I don't own any Tower Prep characters and over all the plot, though I did change it up a bit. This is my own version of the end episode.

"I'm done."

CJ Ward wasted no time, as she walked into the cooled leather filled office.

The Headmaster's office.

Her father's office.

"Excuse me?" He asked with a hesitant smile, as if he ears had deceived him. Well, they hadn't but she had to her friends. She was done looking at them with concerned stares as they told her their every problem for the escape. She was sick of scurrying off to her father to tattle on them. She was disgusted with herself, she found herself avoiding mirrors and it wasn't that she had a blemish or was ugly; it was the shame that was evident on her face. She may not have been able to read herself but even a blind person would have felt the shame that radiated off her body. She was done.

"You heard me." Her voice was firm; it gave no room for negotiation. Besides her mind was made up. She had to do it, if not for herself then for them. For Gabe and Suki. For Ian. The boy who had entered her life from the first moment he had arrived, all from just a bump of a shoulder. She knew she wanted him, she knew she wanted only him. CJ found herself thinking of him all the time. Wondering what he was doing, wondering if he was thinking of her. She may have been able to read people but Ian Archer was tough. She had moments where she could see if he was uncertain or hesitant, but she couldn't see when he was scared or angry. She couldn't see when he was trying to hide it anyway, she could tell like a normal person could when he showed those common emotions but she couldn't see if he felt for her what she so strongly felt for him. Or maybe she just wasn't searching, afraid of what she'll find. Besides he deserved someone better then her, a snitch.

CJ stared at her father, eyes hard. What was it to be now? Father vs. Daughter? If he didn't stop, well let the games begin. CJ knew without a doubt in her mind this was going to be a deadly game. One she wasn't so sure she was going to be able to win.

Headmaster's eyes widened, he saw it. Her defiance, now the realization was kicking in. She was swapping sides; well let's just see about that.

"You're making a HUGE mistake." The sharpness of his tone, frightened CJ but she was never going to let him see. And unless he had her powers he was never going to find out.

She turned on her heels and headed for the door. She exited with him yelling for her to stop, that he 'ordered' her to, but not before saying something she knew would end their relationship. Something she knew would start the war that was inevitable.

"The only mistake I made was pretending to be your loving daughter."

Ian Archer shook his head, and sat down next to CJ. He just didn't get it; it was as if Headmaster knew of what they were doing, like he knew their every move. He looked to the beautiful girl beside him, could it be her? The snitch? From the moment he had laid eyes on CJ he had known she was beautiful, knew she was someone he wanted to know. And when he found that she was in every one of his classes except his ability enhancement class, he was overjoyed. Maybe he would get to know her, ask her out, get his first kiss and get his first official girlfriend.

Then things got in the way like Cal and escaping. He did get to know her and he had gotten his first kiss from her, although it had been spontaneous and it had been a favor toward him. Though Ian guessed there was something deeper about it, he hoped at least.

"Hey Suk, we've gotten a reading on that thing yet?" Gabriel Forrest said looking over at Suki, who had her head bent over a telescope.

"I don't have a clear shot of the horizon, but I'd say our latitude is somewhere between the 48th – 52nd parallel."

"Wow that could be North America, Europe, Russia." Ian said standing and making his way to the Globe on the center table.

"What does it matter if we can't escape?" CJ sighed as if they were already about to be hung.

Ian was surprised; CJ was always the one boosting people up. She always gave him confidence, maybe it was his turn. "What do you mean, 'What does it matter if we can't escape'?" he stated taking a short pause, "That was our first try. So we try again. And we don't give up until we find a way out."

"The Broken were our way out." All look of hope was gone from her eyes. "And now they're gone."

"Maybe the Gnomes didn't get them." Suki said backing Ian up, her arms crossed. "Maybe The Broken just…got away."

"But if the Gnomes did get them then we have to assume that they talked," Gabe said, knowing they couldn't leave any possibilities out. "We have to assume everyone knows about our plans to escape."

"But Cal wasn'tunder that helmet," CJ stressed, her tone firm.

"Doesn't mean he didn't tip them off," Gabe said with a shrug.

CJ wanted to scream it, she tipped them off. Well not them, but Headmaster. She wanted them to know what she did. But her fear held her tongue, what would Suki do in this situation? Oh yeah, CJ thought guilty, Suki would never have done what I did.

"Okay, fine. If everyone knows then why hasn't the hammer dropped?" Gabe says, staring at each of them before continuing, "Why are we still here?"

"I don't know," Ian said, with a shrug "But I think—

I know." CJ whispered, half hoping none of them heard.

"What?" Ian turned his body away from the globe and back towards CJ, who had her hands in her lap.

"I know." Her voice was higher, a new found confidence within rose. She stood up making her way past Ian who watched her closely, pasted Gabe who had his body leaning against the banister. Toward their hatch, the only way out. She figured if Ian was going to kill her, might as well put up a fight.

