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"Chief of Security log, StarDate 22370.9. The ship has crashed onto a class E planet. Only the eight of us survived the crash. Chief Medical Officer Jeffery Lockey and I found the Captain and First Officer dead on the bridge- well what was left of it. This event promotes me to Acting Captain. The surroundings are dry, and every night there is a sandstorm and the temperature drops well beneath zero. We depend on the few replicators that work and the ship to protect us. However I fear it won't last. Dades out." Kylie sighed and closed her communicator. She turned and faced her crewmen. Jeff was looking them over for any serious injuries post-crash. Kylie had escaped with only mild bruises scattered across her body and a thin slice on her right cheek.

"You're all right, Jameson. Elena you're next," Jeff said motioning for Jameson to move and Elena to sit down. They swapped and Jeff looked at Kylie.

"Heckler has a concussion- he's lying down at the moment on my orders. Christopher and Lucas are nursing crack ribs and Gendas has a twisted ankle," Jeff said briefly. Kylie nodded and rubbed her forehead, her other hand resting on her hip.

"And yourself?"

Jeff sighed and cleared Elena. "I got a headache and the dry air is tearing up my lungs. But other than that-."

"Jeff!" Kylie interrupted, rolling her eyes. "How did Elena and Jameson get by uninjured?"

"Turbolift," Jameson answered massaging his neck.

Kylie closed her eyes and bobbed her head. She looked up into the sky, noticing the dark clouds approaching and the wind beginning to pick up."We should get back in the ship. Jeff, do you have enough supplies to last for awhile?"

Jeff ran a hand through his short black hair. "Maybe- I'd have to take a count."

Kylie sighed she wasn't cut out for this. "Then do it! Gosh Jeff, you know I'm not up for this! Please just imagine Captain Jackson giving you orders. I'm a security officer not a leader." Jeff's mouth went into a straight line. He nodded and climbed into the ship. Kylie kicked a small rock; it flew several feet and then hit the ground.

Jameson played with his hands. "Captain?"

Kylie turned. "Don't call me that. It's Commander Dades- like it has always been." Jameson nodded.

"Commander, we've had the beacon going for three hours. The message should have reached a Star base by now."

"Your point Lieutenant?" Kylie asked crossing her arms.

He sighed. "How long should we wait before we give up?" Kylie stared at him that thought had never occurred to her.

After some thought an answer occurred to her, "Well Jameson- we've done all we can to call for help. Best thing we can do now is map out this area and try to support ourselves until help comes."

Jameson nodded. "Yes, but do we wait forever for that help?"

Kylie rubbed her arms. "As long as it takes. I'm going to rest in my cabin- don't forget to seal the bulkheads." He nodded again and Kylie slowly climbed up to the hatch.

In her cabin she fell onto her bed, clutching a pillow to her chest. The chaos that had brought this- this nightmare to reality seemed surreal. What haunted her most wasn't the crash, rather finding all the bodies in engineering and on the bridge.

"Jim, save me," she whispered desperately.

The remnants of the ship shook as the sandstorm begun. Kylie got up and went to the intercom.

"Gendas, have you fixed the life support systems?" she asked.

"Yee-es ma'am, but only for the cabins," Gendas answered.

Kylie nodded. "Mm hm, I'll alert Jeff and the others although I'm sure they can figure that out on their own." She gradually fell back into her chair, and tried to make contact with Jeff.

After everyone was notified Kylie washed her face and crawled into bed.

"Captain, we're picking up an emergency signal from the USS Ulysses," Sulu said whirling around to face the Captain.

Bones crossed his arms. "Wasn't that-?"

"-Kylie's ship," Kirk finished. "Mark a course to provide assistance Chekov. Uhura, try to make contact."

"Course plotted and laid in zir," Chekov said.

Kirk nodded. "Warp three, ensign. Engage." Kirk turned in his chair to face his first officer. "Mr. Spock, estimated time of arrival?"

"At our current speed we shall arrive in four hours precisely," he answered.

"Thank you Mr. Spock, you have the bridge. I will be in my quarters," Kirk said standing up and going into the turbolift. Bones followed him in, when the doors slid shut Bones sighed.

"I'm sure she's okay, Jim. She always told us she was a tough girl to break," Bones said.

Kirk sighed and rubbed his face. "I know—doesn't make me worry any less though." Bones clapped him on the back.

"Rest, before you know it we'll be there."

"I didn't want to leave without saying good bye," Kylie said entering Kirk's quarters.

"Why do we have to say good bye?" he asked jumping to his feet. Kirk walked over to her and brushed her hair behind her ear.

"Because I've been assigned to the USS Ulysses, they're awaiting my signal to beam me up," she explained sadly.

"How long are they willing to wait?"

"Not even five minutes," Kylie murmured as she watched the sadness intensify in his expression.

"Kylie, Kylie, Kylie!"

Kylie's eyes shot open and she sat up.

"Kylie?" Jeff's voice said over the intercom. Kylie closed her eyes and flipped the communiqué switch.

"Yeah Jeff?"

"Jameson says we're being hailed by the USS Enterprise. They're coming to get us," he said, the giddy clear in his voice. "Did ya hear me Ky? The USS Enterprise!"

"Yeah, I heard you. I'll be there momentarily, Jeff," Kylie said smiling at her fellow officer's enthusiasm. Kylie hopped off the bed and went into her closet for a heavy coat, and then she slipped her boots on. She ran out of her room, clutching her coat to her, and ran for sick bay. Kylie raced in and panted.

"Can't you at least keep your autopsies in the morgue, Jeff?" she muttered to herself as she strode over to his office.

"-Ah there she is," Jeff greeted.

Elena smiled. "It's the Enterprise- they want to talk to you." Kylie nodded and moved behind Jeff, she grinned.

"Hello Spock. Where's Jim?" Kylie asked.

Spock nodded. "Hello Dades. The Captain is in his quarters at present. I estimate we shall arrive in twenty minutes."

Kylie nodded. "We certainly aren't going anywhere. Contact us again when you arrive."

Spock nodded a final time and then ended the frequency.

"Captain to the bridge, we have arrived at Marrietta V," Spock said.

Kirk nodded and responded. "On my way." He got up off his bed and looked in the mirror. After combing his hair with his fingers and straightening his uniform he left his quarters for the turbolift.

"Anything from the planet?" Kirk asked sitting down.

Spock nodded. "Yes, we were able to establish contact with the survivors."


"There were eight survivors of the crash. Miss Dades is one of them," Spock added checking several scans of the planet coming in through the sensors.

Kirk sighed with relief and got up. "We ready to beam down and assess the situation?" Spock put his hands behind his back.

"I believe so, Captain." Kirk clapped his hands together.

"Well, let's get to it." He and Spock walked into the turbolift together.

"Miss Dades has informed me of the climate change at night. She suggested it might be wise for us to beam directly into the ship rather than outside."

Kirk smiled. "Sounds like good advice to me."

Kirk and Spock met up with Bones, Scotty, and Lieutenant Carlson.

"Ready to go Bones?" Kirk asked stepping onto the transport pad.

"I'm never ready to have my atoms scattered through subspace. One thing off and I die Jim!" he grumbled.

Kirk rolled his eyes. "Like I haven't heard that one before. Energize Ensign."

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