And then...

'You won't. I'll always be right here.' He said as he put his hand over her heart.

'You promised me! You promised!' Hermione Snape screamed at the top of her lungs as she held onto her pale and dying Husband on the Battlefield at Hogwarts.

'Please...Severus...please don't leave me...don't leave us. Don't leave me alone, I need you, this baby needs you Severus. Severus! Someone please help!' She screamed as she looked down at the dying Husband of only five months.

'Her...mione.' He crocked as he squeezed her hand softly.

'Oh God! Severus!' She said as tears fell down her face and onto his. 'You can't leave promised.'

'Don'' He said softly as his breathing became harsher and harder. 'I love you...both.'

'I need you, we need you.' She said as she leant her head down to his face and pressed a kiss on his dry lips. 'Please Severus.' She said as she looked into his dark eyes with love.


It had been nearly three years since the War had been won by the light. Harry had fulfilled his destiny and avenged his parent's death as well as many others. The Dark Lord was rightfully killed at Hogwarts and destroyed there and then.

The months after the War had been a hard uphill battle. Hogwarts needed to be rebuilt as did many families, Hermione included.

Life after the War was everything the order had ever dreamed of. Harry was able to live and just be Harry. He and Ginny could finally be open about their relationship and got engaged only a month after the War. Their engagement last only three months before they married in the small church in Little Hangleton. They soon moved into Harry's childhood home which had been rebuilt. Harry trained as an Auror for the Ministry while Ginny set up home and gave birth to their first child James Sirus Potter.

Ron followed Harry to Auror training and remained single for a while until he met Lavender again in a pub one Friday night. Ron and Lavender began their on and off relationship there and then. It would continue for many years until Lavender became pregnant with the twins when Ron was forced to put a ring on it.

For Hermione, life changed the very moment she found Severus on the battle field. Hermione Snape nee Granger conceived her first child on her wedding night; it wasn't something they planned, they even prevented it from happening but somehow destiny had already chosen their fate.

Hermione gave birth to her beautiful bouncing boy on the 1st of January at 12:01am. He came into the world screaming and was placed on his mother's chest. His birth was painful and long but Hermione would do it over and over again just for the rush of love she got from holding her newborn.

She named him Toby Severus Snape after his amazing father. He looked very like Severus; he had the dark eyes and Severus's harsh mouth which one day would probably blurt out his first year speech in the same silky voice his father had.

Little Toby was spoiled by everyone. Minerva, his surrogate Grandmother often visited Hermione and Toby at their cottage by the sea just to get hold her Grandson and spoil him with Lemon drops from his Grandfather Albus. Harry and Ron often took Toby to their Ministry office for Daddy/Son days as they did not have children of their own yet.

After the War, Hermione moved to a small, comfortable cottage by the sea for some peace. She didn't work after Toby's birth; she wanted to spend some time with her precious first born while he was still young.

Today, she out in her back garden looking out onto the sea thinking about the last three years. It hadn't been easy that was for sure but she wouldn't have changed anything.

''re son is playing up.' A voice came from behind her.

'Oh so he's my son now is he? I thought it took two to make a baby Severus?' she said as she was handed her son by her husband of three years.

Severus smirked as he kissed Hermione chastely. 'You alright?' he asked as he placed his hand on her large round stomach which held the second child; a girl.

'We're fine.' She said smiling as she kissed Toby on the head.

The truth was they were fine; they were more than fine. Severus had just about survived; Albus and Poppy has heard Hermione's cries for help and saved Severus in the last minute. Severus's recovery took a while and he was just about healed at the birth of his son.

Severus thanked God or Merlin every night that he had survived to see his son born and to be able to be with his wife. He never thought they'd have another child; Poppy has told them it was impossible after his injuries but somehow their little miracle baby had surprised them and Hermione was due in the spring.

Hermione had learnt a lot at Seventeen...lust, lost and love.

And there we have it. The End :'(

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