Chapter 1: The Wedding

Yuna's heart raced when she awoke from her dream. Today was an important step in her life, both for her and her lover, Tidus. It was the day of their wedding in Besaid! Although Yuna was thrilled, a chill of foreboding ran through her spine. Ever since they defeated Seymour for the final time, she'd been having feelings of doubt. The high summoner shook her head. This isn't a time for gloom, she thought; it's a time to celebrate.

"Yunie!" She heard her Al Bhed cousin, Rikku, call impatiently. "It's time!" Yuna felt a pang of anxiety; what if she messed up and looked horrible? When Yuna told Rikku of her fear, the blonde Al Bhed just snorted. "You will be extraordinary when I'm through with ya!" Yuna couldn't help but giggle at the young girl's spirit. "Come on, let's hurry!" The former Gullwing leader nodded, anxiety pushing its way back into her.

She was dragged over to Lulu and Wakka's hut, where Rikku, Paine, and Lulu did her makeup and hair. Her hair would be done as it was at her forced wedding ceremony 3 years ago: in a fancy bun. Her dress would also be the same, for it was her mother's. After the makeup and hair were done, Yuna slipped on the white, sleeveless dress. The feathers at the bottom tickled the middle of her legs, until she put on her garters. With Lulu's help, her veil was placed in her hair, and her tiara over the veil.

Wakka, who was stepping in the place of Yuna's father, Braska, handed her the bouquet of lillies and roses. She slipped her arm through the redheaded blitzer's, then proceeded to the village.

Besaid was a small village, and all of the islanders had known Yuna since she came to the island. As a result, the whole town proudly watched as she marched down the aisle with her father figure. As they drew closer to the temple steps-the end of the aisle-the former summoner ave her ex-guardian a nervous glance. He smiled at her, perfectly calm. "You won't mess up, ya?" That reassured Yuna; she continued forward with confidence.

When they got to the end, where Tidus was waiting, Wakka took her hand and placed it in Tidus'. Yuna looked up to see the groom grinning like a Chessy cat. It wasn't his usual cocky grin that matched his attitude; it was a grin that showed he was happier than he'd ever been in his life. His blue eyes danced with joy; his sand-blonde hair swayed in the slight summer breeze. Yuna found that she was grinning, too, because she'd finally found someone to be with forever. Before they made their vows, Yuna glanced at her bridesmaids-Rikku and Paine. Rikku was smiling and holding Gippal's hand. Paine was three months pregnant now, and was holding Baralai's hand. Nooj and Leblanc were there as well; Nooj had his arm around Leblanc, and the sphere hunter herself was crying.

"I do," Tidus vowed, his joy ringing through his tone. "I do," Yuna echoed. They smiled at each other and kissed gently. Yuna heard the cheers of Wakka, who was also Tidus' best man, and the other groomsmen, Nooj and Gippal. (Baralai was the priest.)

Tidus grinned, this time it was challanging; he scooped Yuna up in his arms. "Hey!" Yuna laughed. They kissed again quickly, and he carried his wife inside the airship.

That night, Yuna lie in bed beside Tidus, deep in thought. She thought about how much they'd been through together. Three years ago, they'd fought Sin together side by side at the cost of Tidus vanishing; during this period, Yuna went on her own journey to find Tidus. Unfortunately, all she found was a shadow and a huge machina called Vegnagun. In the end, Yuna defeated them both. Afterwards, the Fayth brought Tidus back to Yuna. Happily ever after, right? Nope.

About a year later, Tidus proposed to Yuna. It was a happy moment, only to be ruined that same day. When Wakka and Tidus took Yuna with them to blitz practice, some guys came and stole Yuna as well as Paine, Rikku, Lulu, Leblanc, and even little Vidina! Seymour came back, and he was stronger than ever! Well, when the guys showed up, there was a fight. Yuna and the other women, though injured, fought alongside the guys and defeated Seymour for good. Although it seemed it was a fairy tale ending now, Yuna still couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong.

"Is anything wrong, honey?" Tidus whispered while playing with Yuna's hair.

"Nope. Just thinking."

" 'Bout what?"


"What kind of stuff?"

Yuna laughed. "You remind me of Rikku." Tidus sighed, resigned, and gently touched his lips to hers. She caught up on her former guardian's mood immidiately; she stroked his face and began kissing him. Maybe it isn't a fairy tale ending yet, Yuna thought, but it's still my story.