A/N: FINALY! I posted something, I feel so happy! Ok, so here's the deal; this just a little poem that I came up with one day and took about two weeks to write (maybe three I didn't keep track :D). Any ways, enjoy! And please build me up, construct, PLEASE don't tear me down with great flaming balls of fire, in other word constructive criticism is welcome just NO flames. Tell what I did wrong though I understand that could be a bit hard to do with poetry at least it is for me .

DISCLAIMER: I do not own LotR sadly the Valar have not chosen to give me the gift of sight to see pass what is and what is thought to have been into the true history of our word and the true history of Arda. They gave the great Tolkien that gift. :'(



Four hobbits
Against the dark
One dwarf, an elf, beside two men
Nine versus nine, never was ten

Strong of will
And strong of mind
Bears the ring to its fateful end
But fail he must without his friend

Brave and true
And not failing
Makes a promise for all to see
Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee

Young and naive
Strangely brave in times of peril
He loves pipe weed from a barrel


Quite loyal
Best friend to Pip
Mischievous his whole life through
Dark Lord Sauron he plans to sue

Raised by elves
Narsil he wields
His destiny he must fulfill
Plenty of orcs he plans to kill

Firm beliefs
Man of Gondor
Though strong, he is bent by the ring
Of his bravery we will sing

Tall and lithe
Elf of Mirkwood
Swift with his bow and knife in hand
Loyal to country, home and land

Gruff but kind
Small in stature
Unlikely he befriends an elf
Country before prejudice self

Old and bent
Mithrandir grey
Falls to shadow and fire great
Returns in white as was his fate