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The next two days passed slow, Rufus and Serendipity wanted to go and see Bethany, in some ways they probably did, but they never showed their presence, Bethany was lost and there was only one person in the whole of God's grand scheme that would put things right.

The third day came quicker than they all realized though and as he prepared to leave, he thanked them for old time's sake. They'd been through a lot together and if whatever he said to Bethany made no difference, he wouldn't be returning to Heaven with them.

"Just remember Metatron, to speak from the heart and not from the lips."

"You sound like a bloody novel Serendipity." He joked and turned away, walking towards a door. With no looking back, he was gone, vanished into thin air and reappearing in the worst, tormented place possible, the lake of death.

In the boat way across from him sat a woman, her arms wrapped around her frail and disillusioned body, what had Lucifer done to her? This was the first time he'd seen her 'alive' since the road accident and it was surreal, she wasn't supposed to be here, Bethany out of anyone was one person who should never have to know even the slightest tortures of Hell.

He crossed over the water, walking atop it until he sat down in the place where she'd been staring for god knows how long. She didn't flinch, she didn't move, it was almost like she was a porcelain doll, so fragile.

One word wrong and Metatron knew this'd all be over quicker than he could blink, but one word right was all he needed and he just needed a day.

"Hello…Bethany." He tried; this was so much more awkward when you did it for real. What was he supposed to say and do? It didn't matter at the moment anyway, she wasn't responding, she was barely breathing let alone anything else.

"Bethany? Can you hear me?" He waved a hand in front of her eyes and she never blinked, just stared at him, her eyes were red from crying and her hands were gripping each other so tightly in her lap, her knuckles were white.

"Bethany, I know you might have seen some horrible things these past few days, but this IS Hell and you know…" He rubbed the back of his neck; this wasn't going exactly how he planned in his head. Still she never responded and Metatron kind of felt he was talking to a brick wall, Lucifer had really done a number on her and she was probably so far from reality right now it was too scary to listen to anyone else talking to her.

"Bethany whatever you've seen over the past few days, I can't imagine would have been exactly wonderful. But you have to believe me when I say, this is me and I'm here and I'm not going to hurt you…" He reached for her hand and she pulled back quickly, cowering down into the small boat, trying to get away from him.

Metatron was confused, had one of the dark angels Lucifer sent been a vision of him? He cursed the Devil in his head and sat watching her for a moment. Truth was, a moment turned into an hour and an hour turned into three or four, time was running out and every which angle he tried, Bethany wouldn't respond.

Getting desperate, he tried every which way to reach her, tried every angle but she wouldn't respond. He needed to help her, but she wouldn't even listen, she covered her ears and sobbed.

"I believe you are not going to win this Metatron, I suggest you give in now and save the embarrassment." A voice from the darkness spoke.

"What have you done to her, you sick twisted bastard!" Metatron stood up in the boat, looking around.

"Face it Metatron, you don't have what it takes, you never did, God never favoured you as much as he favoured Michael."

"Oh shut up, your reverse psychology doesn't work on me!" He said angrily and turned back to Bethany, even though Lucifer himself was still taunting them. Moving across the boat, Metatron knew it was now or never.

Taking her hand, he remembered what Rufus and Serendipity said about speaking from the heart and not the lips. "Bethany Sloane, you are without a doubt the most unbelievable, most annoying woman I have ever met. I don't know how you did it, or why you did it, but…" It was almost as if time paused with him as he turned her face gently towards his and leaned in closer. "You captured my heart. You see in Heaven we have hearts and emotions, we are able to feel love and give love in ways you wouldn't imagine yet. I didn't think I was able to feel that kind of emotion, I blocked myself off from everything but the lords words for years, but one day I met you, I looked into your eyes and saw how much pain you'd been through, I don't know why but a part of me wanted nothing more than to be at your side day and night."

Somehow Metatron knew he was getting through to her, her grip on his hand got just that little bit tighter, her eyes began to focus once more and she bean to build up inside.

"I stood at that church with you and something came over me, I realized how much my existence wasn't worth anything if you weren't in it. Your brave and funny and smart and most of all, beautiful. You make me live again, you make me want to be something I never thought I could be…God didn't give you our baby Aurora…I did."

