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*Bella's POV*

I couldn't believe what was happening. My old childhood friend, Jacob Black was standing in front of me yelling at me, telling me that I didn't belong on the Reservation and that I should just fucking grow up and move on with my life. As I stood there I realized how much my life had changed or more importantly the people in my life had changed. As I looked at him, I realized just how much HE had changed, for starters he must have grown at least a foot, bringing him up to about 6"2, so compared to me, I looked tiny at my full height of 5"1. He also had chopped his black hair short, and his body, he must of gained about 50lbs in muscle. All in all he just had changed and in that moment, I knew he wasn't my Jacob any more.

I was pulled out of my train of thoughts by Jake's booming voice.

"Look Bella, I think you should just leave, like I said you don't belong here," After he said that I could feel my heart shatter into a thousand pieces. I could feel tears prickle my chocolate brown eyes. I looked up at him and could see tears coating his eyes.

I just nodded.

"Well then, I guess, I should go…sorry to be a bother, I didn't realize that you clearly didn't want me around and I am truly sorry for…for whatever I have done to make you hate me…Goodbye Jacob Black" I say as I turn and walk away. As I pass Sam Uley and three other men, I give then a small smile and a slight nod, as if to tell them that I won't be coming back. As I looked at them I could sad smiles on there faces.

As walk past Billy's house, I could see him in the window. He gave me a small smile as if to say that he knew his son had just kicked me off the fucking reservation. I lifted up my tiny tanned hand and gave a small goodbye wave. He nodded.

I climbed into my rusty red truck and closed the door. I just sat there not quite knowing what to do because as much as I needed my father, a small part of me knew that however harsh it was, maybe Jake was right, maybe I don't belong here. I knew that I should be crying rivers by now because my one of my closest friends just told me that they never wanted to see again, but I was so used to being left behind or abandoned that… I saw this coming, don't get me wrong…it hurts like bitch but in a way I already dealt with it in my own way. As I drove away I realized that I was driving away from my past and all the pain that came with it.

As I pulled into my house, I turned the ignition to my truck of and just sat there…when a thought came to me, I realized that I needed a fresh start…some where new or different. I NEEDED a change of scenery for my sanity and I knew the perfect place. My cousin Tyler has a house on the Makah reserve; it would be perfect because for one…and it would NOT be La Push. To be fair that was more of a bonus than a point. Anyway another good thing would be that I could see my cousin Tyler

, he was more of a older brother than a cousin and as kids we were always so close, as sad as it is, I was starting to get excited about the idea of seeing him again.

I was pulled out of my musings by my father tapping his large tanned hand on the window of my truck. My head snapped up and I looked into the eyes of my dad, Charlie Swan. He gave me a smile causing me to smile in return. He nodded at the truck door silently telling me to open the door. I did as I was told and pulled my hand out of my pocket and pushed the handle of the door open.

Once the door was opened I was in my fathers arms, as he was hugging the life out of me.

After what seemed like five minutes, my dad finally pulled away from me.

"Not that I am complaining but what was that all about?" I say to him as I turn around and grab my stuff.

I slipped my bag on my shoulder when my father replies.

"I am sorry…its just Billy called me and said that you and Jake had a bit of a tiff" I snapped my head to look at him `A bit of a tiff` what the hell dose he think he is talking about for fucks sake, his son kicked me off the Reserve. I was getting so worked up but then I remembered that I can't take this out on my father. So I take a deep breath and said "Yes…we did but I would feel better if we talk about this inside"

As I realize that half the street were now stood outside their houses looking at us.

He nodded and with that we walked inside. Once in the hallway we took of coats and shoes and walked into the kitchen. After entering the room, we both made a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.

"Okay, so what happened then?" He asked taking a long sip of his coffee.

I turned my head and looked out of the window.

"Nothing…just like Billy said we had a little Tiff" I say to him putting extra bitterness on the word tiff.

"Alright…so what does that mean, then" He asked me.

"It means…that I am moving, well not some much…moving but if he will let me, I am going to ring Tyler and see if he will let me move over to the Makah reserve" I say.

His head snaps up to meet my gaze.

"Wait…you're moving, over a little tiff with Jake" He says. I sigh.

"Yes but you have known for a long time, I am not happy here…I think I need a fresh start" As soon as I say this he nods and sighs.

"Fine, but I am coming with you" He says.

"No dad…you love your job don't move because of me, stay here, I will be fine and plus I will call you every week…promise" I say trying to convince him.

He sighs.

"Fine but first call Tyler" He says as he hands me the phone. I take it out of his hand and dial Tyler's number. After three rings he picks up the phone.

"Hello" He says.


"Who is this?" He says with confusion in his voice.

"Well… Tyler it's good to know that my favorite cousin can still recognize my voice…but then again you were always a dumb ass" I say with teasing in my voice.

He lets out a gasp and I hear several chuckles from the other side…so I guess Tyler had company.

"Okay…after that response I am going to guess that it's my baby cousin Bells" He says.

"Yep…the one and only"

"Of course…it are you Bells?" He asks me.

"Ummm…not good" As soon as I said that, I could faintly hear a growl in the background but thought I was imagining it so I carried on. "Look some bad stuff has happened and I was wondering…if maybe I could come and live with you for a while?" I asked him quietly.

I could hear him chuckling.

"Of course you can…when are you coming?" He says.

"Ummm…properly tomorrow afternoon" I say looking at my dad, who nodded his head.

"That's fine…I will have a room ready" He said. As soon as he did I heard some one say "Yeah…she can share with me" Followed by a furious growl and a "Shut the fuck up Brad…do you want to die". I started it laugh at the thought at what was happening.

"Look…I have to go because…well there is a fight in the middle of the living room…but I will see you tomorrow bye baby bell love you" He said.

"Okay…see you tomorrow and love you too" And with that I put the phone down.

I looked up at my dad and smiled…a true genuine smile and I think he could tell it was because he gave me his famous "Charlie Swan smile".

"Well…I better go pack then" I said as I stood up. I was just about to walk through the door into the living room when my dad's voice stopped me.

"Hey Bells…you moving in with Tyler…is that what you want?" I turned around and looked at my dad.

After a few moments I asked with a simple "Yes…this is what I want" And with that I walked up stairs, finally feeling happy and at peace with myself.

Once in my room, I started to pack…I didn't pack lots just a few suitcases worth because what was the point in taking everything. After I was finished I stacked the cases up against each other and sat on my bed. As I looked around the room, I saw pictures that I left up on the wall. As I looked at them I realized that they were my past…captured in a frame and looking at each image made me realize just how unhappy I was and I was sick and tired of it. I needed better memories…brighter ones.

After sitting there for ten minutes, reflecting on past, I realized just how tired I really was, so I got changed and went to sleep, like every other night…the only thing different was the fact that now I have a smile on my face.

Okay so there it is the first chapter…now I know nothing has really happened but it will get better.

Chapter 2

-Bella moves in with Tyler

-Bella meets the new pack and who will imprint

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