How do you keep a secret, from the one who knows all?



She was hiding something.

Patrick liked to think that he knew Lisbon pretty well. And since he was good with human observations, he was good at decoding each and every little expression that she had.

Just, well, just because.

The lines around her mouth were pulled tightly, as if she was trying to control quivering that only came from the strength of crying, or and trying to keep a secret. Her sea green-blue eyes were sheltered from their usual beauty by her scrunched eyebrows. He had a feeling they were going to rip apart. Now that would be a sight. He continued to study her stiff posture, and her hands that seemed to slightly shake on different occasions.

Teresa Lisbon halted.

"Reflexes are bit off today, hmm?" He commented before she could snap at him.

Usually he didn't get to study her for more than five seconds.

"'M tired," Her voice was hoarse-soft and scratchy, and she didn't look at him.

He frowned.

"That was a pitiful attempt. Shall we try again?" he murmured. She caught the concern, and forced herself to straighten up. Taking a deep breath, she glanced over at him, and then immediately looked away.

"I was up all night-not feeling too well. It's going around." She shrugged, looking at him quickly once more, before busying herself with the files.

Patrick was silent. Lisbon felt his heavy gaze, and slammed the folders onto the desk. She felt her shoulders go back in surprise at the noise that made, before directing a fierce look towards Patrick. Or rather, one she hoped that was fierce.

"I am not a human you can study. They have monkeys for that. Or, you know. Criminals?"

"That almost sounded genuine. Okay Lisbon, we'll let it slide for now." She just rolled her eyes at him, and turned her back, relaxing her face. She hated that patronizing voice. His tone was like talking to a child, like he had the knowledge but was waiting for the kid in question to come to him.

"But, you can talk to me, alright?" He murmured, almost too gently for her to hear.

She didn't let a second go by to think about it, or else she might have cracked.


"You're being ridiculous. Get a life and stop trying to figure mine out. I'm just sick and tired."

They both paused at that one. Rarely did she see Jane looking surprised or rendered speechless.

"Um...sorry," She said quickly, making sure to look him in the eyes long enough for him to see she was sincere in her apology.

"I haven't had any coffee," she mumbled, and then stalked past him, making sure she didn't go anywhere near him.

Patrick stood there for a moment longer, digesting what had just happened. The way she couldn't look him in the eye, the way her hands either shook or she had them in tight fists, and the way she didn't come anywhere near him both pointed to dangerous conclusions, ones that terrified him.

But they were only suspicions, and he hoped that her loose excuses were true. She did look tired and unwell. The mind was funny when it knew the truth but wanted to believe the lies. For once, Patrick didn't want to know the truth.

Because it just may destroy him. Again.



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