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A/N: This is my first update in years; a drabble for Code Lyoko. Let me say this now; when I refer to something as a drabble, I mean that it totals 100 words, no more and no less. If it is off any, it's the fault of my word processor, not me. And I archive them by fandom, so if I write any more drabbles based on Code Lyoko, they'll show up as seperate chapters. In advanced, I'm sorry that this A/N is just about as long as the drabble.

For reference, I titled this one 'NOW!'

I shrunk, nothing left to do but shy away in the hopes of buying one last second. Time was up; the eleventh hour. A silent prayer to our blond savior, close enough to a God for me. What should have been my last breath; shuddering, tired, hopeless; was interrupted by light. It tickled my senses, replacing everything, and suddenly I was refreshed. Healed.

Life returned, and for one second I could see the future righting itself, before my eyes opened. In memory, the light is the darkness of a blink.

Around me, my past. Just another day in the life.