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When CJ awoke, she found herself in some sort of underground room, and for a moment a wave of panic went through her, that she was back under the ground of Tower Prep. In one of its many tunnels but she knew she was mistaken. For the moments before her consciousness came back to her: the dark figure, the black out. CJ scrambled to her feet and scanned the room before she found what she was looking for. With only one torch to illuminate the whole space, she couldn't see his face, but though he could read her mind he took one step into the light. She gasped her hand flying to her mouth.

Who stood before her was a person she had never seen before, his hair was jet black and fell close to his shoulders where it then curled, where it then swiped across his forehead, just above his eyes. His face was that of a dark knight, handsome and sinister. His mouth held a smirk and CJ could guess that it was the only kind of smile he had. But what took her back the most were his eyes, where Ian's hazel with more blue, his were much more green. The look those beautiful eyes gave her made her cross her arms over her chest, like he was looking right through her. She had gotten that look from many of the boys at Tower, they had all been pigs. Ian had never given her that look, ever.

CJ narrowed her eyes at her handsome kidnapper. "Well?" The stranger narrowed its eyes and cocked his head, confused. "What do you want from me?"

A look past over his eyes before he threw his head back and laughed, the sound was enticing. Though not of velvet and silk, like when Ian laughed. She wasn't as enchanted, but her stomach bit at her, fear crawling up her back. She resisted the urge to shiver; she thought of making a run through one of many of the passage ways around her but when his gaze focused on her again she felt paralyzed. "It's not was I want from you but what you want from me."

He took a step closer and CJ held her ground. It was only then did she see how his make-up was much like Ian's. His body was built with muscle, and the little hope she had that she might have been able to run away slowly died as she stared him down. She crossed her arms tighter against herself. "Is this the part where I beg you to let me go?" She narrowed her eyes, her fear growing. She begged her mind to keep her voice steady. "Well it's not going to happen."

His young face looked at her closely, as if he had misjudged her. Which he probably had, many were misjudged by her. He looked at her as if he were impressed. "I see." CJ stared at him hard, she took note that he was no older then her. "You're not what I expected…I like you, you're feisty. I like feisty." He started to walk closer to her.

"Well I can't say the same for you." CJ said with a mocking smirk. "You're rather boring and predictable." This caused him to pause in his steps, a sickening smile spread on his face.

"Well I guess it's just a matter of opinion, love." He started his journey again, and didn't stop until he stood right in front of her, CJ raised an eyebrow challengingly. He stuck out his hand toward her. "By the way, the name's Cole." She slapped his hand away.

"I wouldn't care if your name was Sheldon." CJ spat as he stared at her. "I want to know what I'm here for."

"Well isn't it obvious." He didn't state it as a question. "Headmaster isn't happy with you, and it's my job to make him happy. Which means love, that you," He touched the tip of her nose. "Have to be erased from the picture."

CJ gasped and took a leap backwards, her back colliding with the wall of the cavern. Cole threw his head back and laughed again, though when he looked back at her his eyes were slit like a snakes.

Ian franticly ran down the steps, taking two at a time and once or twice tripping over his own feet. He scanned the opening room carefully; he stood where CJ had once stood herself. "C'mon Ceej make a noise." He whispered it lightly; when the room remained silent he whispered it one more time. "C'mon Ceej, just a noise."

He waited a moment and just when all hope was lost, a scratching sound came from the closed doors to his left. He charged at them, throwing open the doors and searched the room. He stood in a dinning area, and in the far corner of the room the wall had opened. He stared at it uncertain, though a second was all it took for him to know that's where CJ was. The scratching sound started again, and he watched at the wall began to close.

Ian sprinted across the room and through himself through crack between the closing wall and normal one. Darkness filled his vision as the doors closed behind him. A flicker of light came from farther down the stairs that he stood on, and he walked slowly toward it. Squinting at the torch that was being held to the wall, he took it and scanned his surroundings. He was in a closed space, and there was no where to go but down.

"Starting his slow descent to hell…" Ian whispered as he took each step with care.

Suki must have dozed off, for when she awoke a fire, which had not been there before, was almost gone. Her neck had a kink in it from where she had rested her head on Gabe's shoulder. As she looked up at him she saw his glasses were askew. They both must have fallen asleep; her cheeks suddenly turned red, what were Ian and CJ to make of their peaceful positions? Her eyes scanned for her two stunning friends, but came up empty.

"Gabe." Suki whispered he looked so peaceful she almost did not want to wake him. His handsome face was in a world where anything was possible and she didn't want to take that away. Though she knew she had to, she laid a hand on Gabe's arm. A wave of shock rushed through her at the slightest touch, something that didn't happen when she was with Ray. She felt a wave of guilt for comparing them, Ray had been so sweet to her…but so had Gabe.

She didn't know quite what to make of her feelings but she knew who would. CJ, had been wearing that knowing look ever sense she had kissed Gabe. And for some odd reason, she knew CJ would know her feelings better then she would herself.

