It's my first time writing a fic and now matter how many times I read fan fiction I'll never be able to catch the awesomeness of how to write. Don't judge, most of you were beginners at one point too. This is dedicated to a friend on Twitter, the one and only Caroline, SouthernFanGirl. Patty Belcher should be jealous Since I know no one really reads authors notes and I know damn well I usually skip past these things I'll just say that Bones and it's characters or whatever the fuck that has to do with the show isn't mine. It belongs to Squart/Fox.

It's 12pm at FBI headquarters and there isn't much to do today. Caroline Julian was very bored since she had already finished all of her paperwork for the day. Not so far away she could hear a slight argument between her favorite non-couple.

"Oh come on Bones, you have to know who Justin Bieber is! Pops wants to take us to a concert"

"Booth I have no interest in singing beavers!"

"He's not a beaver Bones, he is this cute little Canadian kid all the teen girls are gaga over."

"Anthropologically speaking teen girls..."

Before the situation could escalate further our most favorite puckish prosecutor decided to jump in. "Cher you should know better than to confuse the good doctor. Cherie, Justin Bieber is a mistake made by two idiots with too much time on their hands. Now who is 'Pops'?"

"Pops is Booth's grandfather, he's quite charming"

"Booth, Cherie, you and Dr oblivious to pop-culture go solve that case you are so diligently working on and I will go to the concert with your 'Pops'."

"Are you sure Caroline, Hank can be a handful"

"I happen to think Hank is wonderful Booth"

"Well yeah Bones but you saw him..."

"I hate to interrupt this little love fest Cherie but are you going to give me the tickets or wait until the next millennium?"

(couldn't think of anything more for that last part so let's skip to Caroline/Pops meet at the concert.)

"You must be Ms Julian"

"Thank you captain obvious"

"I like big butts and I cannot lie"

(Fast forward)

Booth & Brennan come in and find Caroline sexing up Hank. Cockysocks and SouthernFanGirl walk in, cockysocks gets heartburn and SFG laughs like a maniac. Booth & Brennan ask who they are and C says she's the puppet master. Booth & Brennan kiss, make little Emily & little David. Hank & Caroline twarry and Caroline becomes Booth's grandma.

Happy New Years everyone! And yes, this made no sense but I don't care.