This was written for the wonderful Mcgeesgeek as part of the Secret Santa exchange. I will admit that it was a complete joy to write and i'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

I hope you all enjoy and watch out, because it might start off nice enough but you know me lol. It doesn't mean the rides not going to be a bumpy one.

For those of you that are interested, here's the info about the fic that was handed in..

Summary: Two hearts now beat as one as two members of the NCIS team embark on a lifetime journey together. Joined forever in mind, body and soul, can Abby save her soul mate's life and truly become what Tim always knew she was...His guardian angel?

Rated: M

Categories: Gen, het

Characters: Timothy McGee, Abby Sciuto, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva Da'vid, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, other original NCIS characters.

Genre: Angst, Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort

Warnings: Contains scenes of a sexual nature; violence

Spoilers: None. Set two years after Season 7

Prompt: Situation where a member of the team gets hurt and must rely on the other team mates to get out of harm's way safely;a time or set of events that go horribly awry

Chapter 1

Abby stood in front of the mirror and smoothed her hands down the smooth black silk that formed her wedding dress. At first, she had been torn between several dresses that varied in styles and as she stood in the shop, the decisions flitted around in her mind...White or ivory? No, maybe scarlet or maroon? No, Ooh Ooh...Perfect!

She still believed that she'd made the right choice and looked at it lovingly in the mirror. Glancing up, she caught Ziva's eyes looking at her with adoration and love and smiled warmly.

"How does it look?"

"Oh Abby. It looks wonderful. You truly look beautiful." Ziva moved towards Abby and placed her hand on her friend's arm. Abby turned towards the touch with a smile on her face. "You are very lucky, Abby. The day is yours and McGee's to enjoy so do not worry about anyone else. You have both waited for so long to get here and you truly deserve to be happy."

"Ziva, you have no idea ho..." Abby choked back a sob wrapped her arms around her friend.

"Do not cry, Abby. Your mascara will run and ruin the rest of your makeup." Ziva pulled back and reached up to thumb the tears away.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so happy. You know, red is a good colour on you."

Ziva grinned and moved to stand in front of the full length mirror that Abby had moved away from. She had to admit; the dress was elegant and complimented Abby's dress perfectly. She took in the beautifully fitted deep red bodice and floor length skirt and sighed heavily...Always the bridesmaid.

"So, when are you going to make an honest man out of Tony?"

Ziva was stunned and blinked as Abby's words sunk in. "Honest man?"

"Sure, you know next year is a leap year right? Well that means you can be the one to propose to him on February 29th. You've been together for long enough so why not just go for it."

Ziva turned back to the mirror and grinned broadly at the thought. "Now there is an idea but Gibbs is still unaware of us."

"Still? I thought you told him."

"We were going to, but things keep getting in the way. For the time being, we are living under the blanket of being just colleagues. We will tell him. You never know, next year it could be me in the wedding dress."

Abby giggled with mirth and waited for Ziva to move before moving back to look at herself once more. The dress itself was simple and elegant with a black, crystal encrusted bodice accented with a large red flower at the neck. She had forgone the full meringue skirt, but couldn't resist having something that puffed out slightly. The skirt part of the dress was black silk and there was a thin red sashay of silk that wound round her waist, and tied into a bow at the back so that the tails hung down beautifully to merge with the long train that trailed behind. It was adorned with an intricate pattern of embroidered flowers that were accented by black crystals at the hem that sparkled when the light hit them and along the sides. The deep red embroidered flowers that wound round the circumference of the hem and down the train, gave it the elegance and beauty that every wedding dress should have.

"Did I make the right decision with this dress?" Abby sighed, knowing the answer but, needing the confirmation from her friend.

"Oh yes. I do not think the white would have suited you because, Abby it would not be you. This is you." Ziva pointed to the dress before smoothing down the front where it had ruffled. "Beautiful, simply beautiful. Now Abby, I do believe it is time to go and marry your fiancé."

"Yes. Oh my God! It's time! Ziva, I'm going to marry McGee! I'm going to be Tim's wife." Abby's eyes widened and at that moment, Ziva could see nothing but excitement and happiness for the step she was about to take.

"My father..." Ziva shook her head sadly before continuing. "My father once told me that the secret to happiness is to promise little and do much. I later discovered that it was an old Hebrew proverb but I still, to this day believe in the power of those words."

Abby stood and blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. She leaned down and kissed her friend on the cheek. "Thank you, Ziva."

"You are very welcome. Shall we?" Ziva held out her arm with a smile and watched as Abby pulled herself together and started to make her way out of Gibbs' master bedroom. She couldn't help but think about how symbolic the action was and remembered his words of wisdom that he gave her.

"It's a step towards your new life, Abby. Don't screw it up. Cherish every moment."


"McGee, will you calm down! Jesus you're so nervous that you're gonna be vibrating your way through the ceremony." Tony grasped onto Tim's arm and stilled the frenetic pacing that he had started half an hour ago. "Seriously, how the hell do I explain this to Abby? 'Oh hey Abbs, look I'm really sorry, but we'll have to postpone because McGoo decided to give himself a heart attack from nerves'. Yeah, that's so not working for me."

