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It was nearing Nationals and the William McKinley Glee club decided it was time for them to check out the competition from other states. It was Regionals down South in Texas. The Glee club, along with Mr. Schue, and their chaperone, Ms Pillsbury, arrived at the hotel they were to stay at for the next two nights. After checking-in and bringing up the luggage to their floor, they all stood at the hallway, getting ready to settle in to the rooms.

"Okay, team, I have prepared everything for our little trip. The only thing left is the room assignments," Mr. Schue announced to his students. "Ms Pillsbury and I were able to get funds from the school and they were generous enough to give us an amount that could get us 8 rooms – that means we'll all have to pair up. Well, except for Emma and I – we get our own rooms."

"Oh! But girls and boys can't pair up together," Emma quickly added. "We don't want anything to happen during this trip."

A couple groans from the guys were heard – Sam's being a tad bit more noticeable than the rest. Despite being with Quinn for quite some time, they've never been past the making out stage. He never complained especially since he made that whole monologue when he gave her the promise ring. But sometimes, it was terribly difficult for him to not want more when he was making out with the most beautiful girl he's ever met.

"That won't be a problem," Brittany and Santana both said at the same time, with a smile on their faces.

"Mr. Schue," Finn called his attention. "One of us guys won't have a roommate since Puck had to stay back home and watch over his sister."

"That's okay. Who's the lucky one who won't be sharing a room with anyone?"

"That would be me," Sam said.

"Sorry, man. I would totally share a room with you but my mom packed my stuff and Kurt's in one bag to save space," Finn said to his buddy.

"It's totally cool," the blonde boy replied. It was a good thing Puck didn't come. Sam thought it would've been awkward having to share a room with him anyway. Ever since Sam got together with Quinn, it was cold between the two boys. They never talk about it but they both knew Puck still wasn't over her.

Meanwhile, while the guys have finished pairing up – Kurt and Finn, Artie and Matt, and Sam by himself – over at the girls side, one person wasn't too happy with who she had to share a room with.

"I guess its you and me Quinn," Rachel walked over to the blonde girl.

"Mercedes, I can't believe you don't want to share with me," Quinn said, completely ignoring the brunette.

"Tina isn't really close with the others and I'm pretty sure you'll be fine," Mercedes explained. "Besides, us girls thought it would be funny to dump the two of you together."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Oh well, at least all the rooms are right beside each other. I can stay at your room until I absolutely have to sleep already."

"Okay! So we're all set," Mr. Schue said after he handed out the keys to each pair. "I'll see you all in the morning then. Get a good night's rest everyone."

"Hey," Sam managed to sneak behind Quinn before she could go inside her room. "So, I'm gonna be all alone tonight, I was wondering if you might wanna…"

"Sam, you heard Ms Pillsbury," Quinn smiled.

"I know, I'm just saying, later tonight, you could sneak out your room. We could hang out in mine, maybe watch Avatar on my laptop. I know you're not comfortable sharing a bed, so you can sleep on the extra bed…and I'll try my best not to lose my mind when I see you in your adorable pajamas," Sam said before kissing his girlfriend.

They were the only ones left in the hallway.

"As tempting as watching Avatar for the millionth time sounds, we'll see," Quinn stood on the tips of her toes to lean over and kiss her boyfriend.

"Here," Sam handed her a keycard. "That's the extra key to my room."


Later that evening…

Quinn couldn't sleep. It was close to 2 in the morning and her eyes weren't anywhere near to closing. Her thoughts started to wander off. She thought about Beth. She thought about Puck. Heck, she even thought about Finn. Three people from the past year that she has loved and let go. She didn't regret anything only pondered on what could've been.

Then, she began to think about was how close to perfect her life is now. After all that happened during her sophomore year, going back to her normal life was more than she could ever ask for. Her junior year in his school was turning out great and the best part of it was Sam. How lucky is she to have found a guy like him.

Quinn decided to spend the night over at his room. She quietly grabbed the keycard from the side table beside her bed, threw on a bathrobe, and snuck out of her room, making sure not to wake up Rachel (mainly because Rachel would definitely snitch on her for leaving the room late at night). A couple of doors down from her own room was Sam's. She stuck the key in the slot, firmly grabbed on to the door and pushed it open. His room was a bit bigger than the one she's sharing with Rachel. It had a receiving that led to the bedroom itself. She could hear the opening music of Sam's favorite movie. She closed the door quietly and walked towards Sam. He was sitting against the wall wrapped in a blanket with his laptop resting on a pillow on top of his lap.

