A/N: After watching inception a little while ago I became obsessed with Arthur...I have a thing for guys in formal wear...anyway. This is an Arthur/OC fanfiction because I like having the freedom to completely create a character from scratch. I have rated this fanfiction M because there will be adult content, as well as bad language etc. please Read and review, Criticism is always welcome, so that I can make my story better.

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Prologue- Questioning Reality

"A Dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world" –Oscar Wilde

I've often wondered why people dream. Some people say that it is a way for whoever watches over us to give us signs. Some believe that dreams symbolize all that our subconscious wants to tell us. And some scientists say that dreams are needed for us to develop our minds, emotions and imaginations…

The few blissful moments when one can escape from the boundaries defined by reality makes it difficult to wake up from the perfection your mind has created for you. In fact it is no surprise that some people find the need to escape the horrors of their lives, the bleak existence that we are forced to live by whatever created mankind. Yes, that is why I believe we dream. To escape, escape from fear, escape from doubt. Escape from death and of course to escape from life.

Perhaps I am just being pessimistic, that life can be so cruel to each individual that we need to create false realities just so that we can live with ourselves. So that we can hope that one day we will wake up and life will magically have improved from all our wishing, our dreaming.

And yet despite the disappointment that one feels when woken up, and the rundown apartment you fell asleep in is no longer the luxurious bedroom you managed to create for yourself and the perfect lover you felt such devotion to has disappeared. You struggle to make it through the day so that come night, you can dream again.