Annabeth's Story: Chapter Two.

Have you ever had a dream where you were falling? Falling into an endless void for some odd reason that isn't being forewarned. Well, that's how Annabeth's dream started. She was falling out of the sky with nothing below her that she could see. She was terrified, but her screams wouldn't come out. It was as if she was mute, or her vocal cords had been taken away from her.

That's when she saw the ground and the gorge. It looked like it was solid rock, hitting it from this altitude would surly end her life. She was going to miss the ledge, and go straight to the bottom. This had to be the end for her. No one was going to be able to stop her from smashing into the jagged rocks below.

From her judging distance, she was about a second away from splattering on the floor. That was until her body jerked to a stop and she was positioned with her feet facing down. She couldn't grasp what was going on. Her feet were set level for the ground, and whatever force caught her, had stopped holding her up.

Her mind had already braced her body for the fall that was surly about to follow, but nothing happened. She stayed stationary. As if there was a clear platform holding her up.

That's when she noticed where she was.

There actually was a platform under her feet. The area around her seemed to be blown into perspective by an unnatural gust of wind. A one story building formed on the rock that the platform was attached to. The sign above it read 'Grand Canyon Views' and had kindergarten paintings along the walls, trying to make it look like a replica of the Grand Canyon. She was standing on what they called the Sky Look.

"What in the Gods...?" Annabeth spoke. She moved her hand to her throat, noticing that her voice had started to work again.

"It's a great view, is it not?" Someone spoke from behind her. A very feminine voice that Annabeth had to cringe at. She knew the voice. It was the last one that she wanted to hear right now.

"It'd be better if there was a point to me being here," Annabeth said. She wanted to make the hate leak through as best as she could. She turned around and saw the goddess. She was wearing a sun dress that went down past her knees, that was white and gold. Her hair was up in a messy bun, with a few strands hanging down in her face.

"Of course there is a point, you wretched little demigod," Hera said, glaring. Then her expression turned into a smirk, "If you want to leave, just say the word. I did bring you here for a reason. I believe I have a lead on where your little boyfriend is."

Annabeth's heart sank, "Did you take him?"

"I said I had a lead, not the answers," Hera picked at her finger nails, as if she was getting bored with the subject. Her image flickered, and a look of urgency went across the goddess's face. "The lead will bring you right here. Tomorrow, around noon, you must be here. There will be three demigods, but only one is your priority. It's a man, and he will only have one shoe on. He is your biggest lead to where your little boyfriend is, daughter of Athena."

"Will he know where Percy is?" Annabeth asked. Her voice wouldn't come out fast enough. The goddess was fading with her dream. "Why're you fading?"

"You'll find out soon enough," Hera said. Then she flickered out. Annabeth sat on the Sky Look. She held her head in her hands and tried to breathe. She had to get to the Grand Canyon before noon tomorrow. That's across the country...

Annabeth snapped out of her dream and shot up. The morning light was just starting to rise, making the sky look like it was dyed a bright pink and intense orange. She had to go talk to Chiron.

Her breathing was back to normal. She hadn't even noticed that her breathing was more of panting. She slipped out of Cabin 3 and out into the court yard.

The Apollo children were all getting up. It seemed as though they would rise with the sun, just like their father. It made Annabeth wonder if Thalia and the Hunters all slept during the day, and rose with the moon. She heard a few of the Demeter kids rummaging around in their cabin, as well as the Hephaestus kids.

The Hephaestus kids were grabbing some gear and dragging it outside of their Cabin. Annabeth saw a few metal nets, something that looked like a tracking device, and a barrel that had "Tabasco Sauce" in black letters.

She shook her head and kept walking, letting her normally messy hair, move to it's rightful side of her head. Gravity, apparently, was more intent on sending her hair everywhere.

The Big House had all of it's lights on, and surly Chiron would have been up by now. She went up the steps of the front porch, and was greeted by a giant Centaur. He gave Annabeth a warm smile, but it quickly faded when he noticed the look of distraught on her face.

"Come inside, Annabeth. I feel we have much to talk about."

She followed him into the house. She avoided the vines and all of the Dionysus swag that crowded the main hallway. She went straight into the living room, and sat down on the purple couch. While she was making her way around the stuff, Chiron had compacted into his wheelchair, so he could be eye level with Annabeth.

She explained about her dream with Hera.

Chiron had a nervous look on his face, "It seems as though the right time has surfaced. Annabeth, there is something I feel you should know... Hera has been captured and hidden in some location that isn't even known to the gods. Zeus is furious. He actually shut down Olympus. All the gods have been ordered to stay there until Hera is returned. As if that was actual punishment for them."

He tried to add a hint of hope to the end. It wasn't working.

"He closed Olympus... But that isn't possible! He can't just decide something that drastic," She stated, getting out of her seat. She started walking towards the door, but turned back to him.

"He's the god of gods, Annabeth. He can do whatever he well pleases," Chiron spoke softly.

He could probably feel how she felt. Completely on edge and nervous. Closing Olympus was completely shutting her off from the world she had grown accustomed to. She had spent almost the entire summer going to Olympus for designs and blueprints. She had seen her mother so many times, and actually made a friend with a minor god or two. She was being cut off from all of them. Maybe that was why she hadn't gotten any help from her mother on finding Percy. If the cloud was closed, how would they get dreams with help or guidance?

"There's nothing you can do, my girl." Chiron said, wheeling a little more towards her. She didn't move, she just focused on the floor in front of her.

"We can go get Hera. She has to be in the U.S. How can everyone be oblivious to her disappearing. Someone has to have a logical idea," She told him.

"No. They have informed me that Hera had gone by herself. No one knows where she could have gone. One or two might have an idea, but it's not enough to go on. Besides, the gods are powerless to be saved by other gods. That's why we have heroes," Chiron said gently.

"Then let me go!" Annabeth pleaded. The sooner she found Hera, the faster she could get some answers.

"Do you remember your dream? A boy with one shoe, he must be the key to finding Percy. You cannot go on a quest in the wrong direction. You must go to the Grand Canyon," Chiron said.

"I don't want this to be the wrong quest though. It's just as easy to skip the middle step and get to Hera on my own."

"On your own? My child, have you ever seen a quest be completed on it's own? You would need help. But, I do not think this is your quest to take. Hera wouldn't give you information that wasn't important. You know as well as I that when a god or goddess is trapped, their power starts to dwindle down to none."

"So I'm going to the Grand Canyon?" Annabeth asked with annoyance in her voice. The last thing she wanted to do was save the evil goddess of marriage. Her way of being a hag weren't lost in her prison, obviously. She rolled her eyes. This was her least favorite goddess. Along with Percy, and Thalia. They had all had mishaps with the queen.

"I believe so. I suggest you take someone from the Iris cabin, they seem to be best with the Pegasus. Other than Percy, of course."

Annabeth cringed. She turned on her heel and left while uttering, "I'll be gone by noon."

AN: How'd you like it? (: More action to come next chapter.