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Explaining It To Holiday

"Hey, Doc," said Rex, giving her a short wave from his position in the doorway to her office where he had been watching her from for the past few minutes without her knowing it.

Her eyes were usually totally focused on every aspect of him. Holiday just knew Rex better than anyone, with the exception of Bobo and Noah. And just that little wave had already tipped her off.

It was two days after the party Providence had thrown for Rex's supposed birthday. And she knew he had been totally psyched about that in teenage lingo, but she didn't notice the long slice across his palm until today. Holiday wondered how she had missed it.

"Rex?" she called as he was just about to leave the doorway that he had been watching her from. Holiday watched as he turned to look at her, one eyebrow raised. She could read his expression and tell he was worried he was in some sort of trouble. "Could you come here for a moment?"

The EVO boy paced his way into the doctor's office, unsure what he did wrong today. He remembered to shower… didn't he? Or was it his room? Did he leave it a mess again? What could she chew him out about? He hadn't snuck out in weeks! Not that she'd caught him, anyways…

"What happened to your hand?"

Rex looked down at his hand. He saw the light scar scratched across it, the white tissue barely healing yet. He curled and bent his fingers to show her that he was alright. He was just glad he wasn't in trouble for anything. "Oh, it's nothing," he assured her, putting his uninjured hand on her shoulder. "Six and I were just gonna be blood brothers until he chickened out on me."

Holiday felt a bit of anger boiling under her skin, but she wasn't about to say anything quite yet. She'd talk this over with Six later.

"It was like, I slit open my hand and then he was all like 'Dude, no way. That's crazy, man. We can't do this.' Then I realized it hurt and then he bandaged me up, gave me a lollipop, and kicked me out of his room." Rex couldn't help the smile that possessed his features. He ran one hand through his spiky black hair. "That's pretty whacked up, right? I mean, it was his idea in the first place."

"You're free to go," sighed Holiday, putting a hand to her forehead. Now that Rex had paraphrased it all, she knew who's fault it really was. Because the truth of the matter was, would Agent Six ever really say "dude"?

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