A long, long time ago, a galaxy far, far away was at war.

It had been at war for decades and would stay that way for

quite some time to come. Many centuries later, some historians

would look back and call this period the Sixty Years War, while their

colleagues would distinguish several different conflicts in that time span,

denying a common origin for all of them. For the beings living through those

disputed years, though, History had not yet coalesced from the stories of their lives.


These are some of those stories, brief glimpses into a world both terrifying and intriguing. Be

advised, though, that this is a world of many shades of grey. A world of honorable foes and vengeful

mobs, where the adage about terrorists and freedom fighters might be true both ways. A world where the roles

of heroes and villains may flip, depending on a certain point of view. A point of view that changes between stories, for

there is no connection between them, nor a fixed timeline to follow, beyond the fact that all take place during the Emperor's

reign. Some settings are dark, some lighter, some stories short, some a bit longer, most will feature people you have never heard

of before – and probably never will hear of, again – except for one reoccurring character that plays a pivotal role in each and every story.

A/N: I confess to have some strong pro-Imperial feelings because, admit it, Darth Vader is by far the coolest character of the lot and he is canonically always on the Empire's – not necessarily the Emperor's, but always the Empire's – side. So, while I try to have some decent people on both sides of the fence (or even sitting on the fence), if there is a truly nasty character, it won't be an Imperial OC. Canon provides enough of those so I guess it balances out, in the end. I'm not painting the Alliance black, though, if human history is anything to go by, resistance against the Empire is such a bloody mess of independent groups – and individuals – of any degree of idealism, morality and bloodthirstiness that literally anything goes. Still, if you prefer to see the entirety of the Empire's forces as epitomes of evil and every single creature to oppose them as paragons of virtue, some of these stories might not be what you want to read. Feel free to skip those, or even better, tell me why things can't possibly happen that way, in galaxies far, far away.

A/N 2: I'm not much into the Expanded Universe, so I try to keep compliant with the Movieverse, but everything else is fair game.

A/N 3: Rating. Well…it's a war, unpleasantries happen. I try to keep it non-graphic, so if you're old enough for the evening news, you're old enough to read this. How old does this make you? I say T should do, but if you have strong arguments otherwise, rating might change.