A/N: This story has been adopted from MomoTessen. Chapters one through four are written by her. I hope the readers who read this from the beginning will be happy with where I take this story.

Summary: Hermione and Ron decide to sign Harry up for Program Muggle. A program which helps purebloods get better acquainted with muggles and the like. PM would put teenagers in muggle schools for one year and then the students would report on what they found. The Program sends Harry, Luna, and Neville, along with Bill and Fleur, and baby Teddy, to Forks, Washington. Watch Edward become angry at the small human; Rosalie become an overprotective mother hen; Jasper become confused; Alice shopping for clothes; and Emmet say inappropriate jokes. With a surprise in the middle that you thought would never happen! Sire Industries: mixing computers and magic for ten years! #wink wink#

Harry played with a stray strand of his hair and then pushed it back behind his ear once more. He knew he shouldn't be so nervous but just the thought that he was in an interview for something he didn't even remember asking to be a part of. He looked across from him to where Neville and his grandmother were sitting and then over to Luna and her father. He then looked over to his right to where Andromeda was sitting, with Teddy in her lap. He smiled as the baby made to grab the woman's dark tresses.

"Mr. Potter, Mrs. Tonks?" Harry looked over to the young secretary that had called them. She smiled slightly and motioned them to the door. "Dr. Sire will see you now."

Harry's head turned to the side slightly. This wasn't a doctor's office or anything of the sort, but the person on the other side had a doctorates degree in something or other. He shuddered, he was glad that Dr. Sire wasn't really a doctor, he had seen enough of them in the last six or so years. Andromeda shifted Teddy and followed after Harry with a small smile on her lips to the small baby, making odd noises that Harry figured was supposed to be good for him.

The secretary showed them inside and then motioned to a door beside a desk that she had sat behind. "Dr. Sire will be here shortly. I'm Carla, Dr. Sire's secretary. If you have any questions before the interview please feel free to ask me," she paused and waited as Harry shook his head and then looked over to Andromeda who had shook her head as well. "Would you like anything to drink or eat?"

Carla got up from her chair and stood facing them with her hands clasped in front of her. Harry opened his mouth and she shifted in her stance. "Some water, please."

Carla nodded and then went over to a small fridge in the corner and took out bottle of water. "Please follow me," she opened the door that led beyond her desk as she gave Harry his bottle of water. Harry stared around the huge room filled with windows and an elegant desk in the middle of it all. Sitting on it was a woman that Carla introduced as Dr. Danica Sire.

Dr. Sire motioned to the seats in front of her desk and Andromeda was quick to take one followed by Harry. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Harry. It's been a while since I've seen you that's for sure."

Andromeda looked between the two in confusion. "You know each other?"

"I suppose he doesn't remember me much," she said with a small laugh as she took off her glasses and put them on the table. "You went to school with my daughter, Diana. Though, I suppose you know her as Di."

Harry's eyes widened slightly and he had the sinking suspicion that his mouth was hanging open like a fish out of water. He remembered Di from his middle school years. She was evil, point and simple. She hated everyone and made sure that everyone knew about it. Harry had been victim to a couple of her shoves that had landed him more than once in nurse's office for a skinned knee. He was not expecting to see her mother let alone find out that she was the one in charge of this project.

"Well, then..." she paused as Carla came back into the room and gave her some folders with papers inside and quickly left the room once again. "I'm aware that you didn't apply for this program, Mr. Potter, and that it was an outside source that recommended you." Harry nodded and she took some papers out of the folder. "The program is simple enough: you get to go to a muggle school for one year and then you write a report on it."

Harry frowned and then looked over to Andromeda who had moved forward in her seat. "Why was this program founded? Why would you send Harry to it if he didn't ask to be part of it?"

Dr. Sire smiled and took out some more papers which she handed to Harry. "The purpose of the program as it was established nearly a century ago was to teach purebloods, or children who have had no experience with muggles before, how the muggles lived. To show them that they were no different than the children that they go to school with. Most purebloods are taught to believe that muggles are nothing more than Neanderthals that can't get by in life. They don't know of all the technology that the muggles have at their disposal and they don't know that sometimes muggles far exceed them in certain areas."

"You said that educating the purebloods was the purpose of the program a century ago," Andromeda said as Harry showed her the papers in his hands and the graphs printed on them. "What is the purpose of the program now?"

Dr. Sire pointed in Harry's direction and he shifted through some of them. "The program was terminated not long after the First War for unknown reasons. I wanted to continue it and have been doing so for the last ten years to advance in both magical and wizarding technology," Andromeda raised a brow in confusion.