The matter at hand came back to her in a flash; the hand that rested on Gabe shook him softly. "Gabe."

"Whoa." Gabe shot forward. "I found a clue Scooby Doo!" He blinked a couple of times before realizing where he was. He turned to Suki, who had a smile on her face. He should have been embarrassed but he was still dazed from sleep. He stared at her longingly, her posture was leaning over him, her petite body lay on his side. It felt like his entire left side was on fire. "Am I dreaming?" Gabe said staring Suki, in the eyes.

And for a moment everything but Gabe disappeared around Suki, as she slowly shook her head. "Good." Gabe said leaning closer to her. "This will be real then." His lips were like a whisper when they were placed on top of hers.

The torch Ian held was beginning to make his face hot, and as he went farther down the stair way the air became musky and stale. When his feet touched solid ground, he said a silent prayer. Before moving again, he just about gave up hope when he saw light in a passage ahead of him. And the voices that followed, one was hard and husky. The second was cold but was as appealing as melting chocolate. The second, who was usually so soft and caring, now gave nothing away not a single emotion. Nothing but anger, the second voice that sounded so different when it spoke his name. His heart involuntarily skipped a beat.

"Ceej." Ian whispered, in relief as he creeped closer to the door way.

"…..your unexpected…I like you, you're feisty. I like feisty." The husky voice said. Ian didn't like the way he said it or why. He had to swallow a mouthful of venom, before peeking through the passageway. He saw CJ, his beautiful CJ. She was putting up a front he could tell, fear practically radiated from her body. Her hands were clenching and unclenching into fist at her sides, which only confirmed his thoughts.

He says the boy walk closer to her but her voice made him stop. "Well I can't say the same for you." CJ mocked a smile at him "You're rather boring and predictable." This stopped him and he stared at her. Ian could tell what he was doing, analyzing her. Her beauty from head to toe, how such a slender girl could be so feisty, he knew what he was feeling most boys at Tower Prep had felt the same. Lust rushed off him in waves, as he continued to walk.

"Well I guess it's just a matter of opinion, love." Ian held back a growl, she was not his love! He stopped right in front of her CJ raised an eyebrow at him daring him to try something. Ian couldn't help finding it a little hot. He stuck out his hand toward her. "By the way, the name's Cole." She slapped his hand away.

"I wouldn't care if your name was Sheldon." CJ spat as he stared at her. "I want to know what I'm here for."

Ian couldn't help but let a sort of pride rush through him. He had no doubt the boy who stood in front of her was that of a God, he could just tell by his stance, he had an arrogance to him that Ian certainly didn't like. When he was at his home school, not many had found him attractive. But appearing at this school, many had found him appealing, it had taken him by surprised. Many girls had thrown themselves at him, which he had to admit was nice but he still didn't change his outlook on such things, he believed he just caught a lucky break.

He could tell this guy, had been treated like a God his whole life, well by women at least. He was knocked back to reality when he heard CJ gasp, a thud followed as did a sinister laugh, one that rocked Ian to his very core.

There lips worked together in a sort of harmony that Suki had never experience before. Each was a willing participant, unlike when she and Ray had shared a kiss, it wasn't that he was forceful but it hadn't felt right to her but this, what she was doing now, and this felt right. She could practically see CJ beaming.

"Told yea."

Suki felt herself smile into the kiss, as she knelt in front of Gabe and, he in front of her. She wrapped her arms around his muscled neck and parted her lips with a sigh, letting Gabe explore the inside of her mouth as she did the same to him. And in that moment they were one person, it was like finding a missing piece of your self. Suki couldn't help but wonder if it would be this powerful for CJ and Ian, or more so.

Suki then remembered why she awoke Gabe in the first place; she pushed away from him quickly, and their lips coming apart with a smack. Gabe wore a hurt expression and it was all Suki to do not to kiss it away. "What? Do you regret it already?"

"No…No it's not that. It definitely wasn't that." Suki said a little breathless and she saw Gabe smile. "What do you see missing here?" She pushed her arms out in emphasis. Gabe looked around him, confusion etched on his face.

"I don't…" He trailed off as a realization struck his face. "Ian and CJ."

Suki stood up and taking Gabe's hand, they sprinted into the dark wood together, always going straight. They began to yell out their friend's names as they did.

CJ widened her eyes as Cole took a step closer to her, so close that he invaded her personally space bubble, a bubble no one was aloud to pass but Ian. She could feel his breath on her face, as he leaned closer. And she knew what he was about to do, after just threatening to take her life he was going to try and kiss her. She was disgusted to say the least.

"Get away from me!" CJ snapped as she pushed his shoulders with all her might. If not for him being taken by surprise, her push wouldn't have moved him a step. Though since he was, he took three steps backward. His eyes had returned to there normal color or as normal as they could get. He stared at her longingly and slightly confused, "How can you not want me?"

