion, a great help in sealing the accursed. Despite her strange hobby and her obsession in treasure hunting, she is a normal girl.

"How are you, Lina?" Ein asked.

"I missed you so much, Ein." Lina said.

"I missed you to, Lina." Ein replied.

"You.. you do?" Lina asked, a little blushed.

"Of course, Lina. We've been together for months of the journey to reseal the accursed. How can I not miss you?" Ein said.

"Thank you, Ein." Lina thanked.

"By the way, Lina, are you alone here?" Ein asked.

"Now? Yes. Fia is in the temple, protecting the village from demon attack." Lina said.

"She still do it?" Ein asked.

"Yes, she always do it since you left." Lina informed.

"We'll go find her. But you need to keep the fact that i'm here a secret. I want to give her a pleasant surprise." Ein said.

"Okay, I'll call her now." Lina said.

Lina went to the temple as Ein waited in the house. Fia was a good adviser, a smart girl, and also a great help in his journey. Ein was always fighting with Fia in the front, while Lina shot arrows from the back, at least until they meet Serene. Ein missed Fia so much. Ein missed all. That's why he decided to pay a visit. He wanted to remember the old times, memorize them with his companions. The good times, the bad times, and their bizzare adventure.

"What is it, Lina? Why are you keepeing it secret?" Fia asked Lina outside the house.

"It's because Ein wanted to give you a surprise." Lina said.

"Wait, Ein?" Fia asked in joy.

"Oops, it's no longer a secret." Lina said.

Fia ran inside the house, and found Ein sitting on the bed, watching her gleeful face. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears of joy, as her only love that was so far away now sitting in front of her, just like a dream. She hugged him so thight, as thight as how much she missed him. Ein hugged her in return, relieving his pain after being so far away. Ein found that Fia is skinny, not like the first time he met her. He thinks it was the overuse effect of her power in order to protect the village.

"Ein, I missed you so much." Fia said.

"I missed you, too, Fia." Ein replied.

"Why haven't you sent any letter to us?" Fia asked.

"How can i send a letter? Do I have to ask Ursula to become a postwoman?" Ein joked.

They all laughed in joy. They discussed about their lives after they reseal all the accursed. They told one another how they missed the journey, they missed being together, just like in thei journey. Ein found out that what Lina had said was true - that Fia used her power to protect the village. As for Lina, she had done nothing useful, according to Fia's description, but Lina said that she fought demons and tried to find a way to Asgard to meet him. Fia said that it's just an excuse for her treasure hunting. After they sealed the accursed, Ein said that he tried to restore peace in Asgard. Fia and Lina was so happy that an old friend of theirs as well as the one they love is there.

"Have you heard about Serene?" Ein asked.

"The last time I heard she is fighting demons around Riviera, so I think it's hard to find her." Fia said.

"She sometimes came here to pay a visit – once every two months to be exact." Lina said.

"Yeah, and when was the last time she paid a visit?" Ein asked.

"Why, two months ago, if I'm not wrong." Fia said.

"Then Serene will come here soon, right?" Ein asked.

"Of course! I totally forgot that Serene will come today. She sent a letter that told me so." Lina said.

"Lina. Fia." Serene shouted outside.

"It's her!" Lina whispered.

"Quick, hide in the kitchen." Fia instructed Ein.

Ein understand what Fia means. He remembered Serene, the last arc that was hunted by Malice when they first met her. She was a tough girl, being the last arc without being miserable. And what impressed Ein the most is the fact that she hunts demons and still pay a visit to Lina and Fia's house. He remembered once when a vampire claimed Serene as her kind, and Serene killed them all without anybody's help. Serene also is the only person (or arc) in the party that has the ability to fly. She seemed as an opposite character to Lina, and they sometimes argued about small things like the Applecot in the needle ruins.

He heard Fia said something about the kitchen, and it sounds like she didn't want Serene to go inside, but Serene is already in front of him, staring at him like he was a precious and priceless diamond. "Ein!" she shouted. She ran towards Ein, and hugged him. She sometimes think of having childern that are half arc, half angel, and she only knew one angel. One grim angel. She knew that her love is too good to be true, and that Ein belongs to Asgard while she belongs to Riviera, but she cannot hold her feelings.

"Auch.." Ein groaned.

"Ahh, sorry." Serene apologized as she recognized that her schyte had sliced Ein's flesh.

"I'm okay." Ein convinced her - and perhaps himself.

"Fia, I need some help over here." Serene shouted.

"What? What happened?" Fia asked. She recognized Ein's bleeding, and instantly tried to heal it.

"I forgot to put my schyte when I... umh... hugged him." Serene shyly said, blushed.

"It's alright. I'll be fine." Ein said.

"Ein' bleeding." Lina said.

"It's alright, Lina. Don't worry. By the way, happy birthday. How old are you? Sixteen?" Ein asked.

"You remembered my birthday?" Lina asked.

"Of coourse. That is why I have chosen this day to visit. What do you want for a present?" Ein asked.

"You come here is already a great present, Ein. I'm fifteen now." Lina said.

"There you go. Your wound is healed." Fia said.

"Thank you, Fia. Anyway do you have any birthday party for Lina?" Ein asked Fia.

"Umh.. actually.. I'm quite busy with my work protecting the village, so.." Fia said.

"She had forgoten." Lina continued with such disappointed face.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to forget such an important day, Fia. I think you have good memories." Ein said.

"I.. I do have good memories, Ein. It's just that I'm too busy." Fia said.

"I think it's just an excuse, Ein. I remembered Lina's birthday, but she didn't." Serene whispered to Ein. "That's why I'm here." She continued.

"Then it's our lucky day. Anyway, Cierra is still in the Magic Guild, right? How about calling her here?" Ein asked.

"I'll go." Fia said.

Cierra was also in Ein's party when they sealed the accursed. A novice magician, but has great talent in magic. After sealing the accursed, she decided to learn magic in the Magic Guild. She, unlike another girl in the party, is older than Ein, thus looks more mature than Fia, Lina or Serene. Cierra also made him found Rose, his familiar, who now stay in Asgard as a cute girl after drinking the potion from Cierra.

"Ein!" Cierra shouted as she run towards him and hugged him. Cierra never thought that she would meet Ein again, but now that the impossible turned possible, she would not let the chance to meet her love slip. She never thought that Ein had a good appearance. Instead, she saw Ein as a normal looking guy. But his kindness and warm heart had won Cierra's love.

"I missed you, so much Ein." Cierra whispered.

"I missed you, too, Cierra." Ein said.

"When did you come here?" Cierra asked.

"A moment ago. Let's celebrate Lina's birthday." Ein announced.

The day was fun, and everybody was happy. There was nothing better than their reunion. They quickly made a blueberry cake, which is bad due to it's improper treatment. However, Ein did not say his real intention in visiting Lina and Fia's house, which is actually another adventure.

Wow, I think it's too long. I just wanted to mention all of them, but I was flown with my own writing. I hope you like it, and i think Card 2 will not be here for long...