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'She's your Soul Mate Severus, however hard you fight it; she is yours.' Albus Dumbledore said to his Potions Master.

Monday, 19th of September 1996 started as every other average day at Hogwarts although it was Hermione Granger's seventeenth Birthday. Hermione Granger, a seventh year student and Head Girl would today be seventeen, a legal adult in the Wizard World. Although she was only turning seventeen she was wise before her years, she knew more knowledge than most twenty-five year olds and acted more mature than her years.

Over the last year, Hermione had grown into a wise young woman. She was now 5'8 and curvy which made most seventh years boys go mad. She wore her hair down most of the time and had finally managed to control her curls, the summer had lightened her hair slightly to a lighter brown than usual and she found herself liking the new colour her hair had. Her eyes were still the hazel brown they always were like her father's; she loved her eyes; she thought they were her best feature.

On the morning of her Birthday, Hermione awoke to find a pile of presents on the bottom of her double bed. She sat up rubbing sleep from her eyes and smiled at the thoughtfulness of her best friends, Harry, Ron and Ginny. She leaned forward and picked up a birthday card which was atop of the presents.

To Hermione,

Happy 17th Birthday! Your legal! You know what that means...

You can buy us drinks!

Hope you have a good day and enjoy being spoilt.


Ginny, Harry & Ron


Hermione picked up the largest present and set in on her lap and opened the wrapping to find a book she had been lusting over for ages. Her friends new her well, she hadn't thought they had been listening to her when she was going on and on about the newest Hogwarts a History book coming out just before her birthday but obviously they were all good actors.

She opened a few others and smiled as she knew Ginny had chosen these ones; a new top which was rather low cut, some make up – even though she hardly wore a lot, some hair products which would help straighten her hair if she wished.

Once she had finished opening her presents from her friends she got out of bed and went into her bathroom carrying the hair products Ginny had brought her. She got into the shower and washed her hair with the straightening product. Once she was washed, she got out of the shower and looked into the mirror. She wrapped a towel around her and pointed her wand at her body and dried herself and then her hair. Unexpectedly it actually dried straight. Hermione smiled in the mirror at her reflection; her hair looked good straight, she'd have to thank Ginny for the hair products.

She dressed in her school uniform and put only a slight touch of foundation to cover up some of the teenage spots and some mascara and made her way down to her common room to find her owl, Venus at the window.

'Good Morning Venus, have you got a letter from my parents?' she asked her as her owl dropped the letter onto Hermione's hand. She petted the owl and quickly opened the letter.

Happy Birthday Our Beautiful Darling!

We wish you the happiest of Birthday dear Hermione and we hope you are being spoilt by those friends of yours. We really wish you could be home with us today to celebrate but of course School always comes first.

You will find enclosed an amount of money for you to spend of anything you wish. (I have also put in an advert of a handbag I thought you'd like.) Spend the money as you wish and enjoy your purchase(s).

We look forward to seeing you in the Christmas Holidays.

Lots of Love

Mum & Dad


Hermione looked into the envelope to find way too much money from her parents. She closed the envelope with a locking charm and sent Venus with the envelope up to her room to drop off the money before returning to the owlery.

Hermione walked out of the Head's rooms and made her way down to the Great Hall for Breakfast. She was greeted by her friends in Gryffindor with balloons and gifts. She hugged each and everyone and thanked them all before sitting down and opening gifts.

At the Staff table, Minerva McGonagall watched on her cubs smiling as they embraced each other and celebrated the Head Girl's birthday.

'They make me want to be sick.' Severus said looking down at the Gryffindors surrounding Hermione.

'Oh do keep your venomous words to yourself Severus.' Minerva said glaring at him.

'Now, now, Minerva, Severus please behave.' Albus said smiling at them. 'Minerva, please pass on my birthday wishes to Miss Granger for me.' He said standing up and leaving.

'Of course Albus.' She said smiling up at the headmaster.

After breakfast, the morning seemed to move fast. Her first two lessons flew by and her third, a free period she spent with Ginny in the Library trying to get some work done although all Ginny wanted to talk about was her brother's affection for her. After Lunch, she had a double Potions lesson.

Double potions on your birthday was not something anyone would want but what had to be done, had to be done. Hermione walked into Potions just as Professor Snape slammed the door.

'Take your seat Miss Granger, one second late and I would have taken ten points from your precious house.' He said as he glided to the front of the classroom and stood in front of the class. 'You'll be making Felix Felicis.'

'Sir we already made this last year with Pro...' Hermione said but got caught off by Severus.

'I know Miss Granger; however he told me that only Potter got the Potion correct which I find highly unlikely therefore you will do it again. Ten points from Gryffindor for the remark.' He said. 'Get going, I don't have all day!'

All the students got to work. Hermione moved to the back of the classroom and started her potion. She would get it right this time she told herself. She read the instructions off the board and started her potion.

'Hermione...Hermione...' Neville whispered to her. 'I need help.'

Hermione looked over at Neville whose potion was bubbling fiercely. She looked to see Professor Snape in his office and crept over to Neville.

'What did you do?' She asked looking at the potion and turning down the heat.

'I don't know.' He whispered.

'Miss Granger, I do believe your potion is on the opposite side of the room.' His voice appeared out of nowhere. Hermione turned around and stood merely two inches away from her Professor.

' me.' Neville said. 'I'

'Oh I know you need help Mr. Longbottom.' Snape said sneering at them.

'I was just.' She started

'Helping? I did not say you could therefore you don't.' He said glaring at her with hatred.

Just as Hermione was about to move from Professor Snape's glare when Neville shouted as his potion erupted. Professor Snape grabbed the top of Hermione's arms and pulled them both away from the potion which hit the walls of the classroom.

As Severus grabbed Hermione and pulled her aside and into his chest, a light surrounded them and glowed for a second before disappearing. Hermione and Severus looked at one another and stepped away from each other.

Severus rushed to Neville's potion and turned off the heater and then glared at Neville. 'Thanks to Mr. Longbottom here, you'll all be cleaning up for the rest of the afternoon.' He said glaring at Neville.

'Hermione!' Harry shouted as he watch his best friend faint of the floor.

Hermione could hear voices around her. One was Professor Snape that was for sure, there was no disguising his voice and the others sounded like the school nurse, Madam Promfrey and her head of house, Professor McGonagall.

'There was a white light?' Minerva said as she looked at Severus. 'Really Severus is that all you can say?'

'That's what happened.' He said as he looked towards Hermione. Since the light had surrounded them he felt strangely attached to the girl. He wanted to hold her and make sure she was okay. This wasn't right.

'It's right dear boy.' Albus said as he walked towards them.

Severus looked at the Headmaster with confusion, could he read his thoughts.

'The white light you described was the soul bonding. You're soul mates.' He said smiling. 'Very rare and powerful magic Severus. Can you feel the connection?' He asked.

'Soul mates!' Minerva screeched.

'Miss Granger and Severus are soul bonded. As she turns 17 today that is why it has suddenly happened. She had to be an "adult" for her soul to bond with Severus's.' Albus said. 'Soul mates can feel each other's feelings and should hear each other's thoughts.'

'Ms Granger is awake.' Severus said looking at Hermione who was pretending to sleep. 'I have to check on my classroom.' He said and he walked off leaving Hermione to process the information.

Severus did not attend dinner that night neither did Hermione, Severus knew that. He could hear her thoughts, here her thinking about how she was soul bonded with her Professor. He tried not to think at all hoping she wouldn't hear him.

Just before midnight, Severus made his way to the Headmaster's office and stood before him.

'She's your Soul Mate Severus, however hard you fight it; she is yours.' Albus Dumbledore said to his Potions Master.

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