"I thought you were kidding when you said we were gonna watch Avatar," Quinn said, sitting on the edge of his bed.

"You came," Sam sat up, nearly knocking the laptop off the pillow.

"Someone seems excited," Quinn said. She slowly undid the rope around her waist and let the bathrobe drop to her feet. Sam's eyes lingered a little too long on her. She made her way to his bed and crawled beside him. "Hi," she gave him a peck on the lips and cuddled beside him.

"You look…nice," Sam couldn't help how short her silk nightgown was. He wondered why small beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. Earlier, he had to hide under the blanket because it was too cold. "I don't know why I'm sweating," he chuckled nervously.

Quinn giggled at how adorable he was. "Then why don't you get out of this blanket," she grabbed the white sheet and pulled it away, revealing Sam in nothing but blue boxers. "Oh my…"

Aside from that time when the Glee club had to do Rocky Horror, Quinn has never seen Sam shirtless. And even during Rocky Horror days, she never got to see him shirtless up-close either. This was the first time she ever saw a body as fit as Sam's. Finn's body wasn't bad at all. Puck's was a bit better than Finn's. But Sam… It got her thinking about things she shouldn't. Quinn unconsciously licked her lips and Sam definitely caught her doing it.

"You okay?" he asked, breaking her out of her fantasy. Seeing her revel at his body boosted his confidence.

"Why don't we put this away," Quinn shut his laptop close and Sam placed it on the side table.

As soon as he put the laptop away, she quickly climbed on top of him, kneeling, with legs on either side of him. Shit, Sam mentally cursed as he could feel his boxers tighten at the sight of Quinn on top of him. Her already tiny sleeping gown hiked up a little that if it went up a little more, he could see the bottom of her underwear. She had a seductive look in her eyes as she pulled her hair out of its usual ponytail and let her blonde locks fall to her shoulders. She placed both her hands on his chest – his taut, muscular chest. All she could think about now was so much she wanted him…physically. She slid her hands down, grazing her nails lightly over his chest down to his abs that twitched at her touch.

Sam held her by the shoulders and pulled her down on him to kiss her. It wasn't long until they deepened their kiss. Sam rested his hands on the small of her back, pulling her body closer to his. She could feel the contours of his abs under the thin material of her gown and it turned her on. Sam laid kisses on her neck and it was driving her to the edge.

"Wait," Quinn pushed herself off him and she was sitting back up on top off him again.

"Whoa," Sam whispered.

This was the farthest they've ever been – making out half-naked. Part of him wanted more. He wanted to show her how much he loves her and how much he wants to give her pleasure in every form. But part of him wasn't sure if she's ready to take that big step and he didn't want to pressure her. It was a good thing that she stopped. His cool off technique wasn't working.

He was able to think of a better cooling off technique than Beiste in compromising positions. When things got hot and heavy with Quinn, all he had to do was picture Avatar. In the movie, when Jake Sully and Neytiri make love, they connect their long braid of hair with each other's – the same ones they use to connect with the Direhorse's antenna. That picture completely disturbed him and worked for most of the times he needed to cool off.

"Were we going too far?" Sam asked, innocently. "I'm sorry."

"You're such a gentleman," Quinn leaned down a kissed him on the lips before sitting back up again. "I have a gift for you…"


Sam was expecting Quinn to stand up and come back with a wrapped box but instead, she was still on top of him. It was only until she was holding the hem of her dress that he understood what she meant. He was replaying Avatar over in his head but he decided to give up when it wouldn't work. He was completely hard up.

"Wait," Quinn smirked, seeing how excited he was. She didn't want to point it out but she could feel his full erection beneath her. "It's your gift, maybe you should unwrap it."

"Fuck yes," Sam quickly sat up, and fixed themselves. They were kneeling in front of each other, passionately making out. Sam held on to the bottom of her dress, slowly hiking her gown up until it was finally on the floor. Under her white, silk gown was lacy, black underwear. "Fuck," Sam cursed for the second time.

Sam pushed her down on the bed and the both made out. His hands travelled all over her body and this time, she allowed him to. I am the luckiest bastard ever! Sam thought to himself. Here he was in his room with a beautiful girl, with nothing on but underwear, under him.

