"Its nothing but an illusion, Anko." He would whisper in my ear.

"I know."

"Then why are you still afraid?"

"Because I'm scared to face the outcome."

He merely chuckles. His red eyes, filled with bloodlust and hatred. All the money in the world could not please him. All the women, houses, money, slaves, love, admiration, respect. No, they were never enough. And she tried. She really did. She tried to make him see the good of the world. She tried to be the best companion she could.

But it was never enough.

He, was just too good for her.

"If I'm not worth it, why did you still captured me? What good am I? How much am I worth?" She would ask.

And the same answer will always be given.

"Not much." And he would chuckle ever so wickedly. She hated his laugh.

And she would always be alone in the house he would built for her. She was trapped. He would go in the morning and come back at night.

No words were spoken, not even a 'Sorry for being late, I hope you're not hungry' or a 'Sorry I'm late, I was busy having mindfuck some Uchihas'.

Lips would be pressed, tongues battling and in a second clothes would be gone. Hands would be everywhere. And when they were done, she expects some words.

But he says nothing. And to her dissapointment, leaves.

She doesn't know what she did wrong. But she doesn't questions. Shes not ready to lose him. Shes grown attached.

He tells himself, 'Shes merely a pawn. Don't get attached. She'll ruin your plans, she'll ruin everything if she gets attached.' And he tries to tell himself that.

He eventually notices it. The way she moans his name. The way she grips his back. The way her eyes shows content. The way she makes love to him.

She isn't suppose to show weakness. Shes Anko. Shes not pathetic.

Shes not like them.

She doesn't like frilly skirts and make-up. She doesn't like going shopping and she doesn't like soap operas.

Shes not pregnant. She can't get pregnant.

Shes Anko.

And he shakes his head. It wasn't true. Nothing was. He doesn't go and take on at least 4 missions a day just to avoid her. He doesn't have sex with her just to show her how much she means to him. He doesn't secretly watch her each day his missions ended early. He doesn't want to comfort her when she screams in her sleep. He doesn't watch her while she sleeps. He doesn't.

He doesn't.

He doesn't.

Does he?

He tries to get this thought out of his head. He tries to get the feeling off his chest.

But he can't.

She knows. She knows shes not good enough, yet she offers what little she can to him. It somehow fucks his mind and he actually feels bad.

Yet he takes all that he can.

He eventually admits it. He loves her. He loves her like she was the most precious, priceless angel on earth. He tries to come back home early, he wants to eat her cooking. He wants to feel his name on her lips. He wants to fuck her like theres no tomorrow. He wants to protect her from all the monsters she feels is haunting her. He wants to.

He wants to.

Yet he can't.


Itachi knows. Orochimaru knows.

Hell, the Akatsuki knows.

Word is quickly spreading across everywhere. Every town, village, pond, lake, house, city. Country.


The rumors are everywhere.


He still wants to protect her after all that. He doesn't care if shes a weakness. He doesn't care if she thwarts his plan. He doesn't care if he'll die. He just wants to keep her safe in his arms. He just wants to.

He won't let go of her.

He will not let her go the way Itachi did. He will not let her go the way Orochimaru did.

He is Madara Uchiha. And she is his.