Neville arrived at the school with time to spare and he was glad that he did because he wasn't sure whether or not they would see Jasper and Emmett before classes started and they really needed to make sure that their homework was correct. He parked the car in the only available spot and got out along with Harry. He slung his bag over one shoulder and walked over to the assembled Cullens.

"Sorry to bother you guys so early in the morning," Neville started and just got a bright smile from the vampires.

"We don't know if the Chem. homework is right," Harry continued slowly and then looked over to Jasper, "so we were hoping that you guys could look it over to make sure that we didn't make any silly mistakes. I mean you don't have to; it's not necessary, but we really, really, need to make sure that we're doing it right so that we don't completely fail in today's test."

Jasper already had Harry's homework in his hand about halfway through his speech and was looking at it. He mumbled under his breath about the correct formula for some symbols and motioned Harry closer. "See this here?" he motioned to a crudely drawn Lewis structure of some element or another and Harry nodded. "That's not oxygen. This dot goes here and this one goes there," he took out a pencil and drew two dots where they were supposed to go and then erased the ones that Harry had drawn. "But don't forget that you can also draw the lines to place the ion pairs together so your entire structure isn't just a bunch of dots."

Harry nodded as Emmett tried to explain to Neville how ohms law wasn't actually part of the lesson at the moment and that they were looking at elements not electricity. He ignored that in favor of listening to the explanation that Jasper was giving him regarding the test and what he thought was going to be in it.

"Don't worry, Harry. You'll do okay in it," Alice said as she tried to help Emmett explain an entire lesson to a confused Neville. She cocked her to the side suddenly and her eyes turned glassy as if she were looking straight through Harry and Jasper.

"Alice, are you alright?" Harry asked as he tried to shake her out of her funk. Edward's eyes widened and he motioned for Harry to let go of her as he tried to figure out what her vision was showing her.

Harry's head swerved to the side as a screech of tires startled him. He looked over to a blue van, far from where they were, and then looked to the rest of the people that had looked at the speeding van. 'I just know this is going to end up bad,' he thought as his eyes then turned over to Luna, who was now coming out of the car. His feet were moving before he actually noticed what he was doing. The van was closer than he expected as he jumped on the back of the car and over to the roof. Luna did a double take as the van came even closer to her.

Harry gasped as he reached down and pulled Luna up by her arms. The van collided with the side of the car, just where Luna had been, and Harry teetered as the car started to tumble. His arms automatically circled around Luna as they both fell backwards onto the pavement. He saw their car somehow come closer to him and he felt as Luna tugged on him and they rolled to the side as the car set down where they had been seconds before. The van screeched on metal as it finally came to a stop a hair's breath away from his nose.

As the van finally settled he finally noticed the screaming that had been going on. It was as if all the noise had been sent to the back of his mind and a vacuum had been opened and released all the noise. He looked down a Luna as she lied on his chest to make sure that she wasn't hurt or anything.

"Luna, are you alright?" Harry asked, as he made sure that she was still breathing. She looked up at him and smiled.

"I'm alright," she said in a breathy voice as she sat up on his stomach just as people began to come running to make sure that everything was all right with them. "Your arm is broken. I heard it crack when we landed on the floor."

Harry blinked in confusion as he sat up with Luna on his lap. He then felt pain shoot up from his shoulder down to his fingertips. He poked his left arm to figure out where his arm was broken and hissed in pain when he felt his upper arm. He wasn't going to be using that arm for a while if the pain was any indication.


Harry looked up and stared into Jasper's dark eyes as he tried to get around the van. He rushed to their side just as people started to scream about calling an ambulance. "Are you alright?"

"My arm is broken," Harry said as Luna got off of him and helped him stand up. "Other than that, I'm alright. Is the person in the van alright?"

Jasper looked at Harry as if he'd lost his mind and then over to the van with a glare. "He's fine. We need to take you to the emergency room."

Harry blinked as the boy came out of the van with a cut on his forehead and looking scared out of his mind. Jasper growled at him and Luna grabbed onto his arm and pulled him away from the startled boy. Harry was being led away just as the boy started to mumble out how sorry he was about what he had done and how his father was going to kill him. When they arrived to the other Cullens, Harry noticed that Rosalie was on the verge of going on full vampire mode as she glared hatefully at the boy from the van. Edward was holding Alice back as she tried to get to Luna or to rip off the head of the van driver.

"Are you alright?" Edward asked as he released Alice and she ran to Luna's side to inspect for any injuries. "The ambulance will get here soon, don't worry."

"It's fine."