"Let me explain: As you know it, it's not possible to have muggle technology in contact with magic because it automatically short circuits the device," Harry nodded as he had been victim to said device failure with his digital wrist watch. "The purpose of the program has doubled over the years. It is both to educate the children that are part of it as well as to give us, the researchers, a better understanding as to why we are not compatible with muggle technology."

Harry looked at the graphs again and put them on his lap. "So, how does technology play a role in us going to a muggle school and learning from it?"

Dr. Sire gave them a bright smile as she spread her hands down on her desk. "That's where I come in. Sire Industries has been developing muggle devices that will work in the presence of magic. It will feed off of the magic in a building much like it does with electricity. Instead of running on electricity it runs on electricity and it functions just as it would if it were electricity."

"That's amazing," Andromeda gasped out and looked at the woman with a new light. "I didn't think that was possible."

Dr. Sire nodded. "As you've probably noticed the internet and modern technology is how most teenagers, not to mention business people, keep up with the world. SI is trying to make a wizarding version of the internet so that we can get ahead in the world and stop living in the Middle Ages. As of now that is still in the drawing boards but we're making progress. In one or two years it will be possible for us to start the internet. As of right now we are satisfied that we are able to make muggle devices compatible with magic, once we've made enough progress with that then we'll tackle the internet issue."

"That still doesn't explain my role in all of this," Harry mumbled and handed the file back to the woman. "I was raised by muggles so I know how they work and stuff."

"Your friends were the ones that suggested that you be part of this," Dr. Sire commented and then showed Harry a piece of parchment with Hermione's neat handwriting on it. "They believed that after all you've been through that you deserve a chance to relax and be a teenager. I couldn't agree more and sent them a reply stating that I put you in the program and that I was only waiting for your approval before we started to do anything else."


Andromeda laughed and nodded as she tugged on Teddy's little hands. "Sounds like something Harry needs."

"When do we start this?" Harry asked with a frown. "Doesn't muggle school start soon?"

Dr. Sire nodded and then looked over to Andromeda. "We've been thinking about the location that you will be sent to. Because of the recent events it will be acceptable for you to start classes a bit later than expected. We don't just have the program in Europe so finding suitable places for people has become a bit of a challenge... as well as finding people that would be willing to chaperon the experience."

"So, where is Harry going?" Andromeda asked calmly as she tugged at Teddy's hands to keep him away from her hair. "Is he going to be alone."

"Normally we like to put students with people they don't know to get a better sense of the experience," Dr. Sire said with a shrug. "This time we're doing things differently since we're going to take you very far from what you're used to. You will be joining two of your classmates: Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. Your chaperons will be William and Fleur Weasley."

"No way!" Harry nearly yelled, startling Teddy from his hair grabbing.

"Yes, they offered to be the chaperons after I talked them into it," Dr. Sire said with a smile smile. "They were quite enthused to know that you would be part of the program, Mr. Potter."

"But what about their jobs?" Harry asked all of a sudden.

"Oh, they're still working for Gringotts," Dr. Sire explained calmly to try and placate Harry. "I asked the Gringotts team to let me borrow them so that Bill could help with some wards in one of our branches. They have a tendency to break easily since the magic is so untamed there... really annoying after a while."

"Oh, but where are they going to attend school then?" Andromeda asked as she handed Teddy over to Harry. Teddy giggled as Harry bounced him on his lap.

"Forks, Washington... in the United States."

Harry's body ached. Neville had already fallen asleep and Luna looked like she was going to fall prey to sleep any second now. Teddy was already asleep as well as he clutched onto Harry's shirt like a little limpet. The plane ride was not something that Harry, or Teddy for that matter, had enjoyed very much. His ears popped, the seats were not the most comfortable furniture in the world, the food was bad, and most important of all: Harry was scared that the plane was going to explode at any second. Teddy was probably pissed off that he couldn't crawl around everywhere and he kept itching at his ears.

Fleur looked back at them and smiled. They were being driven to their new home by Bill. After nearly two months of trying to get the Hogwarts' students up to speed on the muggle subjects and how to interact with people, they had finally arrived. They were going to start classes the oncoming Monday so that they could get situated in the house and so that they could get rid of the jet lag.

"We're here!" Bill shouted and Harry glared at him as Teddy twitched in his sleep. He gave Harry an apologetic smile and Harry rolled his eyes. Neville groaned and opened the door on his side and tumbled out. Luna followed soon after looking more alert than usual. Bill opened the back of the car to get their luggage out and helped Luna and Fleur get the trunks down. "Well, this is home sweet home for the remainder of the year."

