Riviera – The Seven Diviner

Card 4 – Beginning

Ein could not believe that he had slept on snow when he woke up, and he jumped from that frostbiting substance. He tried to memorize what had happened before he woke up, and he noticed something very strange – that the last time he was awake was springtime. To Ein, there were only two possible explaination – that he had slept for the whole year, or that there was a magic that changes the season. He was about to ask Cerria some heat, when he then realized that he was separated from her – and from the rest as well. He was alone, surviving the stabbing cold of unnatural winter, with Einherjar and Skadi in his hands.

He was shocked by Skadi's existence in his hands. The last time he remembered, Malice was using her breakout with the Skadi, just before Xavezz slayed him with the very same diviner. He thought that perhaps Malice's breakout that had caused the abnormal snow around him, and the only one who could stop Skadi's power was its true master. He stared at the two diviner, trying to find any similiarities and differences between them. When he found out that the two diviner had much more differences than similiarities, Ein concluded that it was too soon for him to learn how to use Skadi – which was an axe, a weapon that Ein had never use before.

Being there with Skadi, Ein felt that Malice was nearby, but he quickly erased that thought, which was denied by the fact that Malice was no longer alive. Then he remembered about what Xavezz had said about him and Malice – that there was a certain relationship between them. He dug hard and deep into his subconscious memories, as hard and deep as he could, but he could not find anything about Malice and him before their meeting in Lacrima Castle. He blamed Ursula for not giving him all his sealed memories back, and now that she had passed away, there was no logical way on how to retrieve it from the shatered pieces of mind database of his.

The relationship should be a strong one, he thought, so strong that Ursula was afraid to give it back. The only reason for what had Ursula done was that the sealed memories were memories that could hold him from saving Riviera, and those memories would never, ever come back to their master again. Ein cursed Ursula about this, but still did not regret about him saving Riviera. His friends was already a good reason for him to seal all the accursed. His thought went far from his body that it took him a while to feel the warmth of the sun. When he did, he was obviously appaled.

He could never expect that he was thrown that far – he was now in the season forest. The forest was like a maze, but he was able to remember the path, since the clue was almost everywhere, and he already knew how to read it. It was not as hard as before – the last time he and his friends took almost two hours walking around without any clues. If Fia did not notice the board, Ein assumed that he will still be there even now.

Surprisingly Ein could remember all the paths and traps around that area, while he himself lost some of his memories about his live as a grim angel. True, his life in Riviera was wonderful, but the fact that he was actually a grim angel, and had a life back in Asgard, was inevitable. He wanted to know more about himself, besides his main quest to retrieve the Hector's Talisman and the Accursed Remnant.

Talking about the Accursed Remnant, Ein had already reached the place when he and the party last time meet Lindwurm, a dragon-like accursed of the Needel Ruins. Ein snapped out of his imagination and realized that the Accursed Remnant of Lindwurm mus be nearby. He sensed the power of the Accursed, and could easily find the Accursed Remnant of Lindwurm – the Tempest Crystal. He walked towards it, but a pair of black wings interrupted his way.

The pair of black wings belongs to a grim angel – yet I did not really know who she was. She was holding a golden-yellow bow, with an arrow ready to be shot. Although he knew that some of his memory had been taken away from him, he was pretty sure that he had never seen this lady before. As a usual grim angel would look like, she had long blonde hair, and quite young. He did not know what made him have such impression, but he had those impression from the very first moment.

"Umh.. Sorry, do I know you?" It sounded rude, even to Ein himself, since he hate it when a man treat a woman as a stranger. However, Ein felt like saying those words, regardless how rude it was. The grim angel did not answer; she looked down in shyness, and then sorrow. Ein knew that his words would hurt her, but little he could do about it but regret. The grim angel seemed to mouth some words, but Ein could not hear anything.

"Your voice is too weak. I cannot hear anything, you know?" Ein tried to be friendly, but it seemed that those words made the grim angel even angrier than before. She aimed at Ein and shot the arrow, leaving little time for Ein to respond. The arrow dug into Ein's skin forcefully, and it pierced through Ein's left hand. Moreover, the arrow could still dash towards the trees metres away from him, leaving a hole in Ein's arm. Ein writhed in pain, but when he realised that another shot was aimed at him, he ran. But to her surprise, Ein ran towards her with Einherjar ready. Unable to react, she was an easy enemy for Ein. Since Ein did not mean to hurt her, he put his sword near her neck, which made her drop her bow, unable to react. She sunk herself onto the ground.

"I'm sorry." Ein put away his sword and offered the grim angel a hand. The girl hesitated, and a moment of silence fell between them. She finally decided to take Ein's offer, as she hold his hand to stand. She was about to take her bow when her wings touched Ein's left arm with the hole from her shot. Realising that, she turned to him, mouthed the word 'sorry', and took a look at the wound. She put her hands on the hole and mouthed something Ein could not recognise, and then her hands glowed, easing Ein's pain.

"Thank you, but it would be much better if you talk." Ein suggested after his left arm was no longer in pain. The girl looked down in regrets, gripping her bow firmly with a sorrowful look on her face. It suddenly occured to Ein that she had sacrificed her voice in order to recieve her diviner, and he regreted what he had said earlier. It must be quite an insult for her, and instead of saying sorry, he just mouthed the word. The girl was shocked by Ein's response, but then she smiled.

It was a silent, yet precious moment for that grim angel. It was the first time a grim angel could understand her feelings. Since she became a diviner, no one even bother to know what was in her mind. The others would always talk about duty, while she was fed up with it. However, she could not do anything as she could not voice her mind. She was very pleased when she found a caring grim angel that would understand her.

It was also quite shocking to Ein as he could understand what the grim angel was telling him. Ein was not really good at using body language, but they could understand each other. Soon, the grim angel told him somehow that her name was Gabriel. He could tell Gabriel that he was there to look for the Accursed Remnants, and he found out that Gabriel was on the same mission, only under another magi. After a while, Ein took the Tempest Crystal and mouthed 'good bye' to Gabriel, but she pulled his hand when he was about to leave.

"Let me come with you" was written in her eyes, as clear as crystal to Ein. He was the first person to understand her feelings, and she was afraid that she would not find another person who cares. She was also afraid of her master, so she sought refuge. Ein hesitated for a moment, and then smiled to her.

I managed to finish this card, but it took too long, and i'm starting to get busier. But it was still a long way, since all the 7 grim angel haven't showed up yet.