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As usually it was another hot day in Hawaii, according to Danny Williams. The man had been griping about the weather since that day Steve met him. Today though Steve had to agree with him. He'd left the house this morning in a white muscle shirt and his desert cargos from the seals; Hell even Danny had his sleeves rolled up as high as they'd go and his tie slung loose so a few buttons could be open. The headache he'd left the house with had been steadily increasing throughout the day.

Their case had been fine infect he didn't even get Danny shot today. Though it did nothing for his headache and his stomach started hurting somewhere between the drive to pick up their suspect and the tackle that apprehended said man. Trudging into his office he deposited his gun in the gun drawer and sunk into his chair, glad to finally be off his feet. " I'll just close my eyes for a few seconds" Steve told himself as he closed his eyes and put his feet up on the desk.

" Hey Kono, Have you seen McGarrett?" Danny asked. He hadn't seen the guy since they'd returned more then three hours ago. He'd left to pick up Grace a half hour a go. Rachel and Stan had some thing and Stan suggest Danny take Gracie for the weekend. Maybe he'd discredited the man, though it didn't mean he didn't like him any less. Gracie was occupied recounting her whole day to Chin as the older man listened with rapt attention. He really needed to get his report to Steve before he could head out with Gracie. He learned the last time he'd let somebody else hand in his paper work before. Though Steve hardly used his office for more then changing the occasional article of clothing that got burned, ripped or wet; Danny knocked on the door anyways. Hearing nothing he preceded to open the door.

" Empty…..Where the hell is that neanderthal?" Danny mumbled to himself, puzzled while he walked back out into the main area.

" Uncle Chin, I'm hungry" little Gracie Williams said as continued to twirl around on the chair.

" Why don't you go and get a pudding from Steve's office in the mini fridge"

" Pudding? does he have chocolate?"

" Yup, Saw him stock up this morning"

" Yippie!"

Gracie jumped off the chair mid twirl and almost slipped while landing. Chin stifled a laugh at the girls excitement while Danny visibly flinched. It was common knowledge Danny was over protective.

" Chin have you seen that giant freak anywhere?"

" Come to think of it…no, not since we got back" Just then Gracie poked her head out of the door.

" Danno, I found Uncle Steve"

" What? Where?"

" In here"

" Gracie I was just in there"

" Sshhh! You'll wake him up"

" Wake him up?"

" Uh huh"

" Huh"

" Uncle Steve's sleeping behind his desk"

Walking into the office both men look behind the desk and true to the girl's words, Steve McGarrett was passed out on the ground. Danny went to shake the man awake and realized the heat radiating from his body. Steve mumbled incoherently trying to avoid the offending hand.

" Gah whay"

" Come On, Big Guy..wake up"

" Jus fey more minis"

" Steve" Chin chimed

" No Papa…No Mo school" Steve continued to slur in his fever induced haze and slumber

" Shit" Danny all but blurted out

" Daddy!"

" Shoot Gracie…I said Shoot!"

Shaking Steve a little harder this time Danny was finally able to rouse him just a bit.

" Come on Steve, your burning up gotta get you home"

With the help of Chin, Danny was able to peal the giant man off the ground and the two them dragged McGarrett to the Camaro and belted him in, Gracie following behind. With Steve safely buckled in the passenger seat, Danny motioned Grace to the backseat. She didn't even hesitate as she jumped in and buckled in. While Danny cranked the AC to the point he'd almost considered a jacket. It was enough to get the commander squirming around.

" Steve you with me?"

" Danno, try his full name, that always works"

" uh sure Sweetie"

" Stephan McGarrett"

" Danny?"

" I'm taking you home Steve"

" Did you just call me Steve?"

" That's your name dipstick"

" Yeah…you've just never used it unless it was attached to some insult"

" Whatever, How you feeling"


" Your clearly not fine, in fact your so far from fine!"

" Danny!"

" No your about as FINE as I am HAWAIIAN so no, your not fine! Want to try again?"

" Fine! I've got a headache and my stomach hurts. Must of been the four day old lasagne in the fridge"

" Just because a SEAL will eat anything…doesn't mean he should! Don't you puke inside my car!"

" Seals don't puke inside their cars "

" Good"

" Uncle Steve, drink this it'll help your tummy"

" Cause Danno says so"

" Danno also says pineapple doesn't belong on pizza." He said as he took the proffered gatorade.

Steve pulled a face at it's taste.

" It's Orange, kinda yucky but Daddy seems to like it."

" You won't eat pineapple on pizza, but you'll drink this?"