Her eyes seemed to be focused now more than ever, she sat up and looked him in the eyes, and he could feel her energy, her vibrancy, her soul becoming free from this tormented place. "I saw and I knew how much you wanted that baby, how much it meant to you, you see Aurora was born half angel, the first real half angel to ever walk the surface of Earth. She can do wonders, she can create peace, she can be the most guiding spirit in the whole of mankind's existence…To be honest, she's turned out a lot like you."

Moving his hands up to her shoulders, then to her cheeks, his thumb caressed her cheeks gently. "I'm sorry we couldn't tell you, I wanted to, we all did, even Aurora. But God needed you to do this yourself, to make your own journey. The only way I could be with you, to hold you, to love you was for you to die and be a part of Heaven, your journey wasn't ever supposed to end up like this, it was supposed to be a life changing experience, we never expected you to walk away." He paused as her life etched into hiss eyes, her pain at being shut out, he could feel, it was almost as if they were becoming one.

But still a part of her felt like it was slipping away; he could feel her still slipping away as if what he said wasn't enough. Now he was desperate not to loose her, he was desperate to have her with him forever. What else could he say? He'd spoken true from his heart, he'd done what he thought he had to do…What more was there?

Her eyes glazed a little and he knew he was loosing her; he could feel her forgiveness for what they'd done and knew she was giving in. In the background Metatron could hear the devil's laugh, he was winning. So if this was it, he was going to go out in a blaze of glory.

"Bethany, if I let you go, you'll be free, I can trade my life for yours but to be honest I'm bloody terrified. So if you leave me now, I want you to know that the time I spent with you, the time you gave to me was the most enjoyable time of my whole existence. Bethany Sloane…I…I love you." With that last word, her body went limp, her eyes closed and she let go of his collar she'd been gripping so tightly.

Staring at her limp body, Metatron couldn't speak, his voice was choked and his whole existence felt numb. He would have done anything to keep her with him, but she'd crossed into Hell and the devil had her forever. "No…" He pulled her to him gently and stood, picking her lifeless body up into his arms.

His wings spread out behind him and in the cold darkness of hell; a beautiful golden light shone up behind him and lit him up like a golden ball of sunshine. His wing span was massive and glorious, his eyes turned a soft golden colour and he began to lift slowly into the air, his wings flapping gently.

They were a few feet above the darkness, a few feet above all of the fog and mist and torment and as he gently flapped there, she began to awake. "M…Metatron…." She whispered looking into his eyes as he held her in his arms gently. Letting her down, but still holding on to her so she wouldn't fall, Metatron didn't speak, but his golden glowing eyes looked into hers and held her close.

She didn't know what was happening but she'd heard everything Metatron had said and had understood everything he'd done. Leaning towards him in a slow but glorious moment, she whispered "I love you too." And their lips finally met, as they kissed all the love, all the power was conveyed from one body to another, she felt him and all his wise angelic love and power, he felt her and all her human emotion, trust and loyalty. For a brief moment they were truly one. For a moment back there she felt deaths cold hand, but now she was free, free to make her own choice.

Pulling back gently she stared into her angels eyes for a moment before turning towards Hell beneath her and whispering. "I choose Heaven." There was a desperate crying scream and shrill as Lucifer knew he'd never win a battle of love, that he'd lost this battle entirely and was now in retreat back to the depths of Hell.

Looking to her angel Metatron slowly she whispered. "So what happens now?" Again he didn't speak, but he gently stepped back in mid air from her, still holding her hands, his head cocked gently and he smiled letting go of her hands, she didn't fall.

Bethany screamed a little, when he did so, but looked around over her shoulders before laughing softly. "I…I'm an angel?" Her eyes filled with tears, he nodded. She too was now encased in light, she was a fully fledged angel, her own wings, her own spirit, and she now understood the journey she had taken to becoming an angel, the journey she had started all that time ago back when she first met Metatron.

