I walked through the dark street, breathing in the iron filled air. Once the human's city had filled me with distaste but now it only reminded me of Kaye. Merely thinking her name could make me smile; I was still growing accustomed to the sensation of that. Of being happy.

I stopped at the door of a cafe, the sign above me read 'Moon In A Cup' in faded gold letters, made silver by the night sky. In past I had wondered about that, Kaye could glamour anything to look like anything, but she preferred solid things. Human things. Human and good; she used them as synonyms.

I stepped into the cafe, glancing back into the darkness. I was almost sure no one had followed me, but almost wasn't good enough. A friend of Dulcamara nodded at me once from the opposite side of the window. A supposed advantage of being King, I would have knights to constantly guard me.

Guards and spies were also synonyms.

I nodded back, though I was irritated; I would have noticed her following me, so she must have been waiting here. If she was here to protect Kaye, I would have been glad but a fey's intentions were rarely as simple as that.

I turned at the sound of a door shutting, Kaye was moving towards me. My irritation disappeared even before our lips met. She put her arms round my shoulders, pulling me in closer. She tasted like the city only sweet, so very sweet. Kissing her almost hurt. My arms locked around her waist, pulling her towards me even as she moved her mouth away. I buried my face in her blonde hair, breathing in the scent, letting it wash away the past few days. I could feel her breath as it settled back to its normal pace.


I laughed, my face still tangled in her hair. "Hello, Kaye." I liked the way her name tasted on my tongue, like a memory of our kiss. She looked up at me, her dark eyes bright with the reflection of the moon outside. And possible something else.

"How have you been?"

I ran my fingers through her hair, not looking at her concerned eyes. How had I been? I didn't want to think about the two courts, not with Kaye so close.

"Better, for seeing you."

She laughed, rolling her eyes, not hearing the truth in my words. "You sound like the wolf in 'Little Red Riding Hood'." I smiled, not at the fairytale- so ironically named- but because she was smiling. Smiling at me.