" It's good"

" Yeah OK" both Steve and Gracie said at the same time causing Danny to roll his eyes.

Finished with the drink, steve had to admit he did feel a little better but he was real tired and dozed off with his head resting on the window.

" Danno why did Uncle Steve eat four day old anything?"

" Cause he's a neanderthal caveman"

" You think he's cute"

Danny almost slammed the break, but refrained from doing so and eyed his sweet daughter in the rear view mirror.

" I What?"

" You think Uncle Steve's Cute"

" That's why you always say mean stuff and make fun of him cause you like him" Gracie said matter of facuty and went off into a mini danny rant.

" Cause your a boy and boys make fun girls they like not like but like like. But Uncle Steve's not a girl. Thats ok thought cause Uncle Steve's still pretty. His ears are kinda funny but he's got pretty eyes. Uncle Steve's tall, he can get the cookies of the top shelf for you Danno"

" What are they teaching you in school these days?"

" Six and seven times tables and about dolphins, Why?"

" Where did you get this girls/ boys like like and mean to each other?"

" Kono said that's what boys do and so did mommy"

" Oh…thats, ugh good…wait a second monkey did you size up Commander McGarrett?"

" Danno, I'm a girl, Uncle Steve's like the knight in my story books"

" More like royal jester, Gracie"

" See you like him, cause you make fun of him."

" So if Steve's the knight, then what am I"

" Well your the princess"

" I'm, the princess?"

" Uh huh but your a boy so you gotta be the Prince and Uncle Steve comes and saves you."

" And your who in this fairytale?"

" Your fair godmother…..Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" little Gracie said and gave her Danno her most disarming smile and Danny just rolled his eyes as they pulled into the driveway.

" Hey Gracie, here take Uncle Steve's keys and go open the door". The little girl dashed away to do her task. Danny realized along time ago that his little princess loved to help out and didn't like feeling useless. Reaching over he shook the slumbering man beside him.

" Come on pretty boy your castle awaits you"

Steve groaned before stretching

" Did you just call me pretty?"

"yeah Gracie says your pretty let's go"

" See she has good taste!"

" Come on wiseass"

Steve got out of the car on his own and walked in with a slight wobble. It really reminded Danny of when Grace knew how to walk but didn't quite know what grace was despite her name. To Danny's irritation Steve went for his box of tools to start doing some shingle work on his roof.

" McGarrett don't even think it. No Tim the fricken tool man taylor for you. In bed now!"

" I'm Fi…"

" Now Stephan!" Steve looked at his shoes and stuck out his bottom lip in a pout before turning on his feet and marching to his room like a chastised little boy. Perhaps Steve really was five. Danny turned around and went to the kitchen for a bottle of water, Gracie hot on his heels. Pushing open the bedroom door Danny was happy to see that yes Steve McGarrett was in bed and stripped down to a pair of Boxer-Briefs and his t-shirt. The covers were kicked to the bottom of the bed but Danny would take what he could get. Gracie hopped over to the bed and Steve patted the empty side and Gracie jumped onto it with a bounce and a giggle. While her dad went to raid the medicine cabinet. He found a set of pebto-bismal tablets and tylenol and shook two of each into his hand and left the bathroom.

" Be a good boy and take your medicine"

Steve rolled his eyes but still took his pills.

" Now you need to get some rest, So I guess a naps in order"

" Yes mommmy!" Steve said dryly causing Gracie to giggle some more.

" But I'm hungry"

"Alright I'll get you something light" Danny grumbled before turning and heading back to the kitchen.

Digging around the kitchen he came across several steaks, chicken breasts, enough leafy green things some forrest now laid in ruins before he settle on simply toast and Ginger Ale. Both of which were light and easy on the stomach. Danny walked back down the hall and the idle chatter he'd left Steve and Grace to was no longer there. Walking into the room the reason for the quiet was suddenly explained. Both his monkey and his partner were sound asleep. Gracie snuggled up to Steve's side and Steve's arm kept her cradled there. He smiled when Steve's arm instinctively tightened on Grace as he approached the but as if he sensed their was no threat the arm slacked. Danny threw the cover over both his sleeping charges and was nice enough to tuck Steve in as well as his daughter. He kissed Gracie's forehead and for whatever reason ran his fingers through Steve's hair before heading to the door and with one last look Danny said to himself.

" Maybe I do like you like you like, like like you"

" Now I'm just confused, that's what I get for listening to an 8 year old"

" But he is a handsome man, a handsome man who cares for my monkey"

With that he left the room and decided to sit out on the lanai and enjoy the sunset and the beach. Not that he'd tell anyone he was enjoying it.