A/N from A.C.: And thus the story is over. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. ^_^

Ah, the mechanics of my plan were all coming together. I stood up and moved to be beside Weiss' body, watching the guards that had burst in. There was one guard that was aiming a gun at me and he was standing in front of at least five others. He was shaking, apparently nervous to be near me.

"Y- You're sentenced to death for the m- murder of Rosso and Lord Weiss." His gun was wavering as he aimed it at me.

I smiled softly, I figured as much. It's not very shocking to be sentenced to death for murder here, especially since I found a way out of the prison. I walked over to the guards, standing in front of the one that had spoken to me, "I know."

He blinked, looking shocked either by my lack of a panicked response or by the fact that I didn't just disarm him and kill him so I could escape again. It's obvious that I wouldn't; there are five other guards here for that very reason. But I suppose that I could still, maybe, take them all out. If I was able to take Weiss down so easily, it must not be so hard. I must have under estimated my power and strength.

"You have to come with me now." He said, almost cautiously. He still looked a bit nervous but he also seemed to be growing less afraid of me by the second.

I gave him a small nod, "Yes, I know."

He kept the gun aimed at me, "Will you come with me on your own or will I have to get my men to force you?"

I held up my hands, as if in defense, "I'll come on my own. No need to use force. I knew what the price of my actions was before I committed them."

He gave me a smug smile, "Good. Now, please, follow the others." He pressed the pistol to my back and pushed it forward into my back, right between the mechanics that connect my wings to my shoulder blades.

I stumbled forward and obediently followed the guards, my arms crossed over my chest. They didn't say anything to me or to each other, they all knew where they were going and they knew what was going to be done.

I wasn't scared; I knew they were going to kill me. It didn't come at a big shock when the guard arrived in Weiss' throne room. It wasn't shocking when he said that I was sentenced to death either.

The gun was shoved harder into my back, telling me to move faster. The roughness that the guard was using reminded me that they weren't like Firenze. These guys were trained to kill, not to guard. These ones are trained to fight to the death and follow orders to their own deaths. A low growl left my lips as I was shoved again. I turned my head to shoot him a glare over my shoulder and he smirked at me.

"Where are we going?" I asked him once I turned back around to face the guards in front of me.

"Dungeon." He responded curtly.

I gave a low sigh, "Of course…" The dungeon… I'm going to die there? Why? Can't they just kill me now? I can't be close to my brother in death? I was taken from him in life and now I'm going to be separated in death too? No matter… Weiss and I will be together in eternity once I am sent to the Lifestream. I know Rosso will be sent to Hell and Weiss and I will be safe together forever in the Lifestream. The Gods will be good to us… I know it. The Gods will understand I only did this for love… Won't they..?

I followed them up until we reached the dungeon and the guy behind me shoved me to the ground. I caught myself on my hands and knees on the rough concrete and stone floor. The dungeon was built for torture and dishing out punishments by the Restrictors, but they give permission for others to use it if the need is great. One of the other guards flicked off my hat and grabbed my hair in his fist, yanking me to my feet. I let out a screech of pain and he just started to walk, dragging me behind him. I stumbled behind him, letting out pitiful whimpers and little cries every time he pulled my hair.

He tossed me to the ground when we reached an empty room and he pulled a gun out of a holster on his waist. I looked up at him once I blinked away the pained tears that entered my vision and I gasped when I saw the gun he was holding. He had my pistol… I never even saw any of them pick her up from the throne room floor. He cocked the gun and pointed it at me.

"Anything to say before you die?"

He was much more straightforward than the one that sentenced me to death in the throne room. I nodded as I looked down the barrel of the very gun I cared for and loved my whole life. It was like my child was going to kill me… Strike that… My child is going to kill me…

I kept silent and the guard quickly lost his temper, "Well? Out with it!"

I took in a deep breath and let it out before mumbling lowly, "I don't regret what I did. Not for a moment. They had to die."

The guard looked a bit shocked; did he think it was an accident that I killed them both? "You don't regret killing them?"

"No." I stated bluntly, "They deserved the fate that they got. So do I."

He glared at me, "You make me sick. You killed a teammate and your own brother."

"They had to die." I said curtly.

He aimed the gun at my chest, "So do you, scum."

I saw a flash, heard a loud bang – much louder than when I usually fire the pistol –, and I feel a searing pain pulsate throughout my body. He needs to work on his aim… That bullet merely grazed my heart, it didn't pierce it…

I let out a gasp for breath that just came out in a painful wheeze as my vision grew hazy. I was slowly bleeding to death…

I gave Rosso and Weiss quick deaths and this is how I'm repaid…

I can't see anymore…

The only thing I hear is static… Like millions of little bugs have crawled into my head and made it their home…

My mouth is dry as I wheeze and gasp for air like a fish out of water…

The darkness is seeping into my mind… I'm losing it…


Weiss, Rosso…

I don't regret it…