I held onto her as she struggled against me.

"That's my father! That's my father!" She cried.

"He tried to kill you!"

Angelika was twisting in my grip. She broke free and fell backwards off the ledge that lead into the pond where the eleven other girls had fallen. She was falling for what seemed like forever.

It seemed like a dream, the perfect girl, falling out of my hands and into the Princesses' clutches.

I panicked, not knowing what to do. I had only seconds to figure out what to do so I decided and I jumped into the pond. The hunter threw a ring on the water just as I jumped.

The water froze over and Angelika was trapped under the ice. I landed on my stomach and it knocked the wind out of me. I scrambled over too where Angelika was trapped.

"Angelika!" I shouted.

No, no not her. Not Angelika, no. I thought.

Angelika's screams were muffled and she was slamming her hands on the ice. She sank deeper and deeper until she was out of sight.

"No." I whispered under my breath. She couldn't be it. Not her. I began pounding my fists on the ice.

"Angelika!" I cried out. Just as I was about to slam my fist down once more, the ice shattered. I crawled throught the water, frantically searching but she wasn't there.

My, god. She's it. I thought.

I looked up to see Will standing on the edge.

"Will! Angelika's the twelfth!" I shouted.

Angelika. She's gone. My beautiful huntress. Gone. I thought to myself in despair.