Danny awoke to a sticky sensation of a hawaiian gecko crawling on his neck.

" Do sell insurance to somebody else" Danny said as he flicked pried the little guy off his neck, grumbling about how he'd never have to deal with geckos getting fresh with him in New Jersey. He wasn't sure how long ago he'd dozed off but the sun had long since set the sky into a shade of hawaiian night blue. The one thing Danny liked about Hawaii were the stars. In Jersey they were hidden by smog from the various factories out here there were simply thousands.

Danny enjoyed the sight just a little while longer before heading into the house. He made a stop in the kitchen pulling out some ingredients to whip up his famous garlic and butter mini potatoes and barbecue chicken. It also happened to be about the only thing he could cook that did not originate in a box. He made quick work of washing the spuds and adding his mixture of garlic and butter, throwing honey and bbq sauce on his chicken and throwing them into the oven he had already pre-heated. Content with his handiwork it was high time he woke up his little monkey and his ape of a boss.

Danny could hear the small ruckus coming from Steve's room the moment he hit the hallway. In a few quick stride Danny through open the door and was hit in the face with a nerve dart and Grace sheepishly smiling at him from under a worn battle helmet, and an empty bed.

" Hi Danno"

" Grace why are you in a war helmet and where is Steve"

" Right here" Danny turned to spy Steve sandwiched between the wall and the door he'd thrown open and was now leaning on.

" Do you mind Danny"

" Yeah, Yeah" The blond said stepping away from the door.

" Hey, I thought I told you to take a nap?"

" I did "

" We did Daddy, Uncle Steve threw up"

" uh Huh"

" You, you threw up and your out of bed running around like a little hooligan?"

" Yup that about sums it up, I feel a lot better"

" Yeah Danny we were playing commandos"

" Steve stop damaging my daughter with Army games"

" Navy Daddy"

" Yeah Danno it's Navy"

" Army, Navy same thing, Since you just shot me Grace Jaydee Williams and Since Stephan whatever his middle name is McGarrett seems to be feeling so much better, you two can set the table"

" Wow you just turned into a little munchkin mother Danny."

" Get the plates off the top shelf you giant!"

" Who puts plates on the top shelf? wait Steve blood McGarrett."

" Ok Danno" Gracie said pulling Steve out of the room by his two fingers. They made fast work of setting the table. Gracie insisted on the coloured plates, claiming the purple for herself. She also assigned Steve a bright yellow plate and a lime green one to Danny. Steve just went with the flow and found himself pulling out the old wacky glasses with the built in straws. He use get heck from his mother for blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk. He often made them spill over the sides. Like the girl before him he claimed the glass with the blue straw for himself, gave the orange one to Gracie and Danny got the red one. Together they decided that none of the silverware needed to match. Forks and knifes were mismatched from each other, and no two people at the table had a matching utensil.

The oven timer pinged summoning Danny to the kitchen, where he stopped dead in his tracks.

" Wha…What is that?"

" We set the table Danno"

" Yes, you did….it's very colourful sweetie"

" Hey Dan you get the lime green plate, Gracie has purple and I have yellow" Steve said sitting down at the table.

" Smells good"

" Yeah Danno"

Danny plopped the serving dishes in the middle of the table shelling out food for both himself and Gracie while Steve dished out a plate of his own. Steve wasted no time digging into his food.

"mmmmm So Good" Steve practically moaned continuing to shove more food down his throat.

" uh huh Steve it's the only thing Daddy can make from scratch"

" He can make it for me anytime"

" See Daddy you can cook it for him anytime" Gracie said putting such strong emphasis on cook, it should be illegal for a girl her age.

" You spend to much time with Kono"

" Do not, I could always spend more time with mommy"

" I take that back"

Steve was so engrossed in consuming his food he'd missed most of the conversation. Steve slouched down in his chair and rubbed his tummy with a content sigh.

" That was good Danny"

" Thanks Steve"

Steve grabbed the dishes and tossed them in the dishwasher.

" Danno Uncle Steve has Toy Story on DVD, will you watch it with us?"

" I dunno"

" Please Danno" Gracie said sticking out her lower lip and Danny was more then won over. Not that he would of denied watching a movie with Gracie.

" Alright go jump into those Pyjamas from your bag, it's getting late"

" Yippie, Uncle Steve go put on your PJs" Gracie said running off with the bag to the spare bathroom. Leaving the two men standing there.

" Hey want a pair of pair of Pj pants and a t-shirt?"

" I could use a shirt and your pants will never fit me Steve"

" I'm sure there is something that'll fit you in here"

" McGarrett I am not wearing your Sister's bell bottom sweats that went out in the late 90s"

" Not those shit head, come on" Steve said heading down the hall to his childhood room.

Danny took a look around the room while Steve went shuffling through the drawers. The walls were beige with an an old style world map hung on the wall. The shelves were filled with model cars, boats and planes. Vintage posters of X-men, Captain America and Aquaman of all things hung were tapped on the walls along with car posters. The furniture was dated but looked as sturdy as hell a navy blue blanket with light blue bedding adorned the bed. Nothing was out of of place however the room as all male.

" Hey, These'll work" Steve said triumphantly causing Danny took at him.

" Here" the shorter man took the Pj pants and quirked an eyebrow at Steve.

" Race Cars Steve"

" It's those or the sweat bell bottom pants"

" Point well made" Danny said following Steve out of the room.

" let me grab you a shirt you can change master bedroom, I'll just change in the bathroom…I gotta pee anyways."

Steve threw one of his issued t-shirts from the Navy, before grabbing a pair of plaid bottoms for himself.

15 minuets later the three were sat on Steve's kingsize bed. Steve hadn't bothered putting a DVD player out in the main room. He only ever watched them in bed when there wasn't a thing on. Danny to his right and Gracie to his left. Gracie had claimed the left as her side of the bed. Half an hour into the movie he had an arm around Danny's shoulders and Gracie's head resting on his shoulder. 45 minuets into the movie and all three were reclined lower on the comfy bed. At the hour mark both Danny and Gracie had fallen asleep. Gracie's little hand rested on chest while Danny's muscular arm snaked around his waist holding both Steve and his daughter. Steve ran his fingers through the blonds hair before dropping a kiss on the top of Danny's head. Steve loved the insufferable little hobbit and didn't know how to tell him. by the time the credits were rolling the only sound in the room were snores.