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The story goes with how I feel like typing it. At the end of the chapter Kirihara writes in his online blog on how his day went with or without Sakuno.

Basically, you as the reader, are going to play Cupid with Kirihara via reviews on his blog/my story. You can even come up with little plans for him to follow. The ideas can be stupid, brilliant, or plain simple. This will hopefully keep me in place. Also, this has no ties with Seating Issues. Meaning – both Kirihara and Sakuno are going to start off as total strangers in high school. Ryoma won't be appearing yet, but he will play a major role in the story. Wish me luck!

Blog Entry 1 – The Start of a Blog

"Stupid Kaa-san for making me go grocery shopping. Stupid refrigerator for running out of food. Stupid, stupid, stupid…," grumbled sixteen-year-old Kirihara Akaya with a pout as he crumpled the shopping list in his hand. It was his second year as student of Rikkaidai University High School and is still known as the Junior Ace. "Why of all places she wants me to go shopping, why freaking Tokyo!"

He trekked through the snow filled sidewalks of Tokyo and pulled his jacket's hood over his head. This pathetic attempt to keep his ears cold failed and in fact made it worse for the teen. His teeth clattered and cursed his mother once more for literally throwing him out the house to buy carrots, fish, veggies, and the likes. At least she had the common courtesy to throw him his shoes and jacket as well. With his head down a bit, he continued with his 'difficult' journey.

It's obvious to see why he bumped into someone when he turned a corner into the grocery store.

"KYAA!" screeched the other person as she fell backwards onto the floor while Kirihara simply stumbled a bit back. Vegetables rolled across the sidewalk as people walked around the two and continued on their merry way. The pigtailed girl quickly grabbed fallen items around her.

Kirihara scrambled to help gather the fallen produce and nearly got his fingers stepped on multiple times. "Warui ne!" he said as he waited for the girl to get up. "You really should watch where you're going." The Junior Ace completely thought he was blameless in this event.

She finally got up and bowed deeply, "Gomenasai! I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm sorry to have troubled you."

This set off a small memory in Kirihara's mind of his Yukimura-buchou in a hospital gown saying the same thing. He definitely owed the Buchou his tennis career and couldn't help but sigh. "It's fine. You owe me for picking up your stuff though," he said gesturing to the food items in his arms.

The girl straightened up and quickly relieved him of his burden. "Oh, thank goodness. Obaa-san would've had my head if all of these went to waste out here." She stuffed them carelessly into the bags and bowed once more, her hair nearly touching the floor. "I'm Ryuuzaki Sakuno, yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

Kirihara grinned and said, "Kirihara Akaya, 2nd Rikkaidai High." He mentally slapped himself for saying his grade and school affiliation. Now this girl would either A) run away screaming she met the Devil or B) pounce on him like many (rare) fangirls have done before. 'To think this girl is cute too,' he thought with a mental pout.

Sakuno looked up and bit down the question 'Are you the same Kirihara Akaya who injured Fuji-sempai three years ago?' Instead, she smiled at him. "Ah, I remember you. You were at the Nationals playing against my school's tennis team."

"Ryuuzaki… Ryuuzaki…" Kirihara pondered aloud as the girl beamed at him. "Nah! You can't be related to that demon coach of Seigaku."

"She's my Obaa-san," she deadpanned. Sakuno was never a big fan of people called her grandmother a demon coach. Just because she works the team members to death and beyond doesn't exactly make her a demon. Right?

"…" He had no words to that statement.

"…" She was confused about the sudden silence.

To relieve the awkward tension between the two, Kirihara came up with a brilliant idea. "Ne, why don't you help me out for a lil' bit with my shopping? After all, you do owe me remember." He pulled her along by the elbow and began to walk as if he just won the Nationals all by himself.

"Um, ano…" was all the pig tailed girl could say as she was dragged back into the store she just came out of.

Thus, Sakuno found herself helping Kirihara shop for his list of items. She had given in once she saw the note on the back of the shopping list: Aka-chan, either you get what's on this list or you don't step foot back inside my house! Love, Kaa-san.

It was even circled by a giant heart.

The butcher gave a hearty laugh as he saw the sight before him. "Now, ain't this the cutest sight I've seen today. You two look just like a married couple going out shopping." He weighed out the slabs of meat Sakuno had asked for and laughed once more when he saw the two in front of him blush. "Aw, are you two sure you're not together? I bet others would think it's cute too!"

They certainly did look like a couple. Sakuno had the shopping list in one hand and the other had a basket full of Kirihara's groceries. Kirihara was carrying Sakuno's bags.

"For the third time, NO WE'RE NOT GOING OUT!" Kirihara scowled as he adjusted his grip on the bags he carried. "She's just helping me with shopping that's all." He looked to his shorter companion on his left. "Right, Ryuuzaki?"

Sakuno simply nodded. "Ano, can we have three of this fish and two of that?" she asked pointing out the five. "Also, is it okay if you removed their fins and scales? I'm sure that would save Kirihara-kun's mother the trouble if she's making what I think she is with this list."

Kirihara sent her a questioning look as the butcher laughed once more. "Of course, little missy, anything your heart desires." He quickly began working on the fishes.

She turned to Kirihara with a gentle smile. "I'll be right back, Kirihara-kun. I need to go get the peanut butter and bread over there." Sakuno pointed to an aisle nearby.

He nodded at her and turned to the butcher hard at work. Once he was sure she was out of earshot and still within his sights he let out a sigh. "Hey, Oyajii! Why do you keep on calling us a couple?" the tennis player called out.

Finishing the fishes, the butcher turned back to the counter and began to bag them. "It's simple, boy. Believe or not, I've seen you with your mother coming here once or twice before. You're always sulking and pouting and making a fuss." He put the fishes on the scale.

