Author's Note:

Hello! I'm Presley. I've just read The Lost Hero, after finishing every Percy Jackson book, and during that time I completely fell in love with the character Percy Jackson. I'm some what disappointed that Rick Riordan isn't exactly going to keep him as a main character, and after reading The Lost Hero, I don't have a great feeling about Percy being any of the Seven Half-Bloods who shall answer the call, and it makes me sad.

During The Lost Hero, everyone is focused on Leo, Jason and Piper, as they should. But I want to know what happened with Annabeth's quest to find Percy. What was really going on behind her eyes? A daughter of Athena couldn't have possibly had no clue where someone was behind held. This wasn't just another disappearance at Camp Half-Blood.

Needless to say: This story revolves around Annabeth's quest to find the man who has her heart. There will be spoilers, and I will mention some parts of the actual story so you'll be able to have a rough time-line tied into it also.

Hopefully this lives up to what I expect out of it as a devoted fan.

Read and Review if you like it. Which I think you will. (: