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Warning: Yaoi (malexmale), crude language, sexual content

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Pairing: Minato Namikaze & Naruto Uzumaki

Summary: They say it only takes a few days to fall in love with someone. Fortunately for Minato he had seventeen years to fall in love, but as luck would have it, he'd fallen madly, deeply in love for his only brother.

Extra Practice

Part II/II:

"You stupid idiot! Why'd you have to go off and steal him from me? Huh! Why the fuck do you always have to ruin everything you stupid idiot?"

The screeching was loud and brunt, making the people close to the vicinity turns their heads to the rapidly developing display of drama. The girls in the courtyard were quickly gathering around, watching in vast interest as a pink-haired girl blew her steam on her blond victim.

Minato, who had been playing basketball with some of his teammates, stopped dribbling the orange ball and tried to peek over the crowd of people that had formed a circle around the assumed fight.

"It's disgusting! You're disgusting! You're a nasty piece of shit that will never live up to anything whatsoever in your pathetic life! Go die!" the blond basketball star winced at the sheer volume of the yelling and slowly started to walk toward the scene, dropping the ball distractedly.

"Fuck you! You made him fuck you! You made him like you! Now that you've had your pleasure, give him back! Give him back, damn you!" Minato raised an eyebrow and wondered whom the person was that was currently being accused of such obscenities.

Honestly, some people just could not find the decency to keep things on the down low instead of broadcasting it to the entire school. Sheesh, what drama queens, but he really needed to stop watching those soap operas with his little brother. He was already slightly hooked on the drama but he would never admit that to Naruto.

Speaking of which, where was his little blond? He had not seen him since before playing basketball with his friends. Minato paused in his searching when he heard a slap echo through the air and he turned his attention back to crowd instead of searching for his dear brother.

"You queer abomination!" the screeching continued and the older blond's ears perked up at that. There were only four students at the school that were openly gay, but no, it couldn't be Naruto in the midst of that argument.

"Naruto!" a gruff voice shouted.

With Minato's speculations already confirmed, he wasted no time in pushing through the mass of students gathered around. Once he reached the inner core of the crowd, he saw a scene that made his blood boil with uncontrollable rage.

His little brother – his lover for Christ's sake – was hunched over with his right hand nursing an obviously red and swollen cheek. His left arm outstretched to his side, preventing Gaara and Kiba from charging in blind fury towards the pink-haired girl and punching the living daylights out of her.

Naruto threw them a reassuring smile.

"C'mon guys, men have more class than that. You should never hit a girl...even if she is a skanky whore." the younger blond smirked maliciously in her direction and Sakura flushed red with anger, her lips thinning in a scowl and her hands clenching into fists at her sides. Kiba, awed tremendously, merely nodded and grinned evilly after a few seconds. Gaara remained silent, glaring coldly at the girl he had dubbed as 'no-name bitch'.

Minato could only gap in astonishment.

Sakura turned to the basketball star and her emerald eyes sparkled in delight as she scurried over to him and clung onto his strong arm.

"Minato, tell him you're mine! Tell him that he's disgusting and that you're only with him because you feel sorry for him! Tell him to go-" Minato violently pulled away from her grasp and guffawed at her.

"How did you know about that?" He hissed his anger clearly eminent in his brusque voice, and his icy blue eyes glared daggers into her very soul. If looks could kill, she would have already combusted into flames at the amount of glares she was receiving from all the Uchiha's in the crowd.

"Minato – darling – don't you remember? You said you loved me. You told me so not even a month ago. You must have forgotten but don't worry baby, I forgive you. Now come, let's get your stupid annoying brother's priorities straight now shall we? It's about time he got the hint that you're not interested." The unusually stoic blond casually looked down at the blabbering schoolgirl impassively and said nothing.

Naruto watched him with perspective eyes, inspecting each of his movements calmly. He stayed eerily quiet and tensed up when he followed every action of his brother's hand. The tan limb grabbed a hold of Sakura's pale hand gingerly and brought it up slightly, intertwining their fingers. The pink-haired girl blushed hotly, chewing on her bottom lip nervously under Minato's heavy gaze.

"Sakura..." The basketball player whispered softly. The crowd leaned in, deeply interested in the rare display of suspenseful and thrilling drama that was showing right before their eyes.

This shit was better than a fucking soap opera!

They had all – even Naruto – expected something along the lines of Minato proclaiming his undying love for the girl, or even Minato kissing her and denying any rumors of him being in a non-brotherly relationship with his younger sibling, but they certainly didn't expect for the total opposite of that.

The older blond had tightened his hold on her hand to where it was bent backward and getting crushed under his iron grip. Sakura whimpered painfully and cowered in pain, falling to the ground on her knees from the excruciating affliction to her nimble hand.

"Don't ever, and I mean ever, lay a hand on my brother - no wait, lover - ever fucking again. You're so goddamn lucky that I don't hit girls." Minato outright growled menacingly down at her trembling frame. He sneered at her before letting her hand go and promptly turning on his heel, calmly striding over to Naruto with an aura of 'badass-ness'.

The basketball star came to a halt once he was a foot in front of the flabbergasted blond. Minato smiled warmly down at his younger brother and brought up a hand to peel off Naruto's own away from his hurt cheek. The soccer captain let him do as he pleased, still staring wide-eyed up from his older sibling to the weeping girl on the ground. Minato let out a breathy laugh before putting his calloused hand on top of the red cheek and rubbing light circles with the pad of his thumb gently over it.

That's when Naruto decided to speak.

"Minato I-"

Said older sibling cut him off by swiftly leaning over and planting a searing kiss onto his brother's lips, not caring if their fellow students gasped and whispered amongst each other. Some girls even squealed with delight, and most of the boys were trying to figure out why they were finding this as a source of arousal.

Minato ran his tongue over Naruto's plump lips smoothly, running over every crack of chapped skin lovingly. He pulled away, leaving his little brother to whimper in disappointment at the loss of lip-to-lip contact and to control his rising erection. The older of the two did not hesitate any longer and crouched down, wrapping his arms around Naruto's legs and heaving his brother's body over his shoulder as he rose up once more.

"Whoo! Go Minato!" Obito yelled while Sasuke, who was beside him, whistled loudly. Itachi merely grunted and smirked at the two blonds, his eyes quickly roaming over Naruto's plump ass before Minato turned the other way and started walking toward the school building.

Sasuke elbowed his brother's side harshly, throwing him a knowing smirk before they all went back to what they had been originally doing.

The young Uchiha hoped Naruto's ass didn't hurt too much tomorrow.

"Aniki..." Naruto gasped while clutching onto Minato's navy-blue school blazer tightly in his hands, craning his neck more to the side to give him more access to his neck.

"Hm?" came the grunt of reply, Minato being too focused on sucking and nipping on the tanned flesh before him to form any words for his little brother. The older male smirked when Naruto let out a small moan as he bit his jugular vein.

"W-We shouldn't be doing this...aaah...in here." The smaller of the two managed to gasp out in between his pleasure-filled sounds, contradicting his own words by bucking his hips upwards to grind against Minato and making the latter pull away and leer at him with a lecherous grin on his handsome face.

"Little Naruto doesn't seem to disagree with me." He teased while squeezing Naruto's clothed bulge. His little brother gasped while clutching Minato's shoulders. Mewling in eagerness Naruto nudged for his lover to undo his pants and the taller male did just that.

There was a creak of the door being opened and both blonds froze and looked over at the only entrance and exit to the nurse's room.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't do this in my office. Although I do admit it's hot, I actually do have morals unlike Genma."

Both boys blushed and Minato got off his little brother, their earlier lust forgotten. They bowed apologetically to a smiling Shizune and hurriedly left her office in a flustered state. Once they were outside Naruto promptly punched the older boy on the arm. Hard.

"Ow! What was that for?" Minato whined while rubbing his now sore bicep.

"For being a horny fuck!" the smaller blond retorted while stomping on ahead of him. Minato pouted and trudged after his angry brother who was grumbling about going home early since they had nothing else to do then go to class.

Thinking hard for a moment Minato suddenly grinned and ran toward his brother, making the latter squeal in surprise when strong arms wrapped around his shoulders and spun him around with little effort.

"What the hell?" Naruto yelled but was immediately silenced when warm lips found his in chaste, yet passionate kiss.

Minato pulled away, his big hands coming down to rest on his brother's hips. He pulled the other closer to him, leaning in to kiss Naruto's nose as their bodies meshed together in the middle of the school parking lot. Minato smiled as he gazed deeply into Naruto's bright cerulean eyes, the thumping of his heart speeding up when the younger of the two brought up a hand to interlock their fingers against his warm, scarred cheek.

"What's got you in such a lovey-dovey mood?" Naruto teased playfully, placing his forehead against his brother's. Minato shook his head slightly, closing his eyes briefly before opening them again to stare at his younger brother.

"If it hadn't been for me Sakura would have never hit you the way she did. She had no right to do that to you and I swear on my life that if she were a dude, I would have given her the beating of her life."

Naruto rolled his eyes at Minato.

"Shut up already, will you? I don't care what she does. It's not like she even hit me that hard anyway." Minato frowned down at his sibling, pulling his hands away from the small hands and instead choosing to embrace Naruto. He pulled the lithe body closer to his own, nuzzling his younger brother's sunshine-colored hair affectionately.

"I don't care if she didn't hit you hard; the fact is that she hit you. I am never going to let that happen again, Naruto. I should have never let you out of my sight and so help me God if I ever catch her-" a small hand covering his mouth cut him off. Naruto shot him a warm smile, his azure eyes growing soft as he stared up at his boyfriend.

"I have a feeling she won't be bothering me anymore, Minato." Naruto spoke softly, his cerulean orbs glazing over as he lowered his hand away from Minato's mouth in order to lean in and plant a tender kiss on his brother's soft lips. A cheesy smile gradually spread across the elder's mouth and they both started to giggle in uncontrollable happiness.

Everything between them felt so blissfully romantic that it rendered them completely and ignorantly oblivious to the world around them. They paid no heed to the curious stares they were receiving from the general public; and even if people had a problem with it then Minato had no qualms solving the situation with a fist to their face and then leave with a brute one-fingered salute.

Naruto yelped as strong arms suddenly encircled his waist and lifted him up into the air. He grabbed a hold of Minato's broad shoulders and laughed in pure giddiness as he stared deeply into the azure depths that almost mirrored his own.

They were absolutely lost in each other and they basked in the glory of young love.

Minato's hold on his dear sibling never once faltered and after their laughter died down and all that was left was to practically gaze into each other's souls did the older of the two finally break the silence.

"I love you, Naruto." He confessed with a genuine look of adoration etching in his indigo eyes.

Naruto stayed silent for a long while, his eyebrows furrowing together but never once breaking eye contact with his brother. Minato was on the verge of giving up until finally Naruto spoke softly, timidly.

"I love you too, Minato."

They both couldn't help the grins that slowly but surely spread across their blushing faces.

Finally placing Naruto back on the ground Minato intertwined his fingers with his brother's and led the way to their shared apartment. They walked the few blocks to get to their home in relative silence. The idle wind tousled their wild hair in an almost playful manner and made their navy-blue school blazers and gold ties swish around in the air.

They stood in front of the stairs, merely looking up at them. Minato turned to his brother, a mischievous glint shining in his brilliantly colored eyes. He gave Naruto no warning as he abruptly picked up him in his arms and quickly ran up the concrete stairs. The younger of the two smiled and shook his head, not daring to look down unless he wanted to have a panic attack.

Moments later Naruto was being thrown unceremoniously onto Minato's fluffy, blue linen sheet-covered bed. The younger wasted no time in sitting up and jerking off his suffocating tie to let it land haphazardly on the floor. His school blazer followed soon after. Minato had already made off with all his clothing minus his tight, black briefs, which hugged his ass very nicely, Naruto noted gleefully despite being the only one fully exposed.

For a fleeting second, they simply stared at one another, fiery lust and burning desire swirling in their ever-expressive eyes. They were both aware of their growing arousal that strained in the confines of their clothing; Minato's being the more obvious of the two. Hunger coursed through their veins, leaving blazing trails of intense urges to touch, to feel, to claim.

Before Naruto even had time to register what was happening, his brother's body was molding itself against his smaller one. A hot mouth was working magic on his neck, licking and nipping at his sensitive flesh. Minato grinded his bulging crotch into his brother's thigh, which earned him a breathy moan in return.

God, he'd been waiting for this for three straight months. Waiting to touch Naruto's smooth, caramel-colored skin, waiting to taste the very essence that made his little brother, waiting to fuck the living daylights out of his sibling because dammit Naruto was his and only his.

He'd be damned if he let any punk ass lay a finger on what was rightfully his since the younger was born.

Minato was ravenous as he ventured his little brother's warm, delectable, smooth body. He mouthed a the tan column, making sure to suck hard on the spots which he knew would be visible the next day. That colored shirt couldn't hide everything, he surmised momentarily, taking his time on licking and sucking and grabbing and caressing every nook and cranny of the squirming body beneath him.

Up until now he'd only dreamt of committing such sins once again on his dear brother. And now, Naruto seemed so much more eager than before, much more liberated that he looked practically erotic with the way his body was responding so majestic under Minato's ministrations.

The gasps and moans that spilled forth from his pink lips seemed louder to Minato's ears and he relished the near scream he tore from Naruto as he slipped in a saliva-coated finger into his rosebud asshole.

Damn, he thought, this is gonna be a tight fit.

Naruto's breathing was harsh as he clamped around the two fingers that had so suddenly entered him down there. His ass was throbbing in pain as his brother thrust his fingers in and out of his body, steadily pumping him into pleasurable sex. Instinctively, the younger raised his hips, hands digging underneath the pillow and pulling at the fabric, toes curling in bliss.