"You know who knows about our plans?" Suki asked confused, making a face of innocence. She waited just staring at the brunette beauty, until finally it clicked. Her eyebrows lifted an air of tension entered the room. "You know who tipped them off." Certainty replaced the confusion that was once there.

Anger shadowed Ian's face. "Cal?" He took a step toward her, she took one back.


"Then who Ceej?" Gabe stood straight; his posture was still, hanging on her every word.

Tears filled her eyes, what would it be like walking around Tower Prep without them. Without her father. Without Cal. Without Ian. She couldn't stand the thought of Ian hating her; she couldn't fathom what life would be like without him, by her side. She blinked the tears she held back fell, unable to contain her misery, her sorrow, her guilt. She told the people in front of her who now wore looks of concern that she would be there for them. That they were a team, a family but what kind of team mate turns on their team. Her tears tickled her face, as they fell.

"Ceej?" Gabe said taking a step toward her. "You're going to be fine, whoever it is you can tell us. We'll protect you."

She let out a chocked laugh, which took them all by surprise. "Can you protect me from myself?"

Gabe's eyebrows arched above his brown eyes, confusion was etched on his face. "Why would we need to-" His eyes widened. "You're the snitch. CJ, how-"

"What?" Ian snarled, his nose flared.

"Ian you don't understand." She said taking two more steps back, but Ian only copied taking 2 steps forward.

"Then explain it to me! You were working with Cal the whole time!"

"No!" CJ took another step back, she found herself standing right in front of the hatch.

"Don't lie!" Ian lashed out his foot angled toward her head. And if Suki and Gabe hadn't screamed, CJ never would have found the time to duck. She fell to her knees and yanked open the hatch door, in the background something fell and made a crash. She dropped down just as Ian came running forward, Gabe and Suki right behind him. She found herself running, where she didn't know. But as the sweat gathered on her face and the footsteps behind her drew closer she knew it was over. Ian grabbed her from behind as she made this realization. She let him hold her, his strong biceps tensed as he tightened his grip on her. She could feel his hard muscles on her back, his abs felt like rock. A shiver of pleasure went through her. It ended just as swiftly as it came. His hands were on her arms, as he turned her, his face anger but his eyes hurt.

"Why? Ceej, why?" He whispered, "Did it mean nothing to you? Escaping, the dance after the dance? Was it all just a lie?"

"Ian, you don't understand."

"Then let me." He let go of her and walked back until he was standing between Suki and Gabe. "Let us."

She stood before them an outsider; maybe this was her chance to change that. "I had to do it for Headmaster. He-"

"Why did you do it?" Gabe whimpered, looking more and more like a beaten puppy.

She closed her eyes, as if she could will this problem away. That they would forget, that she would have never gone it. But as she stared at each of them, their faces demanding answers, she knew she had to tell them. They were all she had left.

CJ tensed her jaw, her hands forming fists at her sides. "He's my father. A worthless sorry excuse for a father, but he's mine." Her eyes were on the ground, but she could feel the astonishment that they were feeling, and it was almost as if their questions were written on the ground. She would answer them, all of them. "He raised me in Tower Prep, so I didn't lie Tower Prep is all I've ever known. And I do have dreams about have grandparents," She paused if only for a moment to steal a glance at Ian who furrowed his eyebrows and clicked his jaw. "I don't know who my family is and I thought for the longest time that he was all I had. That the only family I had left was him." She looked at all of them with a shake of her head. She could feel the disgust on her face, though it wasn't toward them but towards herself. "I was so blind with my own self loneliness and misery I forgot about what was right in front of me. My real family, the ones who love me without having to prove myself. Who love me and wanted nothing in return but for me to love them also. And I do so much." Her voice was losing its strength, and the tears were back. It was only then did she realize she was shaking. "So much," She paused again to clear her voice. "That's why I told you what I did, that's why I told Headmaster where he could shove it." Gabe let out a laugh at that, and Suki broke a smile. But Ian remained in his stance, his face blank. "That's why I left and now I've started a war. A war so dangerous, I want none of you apart of it." She glanced at the floor again, knowing that even if she hadn't said anything they still wouldn't have been apart of it anyway. She sighed and turned knowing that, she was alone now. Facing this war alone, her worst fear come to life.

"I don't think that's your decision to make." If that voice hadn't been the one she had gotten to know these past few months, she wouldn't have stopped. If it wasn't the man of her dreams, she would of have kept going. But since it was it changed everything. And as she turned, she hoped he would be smiling, so that those butterflies she had grown so fond of would come back and replace this ache. But not all wishes are granted. His face was blank. "Whether we like it or not, were a family. And if one of us is in the war, we all are."

And as they stood there they all knew this was true, if one of them goes down they all go down. CJ was wrong, the games hadn't begun when she walked out that was just the fire that lit the flame. Now the real games had begun, and now this was a deadly game she was sure she was going to win.