Ch 2:

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Summary: Tamaki and the other Host Club members wait for Haruhi outside of her hospital room. Hilarity ensues.

There were few things Tamaki Souh hated more in life than watching a woman cry. To see a beautiful, innocent being shed even one tear twisted his stomach in knots and made him simultaneously both want to pound in the face of whoever had done this to the poor maiden and write a love poem to make her smile again.

But seeing Haruhi cry? HIS Haruhi? It was just unbearable. She was such a strong creature, especially for someone so delicate looking. Watching her attempt to hold back tears as she waited for the ambulance to come, pawing at her deep chocolate brown eyes with her tiny little hands while her nose took on a pinkish tinge…it made his heart hurt. He had to physically restrain himself from going over there and holding her in his arms, from stroking her lovingly and whispering that everything would be all right. Because it was his fault. He had done this to her. If only -

"Are you alright, Tamaki?" Kyoya asked him as they sat outside of the waiting room, interrupting his thoughts. The entire Host Club had followed Haruhi to the hospital to make sure that she was all right and keep her company until Ranka could come and take her home.

Tamaki attempted to put on a smile. "Of course. Why do you ask?"

Kyoya cocked his head to the side. "Well for one thing, that's the third mug you've broken in the last ten minutes."

Tamaki looked down to see that he had once again snapped the handle off the flowered pink mug filled with the tea that the nurses kept bringing them.

"That's alright, Tamai-san," the nurse called from around the corner (as if she had been watching them, somehow) "I'll bring you a new one!"

Tamaki furrowed his eyebrows. Didn't that nurse have other, more important things to do? Like attending to HIS HARUHI! He imagined her, shivering all alone in the hospital room, wearing nothing but a sheer hospital gown, crying out in pain.

Help me! Help me, Tamaki!

He felt his heart rip in two.

"NOOO! I do NOT want another cup of tea! Now, turn around, and GO! DO! YOUR! JOB!"

Tamaki looked up to see the entire hospital staring at him. The nurse froze and slowly put down the cup of tea, moving cautiously as if he were a wild animal ready to strike at any moment. He slumped over and slid down the side of the wall in embarrassment.

"Why'd you do that, boss?" Kauru asked from his position on the waiting room chair.

"Yeah, that nurse was cute!" echoed his twin next to him.

Tamaki twitched involuntarily. "Haruhi is in the hospital and you two are thinking about cute nurses," he muttered darkly. "What kind of family are we?"

"Sure you're alright, Tamaki?" Kyoya asked him once again.

Tamaki sighed dramatically. How could he be alright? Haruhi was hurt, and it was as if he was hurting right along with her! "I'm just worried, that's all."

Kyoya nodded encouragingly, looking like a game show host. "Uh huh. And Why are you worried about Haruhi,, Tamaki?"

An image of Haruhi crying on the ground played before him once again. Somehow she looked even more beautiful than ever with her chocolate brown eyes pooling with tears. He wanted to stroke her. He wanted to kiss her.

Tamaki shook his head violently. What was he doing? Why was he feeling this way?

"Well, I suppose it's because she's my daughter," he stammered. "After all, uh, it's perfectly natural for a father to be worried about his daughter!"

Kyoya smacked his face with his hand. "Idiot!" he muttered. "Why? Why am I constantly surrounded by idiots?"

But Tamaki ignored the laments of his best friend and brightened up suddenly. "But all I have to do is make things right!" All he had to do was make Haruhi forgive him. That would make these strange feelings go away, and everything would go back to normal again!

"Mrs. Fujiyoka is ready to be seen now," announced the frizzy haired nurse, stepping outside into the waiting room.

Tamaki sprang to his feet. "I'm coming Haru-OOMF!"

"My poor baby!" Ranka cried, bursting through the door and pinning Tamaki behind it, his face pressed to the screen and leaving a small trail of drool. Haruhi's father had just come off the job and was still dressed in full drag, wearing a tight, sequined dress, brown wig, and gogo boots, looking like a dead ringer for Tina Turner.

"Kyoya!" he boomed dangerously, "When I was skeptical about this Host Club, you assured me that there was no way my little girl would be hurt! I'm not a very happy woman – er- man- er- you know what I mean!"

Tamaki let out a small sob as Kyoya put a comforting hand on Ranka's shoulder (Ranka didn't even let Tamaki get within 3 feet of him on a good day! What if Haruhi started liking Kyoya better because her father preferred him?). "We're very upset about it too, Ranka," Kyoya soothed. "And let me assure you that we've given her the best doctors that money can buy, and that all of this is coming out of the Host Club accounts."

Ranka smoothed his hair and looked pacified for a second before narrowing his eyes once again. "This is all that Souh boy's fault! Where is that idiot, anyway?"

"Right here, sir," Tamaki replied from his position behind the door. His voice sounded slightly high and squeaky to his own ears. Probably due to his crushed voice box. He struggled out from behind the door and clumsily made his way toward Ranka, swaying slightly from dizziness.

"Sir, I am SO SO SO sorry," he said, bowing his head slightly in the traditional show of respect. "I promise that I'll take much better care of Haruhi in the future!"

Quicker than he would have believed humanly possible, Tamaki found himself crashing to the floor and trapped underneath the heel of Ranka's gogo boot. "You're not going to get that chance, because if I have my way, you'll never get near her again!" said the transvestite. He twirled one of his wig's curly locks and began filing his nails, showing no strain whatsoever.

"Help me! He's crazy! " Tamaki screamed, looking to the Hitachi twins for assistance. Unfortunately they were too busy slumping over to the ground with laughter. Those traitors.

Hani and Mori-senpai could get the man off of him no problem, but their attention seemed to be diverted elsewhere. Tamaki followed their gaze to see Haruhi standing just outside of the door, wobbling slightly on her crutches, her right leg protected in a large white cast that stopped mid thigh.

"Dad? Tamaki-senpai?" she asked. Her beautiful mouth was quirked into a slight frown. "What's going on?"