"It's nice," Luna said as she dragged her trunk and followed Fleur into the house. "And it's not inhabited by Sleeping Squiggles."

Harry mumbled and let Bill carry his trunk into the house while he carried the baby bag over a shoulder. He hoped that everything would be set up when they got in because he just had the urge to roll into bed and not get up for ages. It was bad enough that it was raining cats and dogs but to have to set up the house when they were this tired would not be a good thing, especially with how cranky Teddy got when he didn't get his sleep.

"It's going to rain," Alice commented as she grabbed her red umbrella from the stand and then handed Jasper his black one. "Hmmm... something is going to happen in chemistry, Jasper."

Edwards looked over to Alice and tried to make sense of what he was seeing in Alice's head. All he saw was Jasper gasping and about the entire population of females in the classroom looking as if they had just met their future husband. He wondered whether the girls were staring at Jasper or if they were staring at something else. Jasper's reaction was probably just an extension to what all those girls were feeling. It was obvious that those girls weren't thinking innocent thoughts and Jasper just got the brunt of their lust. Poor guy. That has to be uncomfortable especially with so many people in the room feeling the same thing.

"Is it good?" Jasper asked as he kissed Esme on the cheek and opened the door for Alice and the others. Emmett was driving today since he had been forbidden from driving after he had nearly driven them into a tree. It was not his fault that there were people having sex in a van next to their car. He got distracted easily with things like that!

"Depends on what you consider to be good," Edward commented slowly and calmly so as not to give Jasper any hint of his amusement of this situation.

"Is it a giant lesbian orgy?" Emmett crowed and got hit on the head by Rosalie who glared at him. "Seriously though, it can't be that bad if Alice hasn't made us go shopping or you know letting us go to school and all."

Alice sat by the window with Jasper in the middle and Edward at the other window. She looked out at the forest passing by at unreasonable speeds. "It's not bad... yet. I can't tell."

Edward frowned again. Alice wasn't supposed to not tell. She was supposed to know what was wrong. "Is there something blocking your sight?"

"No, I don't think so," Alice shook her head. "I think there might be something that I haven't encountered yet. Like a new student... a male new student by the looks of the girls."

Rosalie looked at Alice from the mirror and raised a brow. "It's not like those girls have good taste anyway... it's probably some hick from some backwater town no one's ever heard of."

"Hardly anyone has heard of Forks, Rosalie," Edward retorted and only got glared at by the blonde.

Alice laughed and jumped out of the car before things got out of hand with Edward and Rosalie. She scanned the parking lot and noticed the new car: a silver Mercedes-Benz, with four doors. "Looks like the new student got here first."

"Nice car," Rosalie said as she looked at the car's sleek surface. Either brand new or just washed. "He has money."

Emmett poked her and directed her gaze over to Mike Newton who was leaning casually on a wall and talking to someone.

"Hi, I'm Mike Newton... do you need some help getting to your classes."

"No... I can walk without help."

Emmett laughed and Alice looked over to him and then Mike. "I wasn't expecting that."

"I meant... do you need help finding your classes?"

"I have a map."

"Oh... what's your name?"

The girl moved from under him to reveal blonde hair and a small cherubic face. She moved entirely and the others stared at her as she looked at Mike's face as if it had grown another one that only she could see. She was wearing bright yellow rain boots and a see through raincoat that showed off the pink polk-a-doted navy blue dress.

"Sorry, there was a problem with my schedule... I'll walk you to class now."

Rosalie raised a brow. The first thought that came to her mind being: what a cute little elf.

"An elf?" Edward asked and got punched in the shoulder by the blonde. "He's small, though..."

"He likes him," Jasper stated as he glared at Mike.

"I beg your pardon?" Edward asked as he turned around to stare at Jasper, who was still glaring at Mike. He looked into his head and felt it then: the lust. He then looked over to Mike and sure enough the boy was thinking unholy thoughts about the elf-like boy.

"What an asshole," Rosalie growled and grabbed onto Emmett and made her way inside the building that led to their first class. "Who does he think he is anyway?"

"A hormonal teenager?" Edward supplied. He was surprised at Rosalie's reaction to Mike Newton. She had never cared before but all of the sudden at the sight of one small human she was overprotective. It was kind of creepy, really. She was the one who was supposed to hate them all and yet here she was defending one. Well, sort of. She wanted to rip Mike's face off, though. That's as close to defending the small human as she was going to get. For now at least.