OK, I need a little introduction. Once upon a time, I was a young and foolish writer and a somewhat immature Sonic fan. I thought the key to writing a good story was by adding TONS of unnecessary, flowery description to things which had no bearing on the story. And I wanted to write a SonAmy story, so I wrote a random, weird, non-driven tale called simply "THE SONIC AND AMY STORY!"

Despite its dumbness, I still think it's good for a laugh. Chuckle along with me as you observe my hopelessly dragging-on descriptions of everything from Sonic's dinner to Amy's tears and my weird and unrealistic emotions.

Oh! I also thought you could make a story good by adding bunches of characters and using colored text to distinguish them. However, doesn't have different colored text. As such, I could label the different sections normally...but why bother? I figure leaving them out will just make this ridiculous story more entertaining.

Oh, and, yeah, it's not exactly finished, but I don't really want to finish this monstrosity...oh well! Have fun!


~A story by StoryMaker~

All Sonic the Hedgehog characters (not including unofficial fan characters based on the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog) are copyright Sega (Service Games) and Sonic Team.

Chapter one: This isn't serious

Like my older sister Russian Blue Witch, I will use colors to indicate whose point of view the story is at that point. Here are the characters and their colors for this chapter:

Black = Narrator (that's me!) Blue = Sonic the Hedgehog Pink = Amy Rose the hedgehog

A blue blur speeded across the horizon. With nothing better to do, Sonic the Hedgehog went on another run. As he ran, he reached a speed almost supersonic. He grabbed golden, energized power rings and he absorbed them. Nothing could stop Sonic, fastest hedgehog alive.

I felt so free as I zoomed past every tree and rock. The earth looked blurry I was so fast. I saw something pink, but I didn't care. I couldn't even make out what it was. Suddenly the pink thing started to followed me. I was much speedier then it, so I didn't care. But I'm telling you, I did care when a hand reached out of the pink thing and grabbed me. I looked behind me. The "pink thing" was Amy. "Let go!" I screamed, kicking and punching, "I was just running! What do you want!" Amy answered a suspected reply: "You, Sonic, you."

I held on to Sonic's arm. "I want you," I said. Sonic didn't seem to understand. "Amy, I just want to run. There's no time for this. I like to be free." "But Sonic, I love you!" I wept. I hid my face in my hands. Tears leaked out of the spaces between my fingers, even though there was barely the scarcest crack that divided them. "I'll give you all my rings! I'll give you all my chaos emeralds! I'll do anything! I just want to be with you for a while!" I shouted, lifting my head out of my soaked gloves. I didn't like Sonic's reply. "We ARE with each other." I cried even more. "This doesn't count! All we're doing is arguing!" "Amy, I'll stop arguing if you stop arguing!" Sonic replied. We were speechless for a while. After a moment of silence, Sonic said words that crumbled my heart into atomic pieces. "This isn't serious…but I don't want you." Then I left, sobbing.