Chapter 5

Baby stared at me for a long time before releasing me from her hug. Mama, Baby, and I all caught up with each other as we sat around in the cozy living room. At some point Tiny came in and joined us silent, as usual. Even though there really wasn't much to say on either of our parts on how life has been, we talked for hours. I mean none of us were really doing anything with our lives.

Yeah, I'm the CEO of that new million-dollar company down the road. I have a husband who is a doctor and two children that make honor roll every year.

Fuck, I'm a homeless unemployed con who has murdered more people that you could count on all your fingers and toes. Why? Because I'm fucking insane, that's why.

"Oh," Mama came over and put a hand on my cheek. "Go change into some fresh clothes and hang with Baby for a while. Supper will be ready later."

I stood up and hugged her, "I missed you."

"We all missed you too, my daughter."

Baby plopped down on her bed and began to twirl her long blonde hair.

I looked through some drawers, pulling out an old black t-shirt that was a bit faded and had 'Captain Clegg' written on it in red block letters with some weird 1930's looking guy on it. There was no way in hell I was ever going to fit my ass in her size 0 jeans so I just kept mine on.

A sigh came from behind me and I turned to see Baby toying with a doll, she glanced over when she felt my gaze on her.

"I'm gonna go see if Mama needs any help while you set up your bed and stuff. If you need me I'll be downstairs," she planted a huge wet kiss on my cheek before skipping out the door.

There was a mattress on the other side of the room that Tiny had helped bring up before and a few sheets and a quilt that looked homemade. I set it up and threw my backpack down on it. That ratty old piece of crap didn't really hold much. A handgun that wasn't loaded, a pocket knife, some money that I stole a while ago, and a bent up picture of Baby, Mama, Otis, RJ, Tiny, and myself. I stood up and fluffed back my hair, taking a deep breath and holding it in for a little bit. The window right above my bed that was laying on the floor looked out at the front yard, lifeless and full of shit. Just like I remembered it.

Suddenly the door creaked behind me and in one movement I swiped out a knife from my pocket and held it in front of me.

"The hell you gonna do with that?" a sarcastic laugh erupted from Otis's mouth.

I wasn't sure if I should smile or not but my lips deceived me and one appeared.

"Hi, Otie."

"Don't call me that you fuckin' runaway."

I dropped my knife on the bed and jumped on him, attempting to tackle him to the ground. He made the assumption that he was stronger and tried throwing me off, but I held on, laughing a little. He landed on the hardwood floor and I groaned a little but held on. Pain wasn't really something I minded too much at this point.

"Bitch," he growled. "You always lose."

"Not this time fucker," I swung a leg around onto his front and he fell onto his back. I quickly jumped on top of him and rested my head on his chest, both of us out of breath.

"Why did you come back?"

I was surprised he hadn't pushed me off.


"I was always planning on coming back Otie. I couldn't before, I wasn't going to get you all in trouble with the damn Pigs for something I did. I had to leave for a while. It was for the better, for myself and for all of you." I moved a hand onto his arm. "I was always gonna come back. I had to."

He stopped breathing for a second before shoving me off him and standing up.

"Yeah, well…." He headed for the doorway. "Dinner is in an hour."

I rolled onto my stomach, "Thanks."

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