"What? Oh, um, sorry. Its jus...I'm...I don..."

"Oh hell no, Probie. You are not starting with the stuttering so knock it off! Look, Abby wouldn't let it get to the point of your actually wedding day if she didn't want this. She loves you so quit your pacing, quit your stuttering and for God's sake calm the hell down!."

"I can't help it!" Tim said with an exasperated tone. He flinched when Tony moved in front of him and grabbed him firmly by the biceps so that he could guide him towards the chair.

"Sit!" Tony crouched down in front of his nervous Probie. "What are you so damn worried about? Abby loves you more than anything, hell, we could tell from the first day you started seeing each other again. You're just blind when it comes to stuff like that."

"Tony..." Tim warned but wasn't surprised when Tony ignored his warning.

"Shh a minute. This is something that she wants badly, McGee and if you screw it up or hurt her then you will feel Gibbs' wrath come down on you so hard, that you won't know what hit you. You remember Mexico?"

The memories of Gibbs letting Abby get away with what she did in Mexico five years ago flooded his mind and he slumped back against the chair.

"He'll kill me. I think he'll actually do it too." He sighed heavily and looked Tony directly in the eyes. "I want this, Tony. I love her so much but I can't help but feel nervous."

"That's normal. Come on, Probie being all stoic? That's not gonna happen. Look once you see her standing there in all her gothic gorgeousness, you'll feel differently."

"As much as it pains me to say this, Timothy. Anthony is right." Ducky's voice startled both the younger agents. "And may I remind you both, that it is time to leave?"

They both stood up and Ducky grinned broadly at them.

"My, my. Don't you both look handsome? Timothy, the red waistcoat is striking. Abigail has good taste."

Tim glanced down at his wedding suit and grinned. "Yeah, she does."

Abby had chosen a black suit with tails for Tim and had accented it with a deep red waistcoat that was intricately embroidered with black satin thread. He wore a deep red cravat around his neck that had a black diamond cravat pin through it. The pin had been Abby's wedding gift to Tim and when he opened it, he was in awe of the beautiful, perfect stone that sat on top of the silver setting. There was a note from his fiancé attached.

To my future Husband, Timmy

Only the best for my man. I hope you like it!

I chose it because it will compliment your wedding suit perfectly and want you to know that you are worth every penny that was spent on it. It's a rare stone, Timmy but I feel as though it sums you up perfectly. You have always been the rarity; the tough beauty in my life that makes me feel special and loved and for that, I thank you. And so, for you...

A black diamond for my soul mate and my heart. I love you

Abby x x

Tim thought back to the moment that he pinned it in the cravat and knew that from that moment on, this small pin would be as special to him as the ring that he would soon be wearing.

Tony's suit as best man was similar in style but without the tails and the red waistcoat was plain satin. He wore a black cravat around his neck and even Ducky had to admit that the colour scheme was striking.

"We really should be going, young man. You don't want to arrive after the bride."

Tim nodded at Ducky and sucked in a cleansing breath and slowly let it back out. He looked at Tony with a firm resolve in his eyes.

"Come on Probie, today marks the first day of the rest of your lives." Tim chuckled when Tony adopted the Sean Connery accent and let himself be led out of the room.


They had set the wedding for late August, giving the weather a chance to cool slightly, whilst still offering enough sunshine to make the day truly special. Tim sat in the first pew of the beautiful church that both he and Abby had chosen as their preferred venue and glanced around at the intricate detailing that adorned the interior. It was beautiful and Tim was glad he had the chance to appreciate it before hand because right now, his nerves were shot and until Abby walked down that aisle, it wasn't likely he'd calm down at all. He felt Tony shift as one of the ushers leaned in close but missed what was being said. Before he knew it, he was being guided to the alter and grinned broadly as the wedding march started to play.

"Told you there was nothing to worry about, Probie. Take care of my little sister for me." Tony put his hand on Tim's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"Always, Tony." Tim grinned and turned to see Abby walking through the doors at the back, escorted by Gibbs.

"She looks like an angel." He gasped.

"Yeah, she does." Tony agreed and looked behind Abby at Ziva as she followed down the aisle.

Abby's raven hair had been curled and pinned in a way that some of the curls fell loosely around her delicate, pale cheeks. Her face lit up as soon as she saw her husband to be, and at that moment both lovebirds felt any residual nervousness wash away; today, it was just them affirming their love in the biggest way possible. Today, they would become Mr and Mrs McGee; something that was a long time coming, but now it was finally here, Tim knew that it was right. When she reached the alter, Gibbs leaned over and kissed his surrogate daughter on the cheek before turning to Tim to shake his hand.

"I'm giving her to you now, Tim."

"Thanks, Boss." He grinned broadly and turned back to Abby with nothing but love and adoration in his eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too, Timmy."

They were startled when they heard a low chuckle and the priest started the ceremony...

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here..."