"No, it's not fine," Jasper said with a growl as he promised death to the boy across the parking lot with nothing but his eyes. "You could have been seriously hurt. Luna would have died if you hadn't gotten there on time."

"But she didn't," Harry said brightly. Luna nodded and tried to make Alice feel better by not commenting on Harry's broken arm.

"This is a record, Harry," Neville stated as he tried to get his beating heart under control. "It's only been two weeks in school and you're already going to the hospital."

Harry groaned and leaned his head against Jasper's shoulder as the realization hit him rather fast. "Ugh! Make sure to not tell Ron, or Goddess forbid, Hermione about this. I'd be gone from Forks faster than you can say Crumple-Horned Snorkack."

"They'll figure it out somehow," Luna said as she looked up at the clouds and smiled. "Hermione has a way of knowing when you're hurt even before you register it yourself."

Harry grumbled but didn't remove his forehead from Jasper's shoulder as the cool touch made the incoming headache ebb somewhat. "I really don't want to go to the hospital," Harry then said as Jasper began pulling him into the car that Rosalie had taken the wheel to. Emmett got into the passenger seat as Edward got into his silver Volvo with Luna, Neville, and Alice.

Harry wasn't sure what he was more afraid of: Rosalie's driving or having to repeat the van incident all over again. Her driving reminded him of escaping dragons and the wild chase that had been and he was sure that he was getting motion sickness. He wondered if this is how Neville felt when he had driven that one time a month ago during their driving lessons. He groaned as Rosalie screeched to a stop in front of the large building that indicated that it was Forks General Hospital in bright blue letters.

He stared at the building with wide green eyes as he pictured it eating him whole. He never had good memories of medical rooms. The smells, the walls, the people in it, it just made him feel on edge whenever he was near one. It also didn't help that he had been in his fare share of medical rooms at Hogwarts. Madame Pomfrey would have had a fit if she had been the one to tend to his broken arm, again. Hermione would probably comment on his hero complex and then thank him for saving Luna. Nope. Medical rooms did not have good memories for him, especially after second year and his re-growing bones incident.

Harry frowned as he saw Dr. Cullen waiting for him at the front door to the hospital with two nurses next to him. He looked behind him to where Edward waved his phone at him. He glared at him and looked back to the frowning doctor as the nurses began to move around him to make sure that everything was okay.

"Didn't I see you last week?" Carlisle asked with a small smile as he directed the group through the corridors. "Ms. Goodrem, can you check over the young lady while I tend to Mr. Potter?" The nurse that was on Harry's right side nodded with a heavy sigh as she directed Luna and Alice to another corridor to make sure that there was nothing wrong with her.

Carlisle motioned everyone to seats outside of his office as he motioned for Harry to go in. Jasper didn't take a seat and just waited patiently outside of the door.

Carlisle looked at Harry as he began to run the tests he needed to make sure that Harry didn't have a concussion or anything like that and to be positive that Harry's arm was indeed broken. "It's broken by the feel of it. I'm going to give you some x-rays to make sure that it is broken so that the cast can be put on correctly."

"Okay," Harry said as he got up from the cot and followed the doctor down some hallways.

"It isn't so bad," Harry said as he looked over everyone in the hallway, including Fleur, Bill and excited Teddy. His sling was midnight blue and his cast a crisp white that had Alice and Luna itch to write something on it. "I mean it could have been worst, right?"

"If you say so," Bill said with a sigh as Teddy made a grab for Harry's hair. "Ron is going to kill me."

"Only if you tell him," Harry said with a laugh and then stopped suddenly. "You're not going to tell him, are you?"

"I rather not be skinned alive by my younger brother, thank you," Bill said with a smile of his own as Harry finally took hold of Teddy with one arm and let the baby use his head as a drum. Bill looked over to Carlisle and offered his hand for a shake. "Thank you so much for what you did, Dr. Cullen."

"It was no problem," Carlisle said with a bright smile as he motioned to his kids sitting nearby. "They were the ones that got him here."

"Well, thank you as well," Bill said with a nod and smile to the rest of the Cullens.

"What about the boy from the van?" Harry asked all of sudden as he tried to give Teddy over to Rosalie who was making faces at Teddy. "He wasn't hurt was he? He was bleeding when we left the school."

Carlisle blinked as he stared over to Harry and then to Edward who had rolled his eyes. "He's fine. It was just a minor cut on his forehead. No broken bones or anything."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked and Carlisle just nodded as Luna began to write a message on his cast with a marker that apparently Alice had handed her. "When will the cast come off?"

"In about three months," Carlisle said and Harry's eyes got big at the thought of spending three months wearing the plaster contraption.

