So maybe my idea of running off into the middle of a thick forest wasn't exactly a great idea. I knew absolutely nothing about the geography of Randel, other than it bordered our ally nation, Orde, and that the lands were absolutely rich in nutrients. Perhaps paying attention in class would have prepared me for this sort of situation. I was mostly guessing where to go next from several paths that looked like they were supposed to connect together, but were cut off from one another.

After half an hour of running on and off, I had to stop to catch my breath. I had never gone any longer than an hour for a stroll in the garden, but that was often to appreciate the flowers that were growing each season, and I never went any faster than snail's pace. But now I had to find a town and a job as soon as I could.

It was finally morning, and I was really tired. I wanted to lay down and take a nap before continuing on, but I kept hearing grumbles. "Monsters?" I was now regretting not bringing a weapon with me as well. "These past two days have just been so…" The loudest grumble came… and I felt something in my stomach… it took me a minute to realize that I was actually hungry for once! "There must be some berries around here or something… let's see…" I looked through the forest carefully, scouring through trees for any sign of food. "No luck." Shaking the trees and bushes didn't seem to have an effect either. It wasn't until I stood up from a fall that I felt a little extra weight in my pocket. "What is this? A Cant Holtz?" I stared at the brightly packaged snack. I didn't remember packing it with me when I left. Perhaps it was just my imagination. Relieved to finally find food, I ate the whole entire package before moving on.

Before I knew, it was nightfall, and I was going to have to spend the night sleeping in the forest. I was hesitant, as I wasn't sure who else could be around. Dad never wanted me going out into town by myself because of pick pockets who would steal money from anyone they could. They would be out here for sure. And having the pocket money I saved up over the last few years would be like hitting the jackpot for them.

I found a nice place near the base of a rocky mountain. And by nice… I meant nicer than anywhere else I could have slept in the middle of a dense forest. "Oh well. There's nothing else I can do." I placed all of my valuables inside my small backpack I found when I was looking for the jacket. I snuggled it close to my chest tightly, praying for the best.

I surprisingly slept well, and the next morning I was feeling more energetic than ever. I finally found a well-paved path, and a sign dictating that I was in the country of Orde. At least it was friendly soil. It also stated that within a few minutes, I would reach the capitol city of Mysree. "Finally! A town!" My feet automatically took me closer and closer until I was the top of a hill looking down at the city.

I slid down the hill carefully, and found my way into the town square. People were mostly passing by, looking through the windows of general stores or taking their time at outside markets. For some reason, I came to like it right away. Seeing all of those people in the city was exhilarating, exciting… "It's so amazing here…" The whisper escaped my lips, "I have to stay here and find a job..!" But following that was another small rumble. "Well, maybe I ought to get something to eat first…"

And there you have it! Two chapters done in one day. Again, fairly simple to read since it's the beginning and there isn't too much to it. But I'll probably spend more time on it as things go on.

Next time we'll get to see Liese's (or in this case, Lise) new house, which is known as a spookhouse. Why do you ask? Who knows. We'll also meet Alf who will become a regular ally of Liese's. And Liese will finally figure out what job she should get in Mysree. (But we all know what it is, don't we?)

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I'm trying to regularly update during the holiday week. So far, I'm proud of myself for actually updating. I don't know if I can tomorrow though since my family is having company. Maybe early in the morning or later in the evening? Regardless, stay tuned. :)