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Chapter 6 – Thank you

Soft M – Warning below

"Bones, I love you," Booth said sleepily, he held her close to his heart. They'd made love most of the night, but now it was time to sleep. He didn't even have the energy to kiss her. She'd exhausted him in the best way possible.

Just thinking about how they'd made love, his body grew hard and passion overrode common sense. He rolled her onto her back, sinking his teeth into the tender flesh of her neck. Bones giggled, "Booth, you're insatiable. Had I known, I would have seduced you years ago."

Booth murmured against her throat, "You had your chance seven years ago, Bones."

She chuckled and shifted to kiss the flesh of his chest, enjoying the taste of him, salty and delicious, "Don't remind me of the fool I was, Booth."

Trailing kisses along her breasts, he straddled her hips, careful to keep most of his weight off her. His manhood nudged her center, the curls still slick from the last time they'd made love. She smelled like pure sex and he couldn't' get enough. Changing his mind, he shifted her quickly to have her straddle him instead. He loved having her above him. Her hair hung like a curtain framing her face as she arched her back pressing her breasts into his waiting hands. The weight of them perfect, they glowed in the dying firelight to perfection. He suckled a nipple lightly, then nibbled intently and listened for his second favorite sound…as if on cue, Bones released a deep guttural moan. He murmured against her breast, "God, I love that sound," pressing his manhood into her, she rose like a godness holding his shoulders as she began to ride him hard. His own thoughts became tangled with the delicious tightening of his groin. Realizing though they'd already made love several times, he didn't have much control when it came to her. He flipped her on her back and pressed home, hard. Her legs wrapped about his hips pressing him, if possible, even closer. Sinking his teeth into the tender flesh of her throat, he felt her tighten as her orgasm held him hard, nearly scorching him with her heat. Nothing had ever felt so good. With a last few thrusts, her name on his lips, he emptied himself within her.

Rolling off, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hair tenderly, "Bones, I love you." He held his breath and waited, then he heard it. Bones sleepy voice replied, "I love you, too, Booth."

Soft M – Warning ended

A few hours later, the sun's rays streaked brightly through the window. Booth awoke and realized, as he glanced at his watch, that it was after 8. Shaking his head in surprise, he remembered now why he'd over slept. She was as naked as a jaybird snuggled into him with one long, delicious leg draped over his own. For a moment, he thought he'd wake her then decided to let her sleep. Just as he was withdrawing from her, her arms tightened as she held him in place and murmured, "Oh, no, you don't. Every morning I've woken up alone. I'd rather wake up with you."

Kissing her lips softly, Booth murmured, "I can't think of anyplace I'd rather be." He then proceeded to make love to her again.

Hours later Booth was once again making breakfast as Bones made coffee. He'd restocked the fire and the cabin was put back in order. He and Bones had already taken down the ornaments and repacked the treasure box. Both knew it was only a matter of time before a search party came looking for them. Sitting down, they shared breakfast and Booth broached a subject he almost dreaded but it needed to be discussed.

"Bones, are we in a good place?" Booth asked not quite knowing how to phrase his question.

"The cabin's fine, Booth, we have enough food and supplies to last a few more days," Bones said, confused why Booth was concerned.

Picking up her hand Booth smiled and clarified, "I meant about us, are we in a good place?"

Bones laughed, "Oh, sorry about that, I took you quite literally." She clasped his hand and said, "I believe we are in a better place Booth."

Smiling he leaned in to kiss her, she tasted like maple syrup, coffee and something distinctly like Bones. Pulling back, a new thought occurred, and shocked, he said, "Bones, we might have a problem."

Confused by Booth's sudden withdrawal she asked, "Do you mean the FBI? I don't think that'll be much of a problem, I'll simply refuse to work with another agent."

"Ah, good. But, that wasn't what I was thinking," Booth said as he stood and pulled her into his arms. He stared down into her beautiful cerulean blue eyes shining just for him. He just hoped his next words wouldn't extinguish the light. "Last night, we didn't use any protection, you could be pregnant."

Booth waited anxiously for her reaction; instead of confusion, she smiled softly and said, "Booth, if it happened, it happened. I hadn't really changed my mind; I still wanted your child, I'd just pushed that dream into the background."

Booth smiled and kissed her lips softly, then said, "And I want you to have our child, I can't think of anything more perfect."

Trailing a finger along his chest, Bones smiled slyly, "We could work on that, you know what a perfectionist I am."

Booth grabbed her finger and laughed, "Ah, Bones, let's not rush it. If it happened, it happened, but I want to enjoy you for a while without the morning sickness if we can help it."

Bones pouted and said, "Spoil sport."

Just then a knock could be heard at the door. Kissing her once more briefly, knowing once he opened the door his perfect holiday would be over.

Letting her go, but trailing his hand along her arm until she was out of reach he finally focused on the knock at the door.

"Do you think they suspect?" Angela asked.

"I doubt it. No one knows that I had an Uncle Frank. Heck, until we married, all you knew was that I was loaded and the sole heir of the Cantilever Group," Hodgins replied as they waited for the door to open.

"Well, I hoped it worked, those two are the most stubborn, loveable people we know. The way I see it, we didn't have a choice, did we?" Angela asked, suddenly anxious.

"Shh, whatever you do, don't let on or Mike will get in trouble and Dr. B will rip his head off," Hodgins said in an anxious whisper.

"Hodgins, I hear footsteps, look anxious," Angela whispered.

Just then Booth opened the door looking none the worse for wear. If anything, he looked more relaxed then he had in years. Angela wrapped him in a hug and said, "Oh, we were so worried; the FBI called us this morning checking to see if you were at the lab, but only a body was delivered, no Booth."

Hodgins stepped forward and shook Booth's hand and added, "Glad to see you're okay; we volunteered to drive out here to investigate. You know me, love field work. Once we spotted your broken down SUV and saw the shoveled out path, we put two and two together and here we are. Is Dr. Brennan with you?"

Booth smiled and answered, "She sure is." Then called out loudly, "Bones, its Angela and Hodgins."

Booth let them in and stepped out onto the porch for a brief moment and thought, Thank you!

Just as he turned back to the cabin, he heard Angela cry out, "Bren, is that a hickey?"

The End

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