Butterfly kisses were planted on his jutting hip bone up to his abdomen, where a tongue peeked out from a pair of red lips to trace the tattoo swirling around Naruto's navel, making his breath hitch at the stimulating sensation tantalizing his flushed skin.

"Minato…" Naruto whispered as he gazed down at his brother with glazed, azure eyes. Minato grinned into the last kiss he'd planted on his little brother's collarbone. Pausing for moment in his finger fucking, he crawled the rest of the way up, catching soft lips with his own.

Their kiss was tender and filled with love for one another, their tongues dancing around in Naruto's mouth. Distractedly, Minato pulled his fingers from out of the teen's body, bringing his hands up to cup Naruto's scarred cheeks. The younger wrapped an arm around Minato's neck; their taut bodies flush against each other as they melted into the kiss.

Wiggling his hand down between their bodies Naruto managed to grasp the throbbing girth hanging from in between Minato's thighs. His older brother tensed and tried to pull away from their kiss but Naruto growled and bit Minato's lower lip, nibbling on it as he spread his legs more to accommodate the bigger body on top of him and to line up the cock in his hands with his opening.

The mushroom tip breached the tight ring of muscles and Naruto groaned into his brother's mouth, not minding at all when Minato frantically went about searching for his hands to hold.

Pulling away, Minato looked straight at his younger brother, love and adoration swirling within his blue depths as they gazed at each other.

"I love you." He said before pushing his cock into the tight entrance of his sibling. Naruto had no chance to reply back as he howled in pain. Even so, he wrapped his legs tightly around Minato's waist. His ass was on fire.

"Shit!" Naruto hissed as he threw his head back, eyes shut tight and body completely rigid. Above him, Minato sighed into the crook of his neck and began to splay tender kisses on his neck.

"Relax, outoto." Minato's voice assured as he untangled a hand from Naruto's grip to bring it down and knead the muscles in his little brother's ass into relaxation. After awhile it did the trick and Minato began to move, but not before placing a chaste kiss on Naruto's lips.

"Aaah.." Naruto moaned breathily and Minato grunted, their bodies already prespiring with sweat as their bodies began to get heated.

It had been so long since Minato had felt this good. The feeling of Naruto's tight anal walls practically suffocating his dick was absolutely euphoric, but the way his tight little would swallow him greedily made him feel oddly welcomed. Almost as if not only was Naruto accepting him, but his body was as well.

"Minatooo..." the wanton moan from the body underneath him would have been enough to drive him over the edge but he refrained from spilling his juices just yet. Minato traced every feature of his younger brother with avid eyes. Amber lashes wet with salty tears of pleasure brushed across flushed skin. Cerulean eyes appeared larger than before and were clouded over in lust as they stared back at his older brother, blue irises hungry with desire and need.

The older of the two dipped down to kiss Naruto's flushed check but he did not pause in his thrusting. The tender contact seemed to fuel his fire even more as he drove his hips harshly into Naruto, his cock pumping in and out of the tight ring of muscles that expanded around the girth drilling into it.

The bed was creaking at the sheer ferocity Minato was exerting to pound into Naruto, the headboard banging harshly against the wall. Naruto glanced at the piece of wood and slipped his arms around Minato's strong shoulders.

"Let me..." he groaned out when Minato's dick hit a particular spot inside of him. Wrapping his legs tighter around his brother's waist Minato wasted no time in winding a muscular arm around his younger brother's body, easily switching sides with Naruto on his lap and he himself sitting upright on the bed.

Their bodies were still intimately connected and Naruto used it to his advantage by squeezing his inner muscles around Minato's dick, making the latter choke down a loud moan and glare at him. Big, calloused hands made themselves known on his hips and they helped guide Naruto up and down Minato's throbbing shaft. The new position let Minato penetrate Naruto deeper than before and he relished in the wet warmth smothering his cock as he hit his little brother's prostate dead on.

Wandering hands that had been feeling the dips on his back scraped angrily against his flesh. Naruto's eyes went to the back of his head and he jerked his hips erratically, trying to get the dick inside him deeper to breach that spot again.

They were both panting heavily by now, their bodies working together to get each other off. Both brothers felt like one being entirely and with one last, passionate kiss, Naruto came with a cry of his brother's name and Minato spurted inside the hot cavern encompassing his girth, a ghost of a whisper of Naruto's name escaping his lips.

Naruto slumped against him and Minato let himself fall into the awaiting sheets below them, hugging the smaller body closer to him, as Naruto lay spent on him. He could feel his younger brother's hear beating erratically along with his own as well. They both lay in the sated afterglow of lovemaking, trying to catch their breath before saying anything.

"Fuck..." Minato was the first to speak and Naruto merely chuckled, choosing to nuzzle his face into his brother's chest while wrapping his arms around the muscular body beneath him.

"Love you too, fuckface."



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