Only a fool does not fear. Tamers drabble.

Ruki M/Rika N

Rating: T

Genre/s: ?

She rarely feared. Some would even go as far as to claim that she feared not at all, but that was a foolish notion. Because only a fool does not fear, and though young, experience had taught her wisdom.

There was a time, as there is for any little child, where fear was a natural instinct, something immediately felt when any sort of threatening situation (in perspective of course) arose. As time goes on, one becomes immune in certain aspect, and when life slips into the mundane, they find that they fear little, if at all.

And that invites recklessness. The drive to try other things. She had her opportunity in Renamon, and watched the battles with a critical and calculating eye as they turned into simply another part of her mundane life. Fear did not enter the equation until she almost lost her partner forever.

Fear brought her wisdom. Once, he would reject what caused her fear, but she know knew:

The key wasn't in rejecting fear. It was facing it.

So she did fear.

Though in the eye of the public, rarely.