"Bethany…" His voice sounded different when he was like this, very deep and a tiny bit booming, but still it was him. "I can't make you come with me to Heaven, this is your life, your existence…You have our daughter on Earth, if you wish to, God has granted me the power to return you to your body, and you would be alive again."

Bethany thought about it for a long moment, it was true that maybe she wasn't ready to die, to be in Heaven, maybe Aurora did need her…There was a silence between them as they still hovered in glorious light. Finally she looked to him and spoke, she'd made her decision.

"I want to be with you in Heaven, my time on Earth and knowing what I know now…Wouldn't be of any more use. I…I love you Metatron; I want to be with you. But before I leave for Heaven…I need to say goodbye to Aurora."

"Then you will." He walked towards her and took her in his arms, resting her against his chest. His wings wrapped around her body and though her wing span wasn't as great, her wings wrapped around his. The light between them grew brighter and brighter and suddenly they were both encased in it, until the light filled all of the sky over the lake of death and suddenly vanished….

"Maybe Metatron didn't make it, maybe he lost?" Serendipity spoke, looking to Rufus across the room. Aurora was asleep on the couch.

"No, I don't know…I just get the feeling we would have known about that by now." Rufus sighed and leant back, just as a bright light filled the room, walking slowly from it, now in his usual Metatron form, but still with his wing span, Metatron stepped out from the light, holding Bethany's hand.

"Bethany!" Serendipity screamed, waking Aurora up. Running over to her, Serendipity pulled her close and hugged her tightly; Bethany laughed as Rufus too came up and gave his main girl the best Heavenly hug he could offer. Aurora stayed by the sofa, watching her mom from afar.

"What happened? How?" Rufus tried, looking to Metatron who shrugged with a wide grin on his face. Serendipity touched her wings gently.

"No way do you have these; I've been waiting for a millennium to get my hands on some of these!" Bethany laughed, but looked up to still see her daughters' sad eyes. Even though Bethany knew she'd be fine on her own, she was still her mom and she still cared and loved her daughter so much.

"So are you coming back to Heaven?" Serendipity asked, but Bethany stepped around her and walked slowly towards her daughter whilst Rufus, Serendipity and Metatron watched on.

"You're going to Heaven aren't you?" Aurora asked, staring into her mothers eyes.

Bethany nodded softly, "I've been unhappy and alone for so long…I…I've finally found someone I love, I finally found Metatron and he found me." Metatron moved up beside her and put his arm around her shoulder, holding her gently.

"I'm happy for you mom…" Aurora whispered between tears. "I love you both." Bethany looked to Metatron.

"She knows you're her…" Bethany started but Metatron nodded.

"She's known ever since she was a little girl."

"Then all the times you wished daddy would come for Christmas…"

"I was wishing for Metatron…" Aurora finished. Bethany went to her and pulled her in for a tight and warm, loving hug.

The hug could have lasted forever as a far as Bethany was concerned, she wished her daughter could come with them to Heaven, but she had a lot of work to do for mankind here on Earth. "If you ever need me…" Bethany whispered, but Aurora shook her head, for 17 years old, Aurora had made it this far and they'd still be by from time to time, just not as often.

"I love you baby." Bethany whispered.

"I love you too mom, be happy." She spoke as she pulled back, holding her moms hands. Bethany felt the tears of joy slipping down her cheeks, her heart filling with pure love.

"See you soon beautiful." Metatron kissed his daughter's forehead and cuddled her for a moment. Rufus and Serendipity were going to stay behind with Aurora until she'd be contacted by her family and they'd come to look after her until she was old enough to get a job and support herself. A job they were rather looking forward to, considering that'd mean living together for a while…

Stepping back towards the light that had reopened for them, Bethany put her arm around her angel and he looked down to her, smiling lovingly at her before placing a soft kiss on her lips as they began to fade from existence. Looking towards her daughter, both of them waved and Aurora waved excitedly back.

"I love you!" Aurora shouted and Bethany whispered back. "We love you too." With that, as they began to fade and Bethany and Metatron were about to begin their new life together in Heaven, they turned and walked into the fading light, forever watching down on their angel, finally happy.

Bethany's Journey….Was complete