CJ pushed herself off the wall and started to walk to the opposite side of the room, away from him. "When my friends find you," CJ paused for dramatic affect. "You're going to be in deep trouble."

He smiled evilly. "Oh, you mean good for nothing Gabe Forrest, and the brainiac Suki Sato. They couldn't fight me off if they tried. I could kill both of them put together." Cole smiled at CJ's wide eyes. "I guess I just called your bluff." Cole smiled walking closer to her again.

CJ's smirk stopped him in his tracks again. What this girl did to him was unreal, if it had been anyone other then Candice Ward; they would have been dead already. Cole couldn't warp around his head why he was keeping her alive for so long. "But when Ian gets his hands on you, you'll be nothing but a puddle of putty."

Cole laughed. "Oh really, I'd like to see pretty boy try and take me on. It will be like two lions fighting for a piece of meat. And I can promise you, love." He smiled at CJ. "I'll win. Besides none of your friends will find you down here."

CJ knew she was stalling. "Well you'd be surprised."

Cole narrowed his eyes at her. "Enough with this foreplay, its time to…" Cole smirked again. "Satisfy me. Here's your choices A. You fill my demands and I won't kill you. Or B. You can be a bitch and I'll kill you. Take your choice love."

CJ narrowed her eyes. "Bite me."

"With pleasure." Cole said walking towards her CJ felt her breathing speed up.

"I'd think twice if I were you."

CJ gasped and stared over Coles, shoulder at her knight in shining armor. "Ian."

Suki and Gabe pushed themselves forward even after the burn set in their legs from running for so long. Both were breathing heavily when they came upon the broken down building. And both knew this is where there friends were, after sharing a look and a nod they sprinted in to the building.

"I'll look upstairs, you look down." Suki said as she ran up the stairs, after Gabe nodded.

Suki looked in each room, coming up with nothing. She had searched three closets that were about as big as her and CJ's dorm room and 6 bedrooms the size of Tower Prep's cafeteria. Her hope was slimming and she was beginning to become exhausted. She thought of sitting down when Gabe yelled her name.

Gabe walked through a living room with a grand piano. He didn't understand who would want such a large home. And after searching a kitchen and another room he could only guess was a den of some sort, he was beginning to feel useless. He entered a dinning area then and for some reason he knew Ian and CJ had been in here. He didn't know what made him think it but he did. 'We really are connected in some way.' Gabe thought to himself as he walked to a door on the other side of the room. Opening it his breath left his body; he stood in a large ball room. The floor was as if it was see through, the glass reflected the brown ceiling. And he guided himself through the room, his shoes squeaked against the glass floor. And for some odd reason he felt like Cinderella.

He thought for a second he could act as if there was a woman who had asked him to dance, and he would imagining dance with himself, but that seemed women-like and rather cliché. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself. As he walked farther into the room, looking as his feet when he did. An image made him stop in his tracks; there was a slender girl, who stood before a dark haired boy her eyes wide as she stared at the Ian across from her.

Gabe took a double take before dropping to his knees. "Ian!" He looked up to the ceiling quickly to see if he was mistaken, to see if the glass was just reflecting a picture on the ceiling. But there was no picture just the paint of brown and Gabe felt his jaw drop open, the glass floor wasn't reflecting the ceiling, it was actually see-through!

"SUKI!" Gabe yelled the people below didn't as much blink up at him. "They can't hear me." He whispered, as Suki charged to him.

"What, What is it!" Suki said concerned, but all Gabe could do was point.

"I found Ian and CJ."

"Oh my Gosh."

Ian took another step toward Cole, and he found Cole smile evilly. "Mr. Ian Archer it's nice of you to finally join us. Our pure CJ here was just talking about you. You really do have impeccable timing." Cole said with dry humor.

"I don't want to hurt you, just give me CJ and that will be that." Ian said putting his hand out toward CJ. And CJ without thinking started toward him, Cole enraged grabbed her bringing throwing to his body with a thump as she walked past him. His hand then circled around her waist as she began to struggle. "Ceej!" Cole's eyes were slit like a snake's and Ian took in a breath.

Cole dropped his head to her ear. "Ah so that's your nickname. I prefer Candace in all truth." He spoke louder then so Ian could hear. "It's much too bad that I couldn't keep her."

And with a knife, Ian didn't even know he had. Cole shoved it into CJ's stomach; blood began to flow out of her mouth as she dropped to the flow. Cole dropped his hold on her and she smacked to the ground hard.

"Ian why?" CJ whimpered. "He was going to let me live." She gurgled then choking on her own blood.

"NO!" Ian screamed falling to the floor. He wanted to crawl towards CJ's motionless body, to hold her but he couldn't bring himself to move. This had to be his worst fear brought to life before his eyes, his CJ, his beautiful CJ was dieing and there was nothing he could do. His whole vision was red as he tried to bring himself to her, but knew it would be useless anyway.

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