A/N from A.C.: This was spawned from the phrase "Searching for light in the darkness of insanity." from '(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding' from The Stephen Colbert Christmas special. I find it strange how these random songs can bring up thoughts of Nero/Weiss.

I need a little bit of crazy!Nero. He's so fun to write.

He was my anchor. The thing that keeps my mind free of the darkness that has taken my body and most of my soul captive. I love him, he loves me. Everything is just perfect. He is the best thing ever to have come out of Hojo's labs alive. The best thing to have come from Gaia itself!

My dear elder brother, my beloved, my Weiss…

He knows that I am not… all there in my head. He knows my mind sometimes is not my own. But his mind does the same. We share everything, Weiss and I. We share our past, our present, our future… We share our goals, our victories and our failures.

But, most of all, we share our love.

Our group, The Tsviets, is made up of experiments gone wrong. Granted, there's only Shelke, Azul, Weiss and myself, but we still are just like a happy, screwed up family… Rosso… Shiva, how I hate that woman. She's one of us, but I wouldn't ever include her in on our family. I swear she's trying to steal my beloved Weiss away from me.

The others don't understand why I'm so hell-bent on protecting Weiss. They'll never understand what he means to me though. I don't expect them to.


I quickly turned away from watching two people training to look behind me at the very person I had been thinking about, "Hello, dearest Brother."

"Would you mind coming with me, Brother? I wish to speak with you in private."

I gave a small bow of my head, "Of course, beloved Weiss."

"Very good. Follow me, please." He spoke so… commandingly… I wonder what's wrong with him.

I trail behind him without a word as he walks away, heading toward his throne room.

Once we enter the room, Weiss turns around and shoves me up against the wall. My eyes go wide and I gasp out, "Brother!"

"Do you know what you did, Nero? Do you understand what you have done?"

"I didn't do anything, Brother! Nothing! I did nothing!"

"Liar! You don't get it! Nero, they all say you did it. I don't believe them, of course… But they say it was you…"

"What was me? What did I do?"

His grip on my forearms tightened and he let his forehead press against the crook of my neck, "Nero… Nero, just say that you didn't do it."

"I can't say I didn't do something if I don't know what it is, my beloved Brother." I whispered softly, as to not upset him anymore.

"They found a body, Nero, and they think you were the killer…" He whispered brokenly against my shoulder.

"Why do they suspect me, Brother? I don't understand."

"It was Rosso…"

It was this one time that I knew that the mask covering my mouth was a good thing. I was smiling. Ah, I remember my meeting with Rosso so clearly.

Rosso was training, per usual, with Azul. I, being second-in-command, just walked in and asked to speak with her. She nodded and excused herself from her training. We both walked out of the training area and to a room that I knew had no security cameras.

"Why do you need to talk to me, Nero?" Her stupid accent was driving me closer to the edge of my sanity.

I locked the door of the room and turned to her, "Rosso…" I moved quickly, sweeping one leg out, hitting her own legs and knocking her off balance. She fell to the ground with a soft groan. "The Tsviets are no longer in need of you." I nearly snarled, pressing my boot to her stomach to keep her down.

"That's ridiculous, Nero. You still need me! I'm one of the strongest people here! You need me to take down Valentine!"

I let out a manic laugh and ground my boot down against her stomach, relishing in the bubbling cry she gave. "Ridiculous? I think not. You think that you're strong? Well, you're not. Just look at you, Rosso. Pathetic. Being held captive by me of all people." I removed my handgun from its holster and cocked it, watching as Rosso flinched with the noise.

"Nero! You can't do this!"

"Oh, but I can." I aimed the gun at her, my index finger hovering over the trigger. "I've dreamed of this day, Rosso. The day that you would meet your end, but I never thought for a second that I would be doing the honors."

"Nero, you son of a bi—"

I couldn't hear the end of that obvious insult; my finger had accidentally pressed down on the trigger. The bullet soared through the air faster than the eye could see and landed right between that bitch's eyes. I fired twice more just for good measure before unlocking the door and leaving.

"Nero! Nero! Tell me that it wasn't you! Please!" Weiss was acting so out of character and paranoid.

I smiled behind my mask, "Of course it wasn't me, dearest Brother." I put my hand on his shoulder, "Let's get you to your throne, you need rest. You seem to be overly-stressed."

He reluctantly let go of my arms and stood straight up, "Okay…"

"Let me help you release your stress, Brother." I said with a soft purr.

Weiss met my eyes and he smiled, "We haven't touched each other like that in a while, Nero."

"Exactly," I kept that sultry purr in my tone, "So, let me. Tonight is all about you, my dearest Brother. For you to rid yourself of this stress."

I helped him over to his throne, and he rid me of my mask. He sat down and I leaned over and pressed my lips to his, letting the kiss go slowly and passionately. Brother knows that I am the only one that will forever love him. He knows that I will always be here for him. Rosso wasn't. I wonder if this made its way to Weiss' mind yet. The fact that I'll always be here and they won't be. The people that make up our family are nothing but risk-takers. They'll surely kill themselves even when we rely on them staying alive. Foolish.

I pushed my tongue deeper into my Brother's mouth, causing him to groan deeply and move his hands to my narrow hips. He pushed against me in our heated kiss as I tried to get closer to him in turn. We both pulled back at nearly the same time, our lungs burning for air.

"Let me please you, Brother." I whispered against his kiss-swollen lips.

He nodded slowly and watched as I dropped to my knees between his spread legs. I pulled down his drawstring pants just a bit and smirked at my prize. Leaning forward a tad, I gave his swollen member a long lick, watching him shudder and moan because of it. I took him into my mouth and sucked hard, moaning around him at his unique taste. My hands moved to stroke what I wasn't sucking and to hold his hips down.

Looking up as I continued to work on his length, I let out a deep moan at what I saw. Brother's head was tossed back, his cheeks flushed and his eyes were tightly closed. His lips were parted and letting out the sweetest moans. I sucked even harder on him and was rewarded with a buck of his hips and a low cry of pleasure. His hand drifted down to pet my hair and I moaned softly around him.

"So close, my Brother…"

Those words were music to my ears… I sucked harder, wanting to be rewarded with my Brother's sweet essence.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting for my prize, Weiss let himself go. His cry of my name sent shivers up my spine. I let out a soft moan around him as jets of his seed sprayed down my throat. I swallowed every drop I could get, loving his sweet yet bitter taste on my tongue.

His hand kept moving in my hair, "So nice… So wonderful, my Brother… My Nero…"

Yes… His Nero. I belong to him. He belongs to me. I claim him and mark him as my own. No one else shall have him, lest they meet the same fate as Rosso.