I had this story on hiatus but everyday I thought about it more. It's my baby and I have to finish it. I know, many of my orginal readers have probably forgetten about this sotry and I'm sorry. I really hope all of you accept my apology. Now, I would like to say that this new Chapter will be out on Tuesday. Here is the list of things for the next three days:

Today: I am thinking up ideas, brainstorming, making sure they fit into the story line

Monday: Writing it, characterization, vocabulary

Tuesday: Finishing touches, proof-reading, posting.

I hope you all are okay with that. But to tie you over until then, here is a small clip from the next chapter. I'm not sure where it'll fit into it, but I think it's somewhere in the middle. I've had this part planned for a while.

My chocolate eyes scanned the area of the store. People were carelessly grabbing things off the shelves and stuffing the items in their carts. Employees all wore red vest that hanged past their pants and every shirt was tucked tightly in their pants. I felt like I had visited the past and I wasn't enjoying it at all. I always imagined the past to be amazing from all of Dad's stories but this was exactly opposite of that.

I turned my head over at Susanne. My facial expression must have looked exactly how I felt, because she burst into laughter.

"Don't like our shop?" She asked, a grin tugging on her lips.

She was really annoying- worse than Albus.

"It's so...dull..." I spoke slowly, as I absorbed everything in.

She gave me a slight nod, "It's not supposed to be fancy. It's just supposed to be stable, clean, and resourceful."

"That's fuck-"

"Hello, Susanne, will you please tell your friend about Shopping Lots rule?" An overly obese man wobbled over our way. He had a long, scruffy, brown beard and a very shiny, bald-head. I was positive that I was able to see my reflection in his scalp. I have to say that made him better looking... having my face reflecting off of his ugly one.

"Shopping Lots is family friendly. There is zero tolerance of cursing, smoking, alcohol beverages, and anything else that is harmful to children or others." Susanne stated it like she had to memorize it.

"That's fucking retarded."

"James, seriously. You don't want me to owl your parents, do you?" Susanne asked, her eyebrows raised.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Like that threat was really going to scare me. What could my parents do? Make me stay in hell longer. I opened my mouth to snap a reply but before I could the fat man's eyes widened and he gasped.

He pointed one of his short, fat fingers at me.

"This- This is little James Potter?"

"No dip Sher,"

"James, shut up. Please."

Oho, Susanne was getting feisty. I liked it... She wasn't that disgusting either. If she gave me some of that, then I might be able to stand her. I might.

I hope you were all satisfried with this little piece from the next Chapter. I will let you know that this is right before he meets Seleana. So, YAY! I'm excited. I'm so happy that I'm starting to write this again. I've missed it so much.

Please review, telling me what you think, but know that this was just a quick drabble of the chapter. There will be more detail and stuff added later. It's just a little something for my readers.