"You mind moving over?"

Arching a brow, Lightning did not budge an inch as she eyed the annoyed blond through a haze of halfhearted slumber, raking her fingers through her hair. "I already have."

Cloud unsuccessfully attempted to kill the tick in his jaw. "You mind moving over some more?"

" … No."

He stood in irritated silence, too exhausted from a lengthy battle to tighten his fists and simply push his way onto the bed, his feet sore—the other, though a veil of drowsiness mollified the intensity of her expression, maintained her position in utmost obstinacy, and challenged the swordsman through a mere flicker of her gaze; persistently, the former locked his eyes onto hers and stared, each waiting for one to relent, to see if lines were crossed in a way that lead to complete defeat: It was a miracle Cloud did not fall to the ground in total fatigue by the time an arm lifted the blankets in invitation.

"What was that?" he managed to question, stripping off his armor with a bemused air. When his boots were pulled off, and his gloves neatly placed next to his sheath, he moved onto the mattress and allowed the comforting warmth to envelop him. "It was unnecessary."

"Your lack of sense is unnecessary." Lightning pushed the covers higher over their shoulders. "Now, go to sleep."

"I am."

"And don't kick me. You'll know in the morning if you did or not."


"That was cheating."

"No, that wasn't."

"That was cheating."

"No, that wasn't."

"That was cheat—"

"That wasn't," Lightning candidly interrupted, irritated when Cloud blocked her hands from sweeping up the cards she believed she won. "Do you mind?"

Cloud laid his deck to the side. "Fine: Let's ask Squall."

"What about me?" Swiping his gunblade in the air before he put it at rest, the younger man walked over to the mess of a game and sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose in a way that troubled the others without reserve. "What is this?"

"Triple Triad: The thing you taught us a week ago."

Squall scoffed.

"You think this is a fair game?"

Cloud and Lightning blinked.

"Move over: I'll show you guys what a real game is."

Little did they know that not only did Squall Leonhart save the world, but he also killed it.

In terms of the 'All' rule, that is.


Quickly, Cloud pressed a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

Lightning turned her head to the side.

"That wasn't very creative, was it?"

The blond furrowed his brow. "As if you could do better."

Striding up to her counterpart, said being gripped the back of the swordsman's head and pushed it forward, narrowing her gaze as the other widened his eyes in silent surprise. She hovered her mouth over the latter's sans decorum.

"Watch and learn."