Quinn's not sure how far she's gonna let this go. They have been together for quite a while and Sam kept to his word about not pressuring her but she knew she wasn't ready to go all the way. They stuck to first base. Although Sam wasn't like most guys (he was one-of-a-kind), Quinn had to admit that he was still a guy and they had needs, which is why she's here in his room with him. He trailed kisses from her lips, down her neck, all the way down to the middle of her breasts. The sensation of his kisses and the way his hands rubbed her body made her think of sinning. She let him have his way with her a bit, letting him kiss her body. Then, she reversed roles with him again, with her on top. This time, she trailing kisses all over his chest and body.

"Say my name, Sam," she moaned in his ears as she kissed his neck, her hips slowly grinding against his hardened member.

If it wasn't because of the promised he made her before, he would've taken her right then and there. She was practically begging for it. His mind was starting to grasp the fact that they were dry humping in his bed. Quinn Fabray, the girl who wouldn't let him touch her thigh, was grinding against him right now.

"I said, say my name."

"Quinn," he said, or rather, moaned.

The couple continued to make out. It was near 3 in the morning already and they had to get up at 8 to see the other competing glee clubs perform for their Regionals. Everyone should be asleep by now, judging by how quiet it was. Sam and Quinn couldn't feel a bit sleepy while they enjoyed each other's company. However, not everyone was asleep after all.

After debating with himself that day, Puck decided to join his glee clubmates to check out the competition. He snuck out his mom's car and drove down to Texas to follow after them. He arrived at the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. There better be hot chicks tomorrow, he thought to himself. He was a bit grumpy, being alone for hours in the car. He had called Mr. Schue earlier that night and Mr. Schue gave him directions to the hotel and told him that left a spare key to Puck's room at the front desk.

After passing by the reception desk to get his key and flirt a little with the young girl at the desk, he went up to his room, excited to crash on the bed and sleep. He didn't bring much except for a backpack full of clothes and other stuff he would need. Soon, he was in front of his room, fitting the keycard into the slot and pushing the door open. He dropped his bag on the floor and shut the door behind him. He took a couple of steps inside and he could hear that he wasn't alone in the room. He could hear people moaning. He tiptoed his way to find out who they were. He spotted a pink bathrobe and a white sleeping gown on the floor. Two chicks? Did Schue put me in Brit and Santana's room?, he started to think. Hell yeah! Threesome!

He moved in closer and saw that it wasn't Brittany and Santana but rather Quinn and Sam. They were both so enrapt in pleasure they didn't notice the third person in the room. It took a while for Puck to digest what was happening. Quinn in a barely-there bra and panty and Sam in boxer shorts. How did this guy get Quinn, the former president of the celibacy club, down to her underwear? Quinn was down on all fours on top of Sam giving Puck a nice view of her behind. He was turned on by the sight of it but at the same time, he wanted to beat up Sam who might get lucky tonight if Puck left the room.

As they kissed, Sam let his hands roam the length of her back, his fingers fumbling every time her bra came in the way.

"Take it off," Quinn instructed.

"What the hell?" Puck accidentally said out loud. What the heck has gotten into Quinn? Oh shit, I said it outloud.

Quinn and Sam whipped their heads towards the unexpected visitor.

"Puck, what are you doing here?" Sam asked, a bit annoyed. He quickly grabbed a pillow and covered Quinn.

"I figured you guys would feel empty without Puckzilla so I decided to drive here."

Sam got up from bed and got Quinn's sleeping gown and bathrobe from the floor. He handed her the gown and used the bathrobe to cover her while she slipped back into her silk gown. Puck rolled his eyes at how much of a gentleman Sam was being. After Quinn got dressed, she stood up from Sam's bed.

"See you tomorrow," she said before heading back to her room. She intentionally bumped into Puck as she made her way out. She was annoyed too that her fun was cut short – by Puck, no less.

Puck grabbed his bag and brought it over to the empty bed. Sam jumped back on his bed with a loud, annoyed sigh. He was so close to unhooking Quinn's bra. He was so close to seeing her breasts for the first time. Who knows how far she would've let him go. Worst part of all, he had a feeling that would be the first and last time they would get to have that much fun in the near future.

"I would apologize for being a buzzkill," Puck said. "But I'm not sorry. Not one bit. I'm glad I came just in time too."

(Written: January 1, 2011)