Hand in hand, we walk along the beach, watching Thor play in the waves.

For the first time, we both have the day off without there being an event or closing the shop. Daisy, Cam, and Emmett are working the floor while Jasmine, Rose, and Lily attend the café.

All the kids – home for the summer – had insisted.

We talk about them, both of us proud of the choices they're making.

Cam's passion to become a vet.

Daisy, who wants to learn my job and take over.

Lily and Jasmine, who are following Rose and Edward's footsteps.

Life feels complete.

A/N: *sniff* This is it: the last chapter of these boys. Believe me, we'll miss them as much as you do. We hope that you've enjoyed their journey. We certainly loved sharing their story. Thank you again for the generous donations during FGB Eclipse, which made this story possible.

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