Harry sighed as he sat next to Jasper on the gym bleachers. The senior Cullens and him had their free period together today and they had agreed to watch the juniors in their gym class as they were going to leave together after school. It had come as a minor shock to Harry as the mechanic had said that their car would be in the shop for a while due to all the damage that the van had made. Harry didn't know if that was true or not but he knew that they were left without transportation to and from school because the only other car available was Bill's and he used it to get to work. Then that morning the Cullens had come to their house to drive them to school and it all led to them spending more time together.

"How's your arm?" Rosalie asked as she leaned over Emmett to look at him. "Is it hurting?"

Harry shook his head and stared at his cast and the well wishes from his friends and family. Rosalie had written in a language that Harry couldn't understand as well as Jasper and he was trying to figure out for the last couple of hours what it was that they had written. Luna had drawn a spiky monster thing that she had said would protect him from 'cyclens' or something of the sort that burrowed into weak bones and broke them. Alice had drawn stars and hearts and a small message telling him that she wished he'd get better soon so that they could play baseball. Emmett had yet to write anything on it since he wanted to think of something witty to write and was currently chewing on the marker top as he thought.

"It doesn't hurt as much as I thought that it would," Harry said as he moved his arm to show Rosalie that he could move it without pain. "Your father gave me some pain killers in case it does start hurting, so I'm all set if it does start to hurt."

"Are you sure?" Jasper asked with a frown set on his face as he looked at the cast then at Harry's face. "You can always tell us if anything's wrong and we can tell Carlisle…" he trailed off at the brilliant smile that Harry gave him and he was glad that he was already dead so that Harry wouldn't be able to see the brilliant blush that would have covered his face at that.

"Thanks," Harry said as he smiled again and then looked over to the gym floor. "You don't have to worry about it, though. I've had worst happen to me," he mumbled the last part as more and more people were being thrown out of the game of dodge ball.

Jasper stared at him as the emotions drifted from sadness to understanding. He sent him a wave of calming emotions and the dark haired boy sighed as a small smile lit up his face.

"You throw like a girl, Evan!"

Jasper looked down at the shout as Harry's attention drifted from the past to the people playing. "Is he always like that?"

"Yes," Jasper answered as Mike Newton threw the ball at an unsuspecting Evan and took him out of the game. "He's rather crude." Emmett snickered as Luna dodged the ball that Mike threw at her and managed to take out Alice. "Alice won't like that."

"You guys throw like a bunch of sissy girls!"

Jasper flinched as he felt Luna's change of mood and then blinked as Luna caught the ball that was aimed at her from Mike. He nearly gaped as he saw the small blonde hold the ball up and throw it straight at Mike Newton's stomach. The impact made him fall back and the others around him started laughing as Luna dodged another ball coming from someone else.

"That should get rid of the narlaks," Luna said with a bright smile on her face as she let one of the balls hit her and she bounced up to the bleachers to sit next to Alice.

"What's a narlak?" Emmett asked as he looked over to Harry who was still in shock at what Luna had just done. "Are they contagious?"

Harry shook his head to get his bearings straight and looked over to Emmett. "I don't know what they are," he looked over to Luna and saw that she was smiling at whatever it was that Alice had just told her. "She did say that you could get rid of them with a punch and that Mike Newton was crawling with them."

"Is it like some kind of spirit?" Emmett asked as Mike was taken away coughing by one of his friends. The impact had apparently winded him.

"Hmm, probably," Harry said with a hum as he tried to make sense of what was happening and that Jasper still looked like a fish out of water. He carefully put his hand under Jasper's chin and closed it with a click. "She does surprising things from time to time. She's really smart so don't underestimate her… or make fun of her for that matter."

"Warning taken," Jasper said as he tried his best to ignore the feeling of Harry's fingers on his skin. He was still somewhat shocked at Luna for what she did and was hoping that the blonde girl would open up a bit more so that he wouldn't have to deal with a sudden shift of emotion like she exhibited earlier.

"Man, I wish I had a camera to have recorded that," Emmett said as a smirk appeared on his face and Rosalie smacked him on the arm to keep him from talking anymore. "Admit it, you would want a copy of it if it had been recorded. The title would be something like 'Quiet Girls: The Snapped Edition' or maybe 'Snapped: the Luna Lovegood Story."

Harry started laughing and a small smile appeared on Rosalie's face. It was an odd choice for a movie title but Emmett was very proud of it since it made Rosalie smile. Jasper's lips twitch as he tried to not laugh along with Harry.

'Looks like we'll get along with the new students,' Jasper thought as he let Harry lean against him as the smaller boy tried to get his breathing under control in between laughs and giggles.