"So what? I hate shopping."

The butcher tied up the bag, printed out the price, and slapped it on the bag of fish. "This time, boy, you're actually looking happy. You just met her, what, thirty minutes ago?"

"Yeah," Kirihara replied defensively, shifting his feet a bit. "We were just having a friendly conversation. A-and she was just telling me a joke, that's all!"

"Oh? What part of the joke had you saying you wanted to try her cooking?"

There was no reply.

"Come a little closer, son." Once Kirihara leaned in a bit, he whispered harshly, "Don't let a catch like that slip between your fingers. I can tell by the looks on your face right now, you probably think she's cute." He pulled back and began to clean the chopping board behind him. "Trust me when I say this, son. Love at first sight can happen, and boy, you've just landed in that position."

The soft steps of Sakuno caused Kirihara to turn towards her. "I'm back, Butcher-san!" She took the bags off the counter and placed them in the basket. "That's everything, Kirihara-kun! Let's go pay for this now, okay?"

Kirihara just let out a small, "Okay," and followed the girl in front of him. From the corner of his eye, he could have sworn he saw the butcher wink at him for a moment.

'Dammit, now I can't even look at Ryuuzaki without thinking she's cute!'

The two teens stood outside the store with their respective bags of groceries. They just stood there for a moment, trying to figure out what to do next. For one odd reason or another, both didn't want to be the first to say bye. The sun was setting and people began to push and shove to reach trains, buses, and taxies.

Sakuno said out of the blue, "Kirihara-kun, is it okay if I can have your cell phone number?"

He hastily transferred the bags in his right to his left and took out his phone. Sakuno did the same. Both switched cell phones and for a moment, their hands briefly touched. Kirihara struggled to hide his blush and let out a nervous laugh when he saw Sakuno's.

"I guess this means I'll be hearing from you soon?" Kirihara asked as the two began to part ways.

"Hai! Kirihara-kun said he wanted to taste my cooking, right?"

Kirihara nodded enthusiastically. "Yep! Sakuno-chan's (I can call you that, right?) cooking sounds really good. If I bring it to school, Marui-sempai's definitely going to drool over it. And it'll be all mine!" He let out a laugh at the thought of Marui drooling over his lunch. He'd eat it without sharing too.

She giggled a bit. "You can call me Sakuno-chan, Kirihara-kun. If you'd like, I'll make extra for you to share–"

"No!" Kirihara yelped out and caused Sakuno to flinch. "What I mean is… argh. Marui-sempai eats a lot and once he starts, he'll never stop. So… yeah," he finished lamely.

Sakuno looked at him confusedly but smiled once more. "I'll… I'll text you to say when I have time to make and bring you the bento, okay?"

He nodded enthusiastically and began to jump up and down at the thought of free food. "Yep, yep! I'll see you later then, Sakuno-chan!" He gave her a quick hug and then ran off for the bus.

The teen left Sakuno just as fast as he ran into her. She raised her hand to her cheek. There was a small tingle in the spot where his lips just barely brushed her cheek when he gave her that hug. The young girl blushed brightly and quickly walked home.

Later on, Kirihara repeatedly banged his head against the bus's window. "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid." This caused people to keep a small distance from the boy.

'I kissed her! Well, it's not really a kiss since it was on the cheek but still. It was a kiss. She's probably disgusted by me now. Oh God. I kissed a girl. Oh man, Niou-sempai and Marui-sempai would kill me if they found out. She probably doesn't like me anymore. Wait, why am I freaking out over this? It's not like I like her or anything. That butcher was just joking. A demon like me and an angel like her? Together? Don't make me laugh. Haha. Haha. Hah…'

The bus was coming to his stop when Kirihara let out a frustrated yell and caused many people to scramble towards the exit. The rattled boy left the bus with one thought on his mind.

'That damned butcher was right.'


"What do you want now, Bakaya?" Niou Masaharu hissed angrily on the other side of the phone.

Kirihara, in all of his infinite wisdom, decided to ask his sempai for help to reel in Sakuno. But the moment Niou answered the phone, all intents on asking his teammates for help flew out the window. So he asked instead, "Niou-sempai, what would you do when you need help but you don't want the others to know about it?"

This intrigued the petenshi and a low whistle came from him. "So you wanna learn how to keep secrets from the team, huh, Bakaya? Buchou's going to be very sad about that when I tell him." Niou pulled out his big weapon against the 2nd year.

It partially worked. Kirihara was tempted to spill but the thought of his teammates scaring Sakuno off was too much. "M-Mura-buchou will understand… I hope," he croaked out the last part. "So tell me!"

Niou cackled from the other side of the line. "Fine then, it would've been no fun if you spilled. I'll find out somehow, I have my ways."

The Junior Ace shivered at the end of the sentence.

"I'd start a blog of some sort on the internet. You know, for people to read and give me help."

"EH? But that's embarrassing!" Kirihara whined.

The rattail sighed loudly. "This is why I call you Bakaya, Bakaya. Use different names when you post. Like, when you post about yourself, say K.A. or something lame like that."

He grinned and said, "Thanks a bunch, Niou-sempai!" and promptly hung up the phone.

On the other end of the line, Niou looked phone with surprise. "Piyo, I can't believe the brat actually fell for that crap."


Dear Freak who is Reading This.

My name is KA and I need help! Pleeeease, I really like this girl Saku and I reeeealy want her to like me back. The thing is I've got a bad reputation for being violent sometimes. Petenshi-sempai said that I should start a blog to ask for help. So… yeah. Any ideas? I know she likes to cook and she just sent me a text right now. She said that she'll be able to deliver me a bento tomorrow morning on the morning bus to school (we attend different schools). And I accepted it.



PS – I just met her this afternoon.

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