Chapter 5: And the battle's rough

No text necessary. Reader knows what this is about.

Black = Narrator Blue = Sonic the Hedgehog Red = Knuckles the Echidna Pink = Amy Rose the hedgehog

We make a comeback to (possibly) everybody's favorite echidna!

Now where's that - METAL SONIC IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! HOW CAN THIS BE? I punched him hard, I punched him good, WHERE DOES HE GET THIS ENERGY? Well, no matter. I can just go along, avoiding him. Yeah, I can go along avoiding him. Actually, truth is, I said that to myself again and again, but I didn't feel it was true. I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. Make that something. Make that someone. Someone named Knuckles. Knuckles the Echidna.

I was beaten like a hamburger for three days. On the fourth day, however, I sprung out of my bed instantly and rushed out of the house in my nightgown down the street to the hospital breaking the doors and zipping into the room containing my sweetie pie. I halted shouting "ZONICZWELL! ZONICZWELL!" Dr. Kyleson shook his head. "Sorry. He's having a problem with his lungs and will take an extra 2 days to get bet-" My temper almost escaped my control. "You promised!" I said in a puff. He let out a sigh. "OK, you can see him." He pointed to a door. "Wee!" I zoomed through the door at high speeds. There he was. His name was Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.

I felt shaken. Breathing was hard. I felt half dead. I opened my eyes. "Huh?" It was pink. "" She smiled. "Yes. Are you okay?" All I could do was moan deeply and mumble grumbles to her. "Wellllll…I…don'really...feel so...good." I coughed. "Hi…" I was wilted. I was cold. I was almost dead. But somehow, in the way the world inside of us works, somehow the tips of my mouth curled upward. I began to smile.

I walked forward. At one second, I considered none of this was worth it. It's just one stone that holds up one landmass. But I told myself that it couldn't be that. It wasn't just one stone. It held up one landmass, one great landmass. More than just a stone and a landmass. It was something that I had always protected as far as my memory can stretch. Yes, I concluded. I have to find the Master Emerald. Click, clack, clack. Clop, clap, clack. I proceeded with caution. Just as my nose was tickled with Master Emerald energy, Metal Sonic pounced. "Off me, crazy clunker!" I punched the foe into air. Sadly, he landed on his feet and didn't look hurt. "Want to play rough, do you? OK, I can do that!" He opened up a vault. I tingled, sensing the emerald more than ever. Then, he pulled out something I can never forget: a shard of the stone that keeps the landmass known as Angel Island floating in the air. "With this energy source, I cannot be beaten. Prepare your funeral, chubbo!" My rage caused me to sweat. "DON'T YOU CARE THAT BY KEEPING THE MASTER EMERALD YOU CAUSE MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE TO DROWN IN THE OCEAN? DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE TROUBLE YOU'RE CAUSING? DON'T YOU NOTICE? DO YOU CARE?" Metal stayed cool and announced a word: "No." I was about to explode again, but my surface cooled down. My inside, however, was an erupting volcano. I lifted a fist. "OK, I can go with that!" I charged him, causing him to release the piece. Pinning him, I pounded his limbs off. Eventually, I was sure he would not attack in a long, long time. I started walking to the emerald shard when I heard something. "Tweet!" I looked down. "Huh?" It went again. "Tweet tweet!" Then, suddenly, something emerged from Metal's crumpled body. At first I got ready to fight, but I noticed what it was. It was a little blue flicky bird. "Tweet tweet!" It flew around me. And then it flew away with a tweet-tweet for a bye-bye. I smiled. "Like in the old days…" I relaxed. "The good old days."

THE END (because I don't want to finish)