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Chapter five – Dreaming up Disaster

"The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened."- ?

"Uhn, My head" I groaned as consciousness pulled me from my nightmare.

"Ah, one of the many side effects of getting kidnapped, darling" Eames chuckled.

He always did know how to make fun of a serious situation. I opened my eyes to the pale yellow room that we were being held in and I scowled up at the flickering fluorescent light that I knew would annoy the hell out of me until I managed to escape or we were let go. My hands were tied behind my back with a plastic zip lock that was digging into my skin leaving shallow cuts.

We were sitting on the ground, Ariadne cuddled up in the corner and Eames sitting between us. Arthur was nowhere to be seen
"Where's Arthur?" I questioned in alarm, I remembered how they had knocked him out and begun to worry that they may have accidently killed him.

"That Italian woman took him to another room, Oh god; I hope she isn't torturing him" Adriane told me concern deep in her eyes.

"That Italian woman is called Ileana and I doubt that she's torturing him" Eames snorted looking down

"Ileana? Who the fuck is Ileana?"I asked him shuffling closer to where he was sitting against the wall.

"They had a thing after you two, well, after you left. He was pretty messed up about it, and he sought out regular company. Worst female in the world if you ask me, I swear that she's bloody insane, but she was one of the ones that lasted more than a night. " Eames explained

"Oh" I answered annoyed. Of course I knew that he had seen other women after I had left, Arthur was Arthur, and Arthur was not the type of man who would stay monogamous to a memory.

There was a sound at the door and a bulky man walked into the room, followed by the late wife of our mark, Mr. Parson.

"Nice to see that you are all awake and well" the blonde bimbo smiled at us "Of course if you don't answer my questions the last bit about your wellbeing will be changed dramatically"

"What do you want, lady? And where's our point man?" Eames grunted at her

"Oh that charming young man, Ileana always talks about? They are… well let's just say they are catching up" The woman, Vanessa, replied the plastic smile not once leaving her features.

"Now onto my questions, who is your employer?" she asked

"Can't say sorry love" Eames replied with a smile "We work so many jobs nowadays that, well, names mean so little and are so easily forgotten"

I looked at Ariadne hoping that she wouldn't say anything; she told me that she was new to this line of work and considering who she worked with I doubted she had ever been in this situation. They may torture us, starve us and quite possibly kill us, but if we told them who we were employed by we would be in a lot more trouble. Especially if the employer was as powerful as Eames said he was, we wouldn't be the only ones in danger our employer would destroy our entire families.

"Hmm, well then if you can't remember I guess I will just have jolt your memory" She told us, a small pout taking over her features "Jones"

The bulky man who went by Jones walked over to Eames and cracked his knuckles. A smirk ran across his face at the small sigh that Eames let out.

"Damn and I was hoping to get through this one with no bruises" He muttered

"Wait!" Ariadne called out as Jones pulled his fist back and aimed at Eames's face

"Well?" the woman asked turning her focus to Ariadne facing her back to me

"I…umm…well" Ariadne stuttered her glance going from Jones to Eames and then back at Vanessa.

Taking my chance I took a quick glance to ensure that Jones wasn't paying attention to anyone but Eames and I aimed a kick at the side of Vanessa's knee. I heard an audible crack coming from the joint and jumped to my feet.

Jones landed the hit to Eames's face and the turned around to face me, while Vanessa screeched at him to kill me. Unable to use my hands I went for dodging the big guy until I managed to trip him. Eames staggered over to the man who was trying to get back up and landed a kick to his head.

"Eye for an eye, darling" He muttered before he spat out some blood. A nasty bruise was already forming around his swelling eye.

"Good job Ariadne" I smiled, she had probably been about to tell Vanessa everything, but in doing so she had given me the opportunity to enable our escape.

Ariadne nodded shaking and followed me out of the room. We were in a condo of some sorts and judging by the amount of empty beer cans on the counter in the kitchen, there were plenty more hired thugs hanging around. I walked into the empty kitchen grabbed a knife off the sink.

With some difficulty, and a few minor cuts, I managed to force the knife beneath the zip lock and release my hands. I freed Eames and Ariadne before pocketing the knife. It wouldn't protect me from bullets but it made me feel better to know that I could still cause some damage if I needed to.

"Well lets go" I mentioned to Eames who nodded and turned to the door

"Wait what about Arthur?" Ariadne called out to us and we turned to face her

"Arthur can save himself; no doubt he is already doing so with Ileana" Eames told her

"Yeah but he may wind up where we were cause we escaped" Ariadne argued

Eames sighed and Ariadne smile knowing she had won the small dispute.

The three of us begun to sneak through the house in search of Arthur

"He has to be here somewhere" Ariadne scowled

A groan came from down the hallway along with the sounds of a door being closed and a shower being turned on.

I cleared my throat and tried to ignore the angry blush that was crawling across my neck and cheeks

Ariadne looked at me in understanding, a light blush coating her cheeks as well, then looked at Eames

"Can you get him, neither of us want to see that…again" She whispered to him

Eames snorted and moved off towards the noise and soon returned with a partially dressed Arthur who was struggling to walk and was holding onto Eames for support.

"He's been drugged" Eames told us motioning towards Arthur who did look rather out of it.

"Tch. Let's just go" I snarled in anger and jealousy

"Where to?" Ariadne asked walking beside me as Eames followed behind us half carrying the drugged point man.

"Paris" I told her with a smile "Let's go to Paris"